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AR-15 Parts & AR15 Accessories – Parts4ar15 ( Handguards …

AR-15 Accessories include items such as scope mounts, … replacement stocks, fiberforce stock, cheekpiece, recoil pads, stock extenders, high capacity mags, …

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“IN STOCK” Cammenga 30 round AR 15 Easy Mags

IN STOCK Cammenga 30 round AR 15 Easy Mags-5.56x45mm/.223, 30 Round Magazine NSN: 1005-01-569-1863 Features Ammunition Type: 5.56x45mm NATO/.223 Capacity: 30 Rounds …

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AR-15 Parts & AR15 Accessories – Parts4ar15 ( Handguards …

AR-15 Accessories include items such as scope mounts, … replacement stocks, fiberforce stock, cheekpiece, recoil pads, stock extenders, high capacity mags, …

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AR-15/M16 20- & 30-ROUND MAGAZINES | Brownells

So when we decided to build our own AR-15/M16 magazines, reliability was our first priority. … In Stock. Cartridge: 204 Ruger, 223 Remington, 5.56 mm NATO.

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AR-15 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The AR-15 is a lightweight, 5.56 mm, magazine-fed, air cooled, rifle, with a rotating-lock bolt, actuated by direct impingement gas operation or long/short stroke …

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AR15 beta mag, AK47 drum, saiga12 dumps

Shooting stag arms ar15 with slidefire stock and 100rd beta mag. arsenal sgl21 AK47 with bumpski stock and 75rd drum. converted saiga 12 with bumpski stock a…


Kid with a 12 gauge 11.0 asked If you had to use a firearm for crowd control what would you use?

No,I do not plan on having an angry mob trying to kill me,the question is for fun and yes I am bored.

I would use an ar-15 with a beta mag,maybe throw a slide fire stock on it.

And got the following answer:

I would want a weapon that woukd be like the militarys version of ” shock and awe”. Something that would cause such devastating damage to a few, so has to scare away the rest. I’d have to choose between my Springfield M1A and my Saiga12. The M1A could penetrate several of the mob and can be fired quickly and reloaded just has fast.
The saiga12, loaded with 4 buck, could drop several of the attackers with a single shot, of they were 40-50 yards away. Plus I’d have 20 rd drum mags ready for a rush attack.

This awbswer is of course, completely hypothetical. If actually faced with such a situation, fleeing would be the best choice.

Frank asked How Many High Capacity Magazines Should I Stock Up On?

So as of July 1st, I will no longer be able to purchase any magazine that has a capacity of over 15 rounds.

Luckily, anything I purchase now will be grandfathered in and the restrictions will not apply.

What is a good amount of magazines to stock up on? I would like to someday pass on my toys for future generations to enjoy!

If it makes a difference…They are for a 10/22, AK, and AR.

Thank you!

And got the following answer:

If you can fill one of these storage tubs full of magazines for EACH gun, then you have enough.

I have seen someone with two tubs packed with AR and AK magazines. I forgot which gun forum it was, i’ve been so so many over the years… might be the guy with the MG42 in his living room. He had like 300 mags AK, 300 AR, and 300 Glock.

so… how many mags should you get? as many as you can afford! they do wear out, and some will get lost or stolen over the next could decades after the gun ban. make sure you have enough for your children and grand children! Probably stockpile on ammo too.
Another forum seen a photo of someone’s ammo bunker. imagine a room 10 wide and 22 deep, 8 feet high, filled with heavy duty shelving and just case after case of ammo. he had more than 100 cases of 45 acp. that’s enough ammo to survive WW3 and provide for your children & grandchildren and great-grand children’s shooting needs!

Chris Keenum asked What do I need to do to own a full-auto rifle or machine-gun.?

I’m 17 at the moment. And i am planning to get a rather larger armory after the Marines when i turn 19. I have been looking all over and every single person had given me a different reply.If any of you could shel light on this question it would be greatly appreciated.Thank you ,god bless.

And got the following answer:

First – you need allot of $$. The cheapest full auto – a Mac-10 runs around $3500 today. A well used M16 would be $9,000 for the lower and more for the full gun up to $18,000 for some nicer original Colt parts. Back in 1986 when the NFA data base was closed – that same Mac10 was $385 new and a stripped Colt full auto lower was $68 new + $200 tax. Forbes magazine says investing in a full auto gun was the best investment anyone could have made in the early 1980’s. They have earned more value than any stock, gold, or other comodity like land.

