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STI scope mounts for red dot scopes mount on 2011 and 1911 pistols. These mounts are CNC machined from barstock 7075 aircraft grade aluminum for a strong, yet …

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1911 Rail Mount installation

upon request i have made a installation Video for the Rail mount that i got in mail.


RUGERIZMISTICNESS asked What do you think about pistol hunting.?

I went airpistol hunting today with my new 1377c and caught a squirrel at 45yards. I really enjoyed it, much more than a rifle hunt. Could I hunt deer, hog, and other mid size game with my .38super 1911 or S&W Sigma .40VE? Any pistol hunting experiences?
everyone… the .38super is basicly a .357mag for autos, kind of like the .357sig with better penetration and less expansion.

And got the following answer:

Handgun hunting is da bomb I have the same S&W .40VE with a beam-shot laser mounted on it and Love it but it is a little light for big game hunting but will do the job on deer and hogs, just keep the range to a minimal no more than 50 yards and use good hunting loads, I shoot 185 grain JHP’s in it and with 15 rounds at your disposal you can tear some flesh up. My 40 is mainly used for personal defense and smoking paper targets, but I will be taking it with me this up coming big game season along with my rifle and if the right opportunity presents itself I am going to try and get a hog or deer with it.
But most of my handgun hunting is with a Taurus 44 mag with a 7 1/2 inch barrel, shooting 240 grain JHP’s for big game. For small game I have a S&W 22-A with a pro point
red dot scope and it is awesome for small game, head shots nearly every time under about 50 yards or so. I use cci mini mags or cci stingers in it and both perform really well, it is one of the most accurate handguns I have ever used under controlled conditions such as at a range with good rest and bags it will nearly put each shot through the same hole at 50 yards

chuck_zoch asked How would i remove the rear sight ( Adjustable) from a Springfield 1911?

I have a Springfield 1911 V12 ( V12 denotes that the barrel is ported from the factory). In order to mount a Halographic scope ( EOTech) on the handgun i will use a Wiegand mount. Once the 1911 has been drilled and the scope mount is bolted on and the scope is mounted the slide will not be readily accesible to rack open as one normally does. So i will need to remove the rear sight and then in its place use a slide racking handle.

My question is just how does the rear sight on the Springfield 1911 get removed? Is it swedged in / Pressed in place or is it have a hidden screw holding it in place?

MOST handgun sights are pressed in place ! And a rear sight tool is normally needed to remove or replace the sight. Those are easily found searching. BUT i have not noticed anything like that on line for the 1911 and thus i have posted my ? as to how exactly is the rear sight removed.

And got the following answer:

You must remove the two set screws on the sight…And give it a whack with a sight pusher and hammer.
You could use a brass rod as a pusher…Or wood.
Be as careful as you can if you ever want to re-use this sight.

Kyle asked How far can a .45 caliber pistol accurately shoot and kill a deer?

I’m looking for a 1911, is that a good deer hunting gun or should i go for a longer revolver

And got the following answer:

The .45ACP is not a deer hunting cartridge, and the M1911 is not a deer gun.

If you are serious about handgun hunting for deer, get the right equipment. Semi-auto pistols are out!! You will need a quality revolver with at least a 6″ barrel (8″ is even better). Minimum caliber for deer would be .357 Magnum. A .44 Magnum would be better if you can handle the recoil. A quality scope mounted on the handgun will assure the degree of accuracy needed to efficiently and humanely kill your deer.

If you practice and are a decent shot, you should limit yourself to 50-yards maximum range until you are certain that you can reliably place your shots into the kill zone at longer ranges.

Brynjolfr asked Can this scope mount be fitted on a Schmidt-Rubin 1911 rifle?

Check the link below. As you can see the scope mount it’s attached to a Schmidt-Rubin 1911 carbine. I’d like to know if it would be possible to fit the mount on the non-carbine (i.e. the longer) model of the 1911.

Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Schmidt-Rubin-1911-S-K-Style-Mount-Includes-Rings-/290589635985?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43a87df591#ht_500wt_715

And got the following answer:

I have a 96-11. The sight looks the same as in the photo in your link. I’d guess that the same sight was used on either rifle. I love mine! What a nice gun to shoot! 🙂

lossatanicos546 asked Where can I Get A Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle?

I know that springfield still manufactures 1911’s and M1Garands but springfield is an american company a Mosin-Nagant is a russian sniper and I want to know if where I can get one around California, Anaheim

And got the following answer:

Let’s start off with the difference between a sniper and a regular Mosin Nagant.
Snipers will usually have 3 little filled in holes on them. This was where the scopes were mounted. The Soviets couldn’t afford the upkeep on the optics, so they got filled in. A sniper is just the most accurate rifle chosen out of a handful of others. They are a lot more expensive than the regular ones because of their historical value.
A regular Mosin Nagant comes on multiple flavors. The Finnish models are said to be the best, but they’re all fine guns. They’re dirt cheap too.
Most gun shops will carry a few of them. They are also plentiful at gin shows. You’ll have to get one used though. They’re lots of fun and will put up with almost any use and abuse you give to them.