Second – you need to live in one of the 37 states that allow private citizens to own full auto.

Once you have the $$ and live in the correct state – it’s just a matter of your local Class III dealer finding a rifle you like, getting it transferd to his shop, then for you to wait 8-9 months for your NFA Form 4 to be approved. For this – you need to be over 21, clean record, and have the form signed by the chief of police and include a check for $200 for the tax stamp.

Instead of buying a full auto – when you turn 21 – go buy a nice suppressor or two, or three. If I had bought them back in 1976 when I was 21 – I would not be half deaf today. However, back in 1976 $200 was half a months pay in the military and the suppressors were the same cost or less. It did not seem right. Today, $200 is dinner and a movie – and you can get some nice suppressor for pistol starting in the $400 range – pretty sweet.

That – and after the first couple of mags – I am tired and bored of the full auto. (I am with the Alaska Machine Gun Association). I am more fun with my SBR AR-15 with it’s 10″ barrel and 6″ suppressor. I had to pay the $200 tax and wait 7 months for the paper work to be approved – but it was worth it!

Good Luck

Kon Fuzed asked What caliber hunting rifle has the cheapest ammo that can reasonably take down a pig in 1 shot?

I want to stock for the apocalypse. Seriously.

And got the following answer:

Seeing the second part to the question, I will try to tailor my anwser to fit.

7.62×39 – You can get rugged military rifles to fire this, fairly cheap, and buy FMJs in bulk (though a FMJ isn’t a good choice on a hog). You can get hollowpoints, softpoints and plenty other options as well (price goes from ~$6 for cheap FMJs to ~$60 for some REALLY high quality stuff)
(Though, If you’re seriously stocking for a TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) senario then prehaps a military arm would make you look like the ‘enemy’ to LEOs, if you live in a left city). In my opinion, the best choice.

30-30 (aka 30WCF)- Don’t discount this round. It’s a potent little booger that doesn’t get the respect it deserves in this age of .300Win Mags and .500 S&Ws. Its Plenty enough gun for anything the size of black-bear down to possums, and is a very common gun, reliable and accurate. Prices on ammo go from about $14/box of 20 for Remington Core-lockt Soft Points, to about $60 for some really good stuff, depending on ammo. This gun would make you look much less like a threat to people, but theres no box-mag reloading, and a compartavily fragile tube mag.

.223 – A million guns shoot this (most famous of which is the AR-15), and may not be the best choice against a really big nasty hog but for the most part, its plenty. Ammo is cheap, avaliable in bulk and fits a million differnt guns.

.357mag in a carbine – Pretty good choice, as they can knock a hog down pretty good, and is widley available. Prices (in my area) go about $20/box of 50 for some Okay stuff to $80 for some speciality rounds.

.44mag in a carbine – Very powerful when fired from a carbine. about $30/box of 50 for the ammo.

Nepeth asked Shipping an AR15 Upper Receiver to New York City?

I am planning on building a 6.5 Grendel AR-15. Thing is, I’m in AIT with the Army at Fort Lee, so I can’t have any weapons (or part of weapons) on post, since I’m not Permanent Party (I’m still considered IET). I’d have to have the parts shipped up to my current address (which is in The Bronx, I’m in the middle of changing my state of residence to Florida). I am wondering if it is legal to have just the UPPER shipped to my home address in New York City, I know the Lower receiver needs to go through a FFL.
I’ve seen online elsewhere it is legal to ship any part of the weapon (besides the lower) legally, but I want to make sure it is that way for certain for New York City, I don’t need to get hemmed up by the NYPD because I am trying to build a AR15, or is it better just to wait until I can get my state of residence changed to Florida?

And got the following answer:

Here in NYC ANY weapon that takes a magazine is illegal due to the hi-cap limits here. So unfortunately you will not be able to have that anyway at all in NYC’s city limits. SO PLEASE for the love of god don’t try and send it to your address they will lock you upif they catch you. I can’t even have a Bolt action Enfield Rifle here in NYC, because it can inturnally load 6rds and yet I legally own 2 pistols that hold 10rds mags… go figure. Just wait untill you get FL state residence bro, I’d hate to see a fellow Soldier get hemmed up.

Also, NYC’s nonsensical definition of an “Assault weapon” would also make the AR totally banned.

16. “Assault weapon.”
(a) Any semiautomatic centerfire or rimfire rifle or semiautomatic
shotgun which has one or more of the following features:
1. folding or telescoping stock or no stock;
2. pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the
3. bayonet mount;
4. flash suppressor or threaded barrel designed to accommodate a flash
5. barrel shroud;
6. grenade launcher; or
7. modifications of such features, or other features, determined by
rule of the commissioner to be particularly suitable for military and
not sporting purposes. In addition, the commissioner shall, by rule,
designate specific semiautomatic centerfire or rimfire rifles or
semiautomatic shotguns, identified by make, model and/or manufacturer’s
name, as within the definition of assault weapon, if the commissioner
determines that such weapons are particularly suitable for military and
not sporting purposes. The commissioner shall inspect such specific
designated semiautomatic centerfire or rimfire rifles or semiautomatic
shotguns at least three times per year, and shall revise or update such
designations as he or she deems appropriate.
(b) Any shotgun with a revolving-cylinder magazine.
(c) Any part, or combination of parts, designed or redesigned or
intended to readily convert a rifle or shotgun into an assault weapon.
(d) “Assault weapon” shall not include any rifle or shotgun modified
to render it permanently inoperative.

Kid with a 12 gauge 11.0 asked What is considered a good group at 100 yards?

Shooting off hand what is considered a good group with a 10/22 at 100 yards?
Again,shooting off hand,what is considered a good group with an ar-15 at 100 yards using military surplus ammo (62 grain M855 Penetrator)?
Both guns have iron sights and the .22 lr will be running cheap Federal bulk ammo.

And got the following answer:

Looks like you opened a big ol’ can of worms with this Q lol!
Best group off hand with who? The average Joe off the street would be lucky to hit the side of a lawn mower at 100 yards. I was with such ‘joes’ one day who couldn’t hit a empty quart of beer at 50 yards off hand with all sorts of tactical rifles. I pulled out my ruger super black hawk and nailed it first shot.
So for the average guy if he or she can get a group under 12 inches bravo! If they are experienced shooters then under 6 inches is ok. If they are experts well then about 3 inches or less is ok. So take your pick.
I don’t always agree with glacierwolf but this time I do. I can shoot under 5 inch groups with any of my rifles at 100 yards off hand and that includes high dollar centerfire rifles, black powder rifles and .22 rimfire rifles as long as the gun is capable of it. I see so many braggarts who cant hit the side of the barn. In fact it funny going to the local range and watching these guys burn up ammo never trying to learn the fundamentals of how to be accurate. Mention to them breathing control and proper stance and they laugh at you. And when I run back and forth working up a sweat and heavy breathing and then pick up my rifle and hit an apple at 100 yards their jaws drop. That takes practice and loads of time. You don’t get there emptying 30 round mags at will like Rambo. You get there one shot at a time. Some even set up a camera and film themselves looking for ways to improve. And if you work hard you can send a big .69 cal mini ball 800 yards off hand and hit a 10 foot square target. I have seen it done despite the 60+ foot drop of that projectile.

And by the way VERY few stock ruger 10-22s can shoot a 5 inch group at 100 yards in a frickin gun vise! More like 7 to 10 inch groups with the stock tapered barreled 10-22. I have tested them and replaced the barrels because of that. My very old Marlin 60 .22 can hit a quarter at 100 yards in a gun vise or if I use a rest. But off hand I cant hit a quarter with my Rem 700 that shoots sub MOA at 100 yards. I simply cant hold it steady enough. So if someone tells me they can shoot a 1/2 inch group off hand at 100 yards I call bull$hit! Only expert riflemen can do such on a good day after they got laid the night before and the bullet was blessed by Jesus himself.

chillparsi1 asked What is a good overall rifle (specifically for beginners)?

Basically, I am just starting to shoot and want something that is nice and versatile as I have no intent right now. I want something that can handle most situations, is reliable, but still is still pretty simple.

And got the following answer:

You should get a Ruger 10/22 they are great for learning how to shoot and they are fairly cheap you can get a new plain one for around 250$ and you can get lots of extras for it.Like AR-15 style stocks and Hicap mags for it.Also 22 ammo is really cheap .I think this would be perfect for a beginner.