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Vortex Strikefire Ar – 15 Version Red Dot Rifle Scope – 606305 …

Sportsman’s Guide Has Your Vortex Strikefire Ar – 15 Version Red Dot Rifle Scope Available At A Great Price In Our Scopes Collection.

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Vortex Strikefire Ar – 15 Version Red Dot Rifle Scope – 606305 …

Sportsman’s Guide Has Your Vortex Strikefire Ar – 15 Version Red Dot Rifle Scope Available At A Great Price In Our Scopes Collection.

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joshy asked What red dot optic should I mount on my AR-15?

I’m looking at a Aimpoint micro T-1 or a Eotech 552. I use my AR-15 for Hunting, Target shooting, and home defense. I plan on purchasing a Larue mount for whatever optic I go with.

And got the following answer:

I have had an EoTech in the past, and now I only run Aimpoints.

The battery life is better in the Aimpoints (over five years while “on”). the EoTechs are harder to adjust the brightness with and without a BUIS mounted and there has been reports of battery failure in various EoTech models. EoTechs have an automatic shut-off (something like after 8 hours) while Aimpoints don’t because they will run for years with the sight “on”.

If you want a very light gun then go with the T1, but if you think that more field of view would be an advantage than get the M4 or M3 model.

Good choice going with the LaRue mounts, they are the best in the business.

JS105 asked Which companies make the best red dot sights?

I’ve been thinking about putting a red dot sight on my SKS. I want to be sure the one I buy works well and won’t end up dying on me a year from now. What brands do you recommend?

And got the following answer:

That could go two ways.
I have a Tasco 33mm that spent 3 years on the back of an SKS. Then spent a year or so on a .22 rifle. It now reside on my IPSC standard class AR-15 where it has been for more than four years. I gave $20.00 for it. I put a new battery in it once a year if it needs it or not. I take a bit of ribbing for it from the guys who have the Aimpoints and the EO Techs but it has lasted almost 10 years. That is for my fun gun.

If I thought my life was on the line. If I was going to combat or something. Aimpoint CompM3 hands down.

Tractor asked What is the best scope for the price or red dot sight for an AR-15?

I don’t want to spend more than $200 on a scope or red dot site. I want to know which is proven to be the best site and value for the money. Should I get a site or a scope? Please provide information of pros and cons to both and any information you may have on AR-15 type rifles.

The rifle I will be mounting this on is a Bushmaster M4A3 with the removable carry handle.

And got the following answer:

Bushnell makes some fine and quite affordable scopes and electronic red dot sights that work great for AR-15 type rifles.

For a scope, a 3-9x 40mm Bushnell Trophy is a good choice.

For the electronic sight, the 1x 32mm Bushnell Trophy MP electronic optical sight would work well for you.

Each of those have a price from the Natchez Shooters Supply website for less than the $200 you have budgeted for yourself.

I use a custom built Les Baer AR-15 for hunting coyote, and I carry both a scope and a electronic sight that are both equipped with quick detachable mounts during my hunts that allow me to quickly switch between the 2 as needed.

I use the 3-9x 40mm Bushnell Trophy that I spoke of earlier for the scope and a EOTech Model 557 Holosight as the electronic sight.

Granted, the EOTech is priced quite a bit more than what you stated you wanted to pay, it is a superb electronic sight and is in current use by the military.

Obviously, the 2 sighting devices are meant for different applications. The scope being for more distant targets and where bullet placement is more critical, and the electronic sight (being that it has NO magnification) is intended for relatively close targets that need to be engaged quickly.

The electronic sight can be used day or night and the scope is only useful during the day.

If you decide to buy one or both of these then the iron sights don’t really need to be retained, so the only real modification to the rifle that I might recommend would be to replace the front sight housing with a aftermarket gas block so you don’t have the front sight tower in your sight picture.

It’s not critical that you do this, but many people find it distracting to see the front sight there too while viewing the target through the scope.

The last website link that I provided has a wealth of information concerning the AR-15 rifles.

Good luck and good shooting –

John.308 asked How much would you buy an at-15 for?

I am thinking about selling my dpms ar-15 chambered in 5.56. It has a BSA red dot sight, magpul stock, fore grip, grip, surefire tac light, 200 rounds, and a tactical trt soft case. How much would you pay for a rifle like this? I have only put 250 rounds through it.

And got the following answer:

I’d sure prefer one without all that crap hung on it. Graf’s had one just like it (an Olympic) yesterday for $1100.00

Personally, I won’t pay more than $800.00 for a used AR (which means I probably won’t be buying another one any time soon).

Alex’s mommy might be willing to buy it for him.

asked is there a good 2x red or green dot sight that isnt too expensive?

I want to throw one on my AR-15, but the local shops dont really have much in the way of a good sight

And got the following answer:

I bought an inexpensive reflex that has proven so far (9 months) that it’s not cheap: an NcStar. I believe that the company is rebranding a sight that I’ve seen under a few different names. I have a few ARs and they sport Trijicon’s ACOG and Reflex, an EOTech… and the NcStar. It started life as a red dot for my wife to enjoy a Sig 522. I liked it so much, and thought it was at a “what-the-heck” price point, that I bought one to stick on a DPMS .308 AR with a variable scope. The scope comes off, the NcStar on, for various shooting activities. I am a little embarrassed that such an inexpensive reflex has held up well, holds zero, came with its own “OK” mount (rail), has four reticles, selective brightness, and is easy on the battery (not replaced yet). I bought mine at Amazon–link below. (It’s available in black and silver. Also, check out the Amazon reviews. Three dozen people report and rate it 4/5 overall. Brace yourself–the black version is only $33.)
(There are user pictures also at this link with it mounted on an AK and an AR.)

Raoul asked How to add a rifle scope to an AR 15 with iron sights?

I have an Ar 15 with front iron sights and flip down rear iron sights. Problem is when I put optics on it lines straigh up with the irons making them useless not to mention in the way. Is there any way around this while maintaining accuracy

And got the following answer:

It depends on your rifle scope. You will most likely be limited to an optic that is 4 power or greater (the front sight will blur out), the Marine Corps specifically uses an ACOG 4x on theirs and I have no trouble hitting things out to 500 yards with it mounted and the front sight post in the way. Another option is a true 1x optic like EoTech, Aimpoint, or something else that will co-witness with the front sight or 1/3 co-witness. That would put the red dot on top of your front sight tip or it would put it low enough in the reticel that it wouldn’t be in the way, but would still be usable if your battery dies and you need to flip up the rear sight. Personally I normally buy without a fixed front sight post but for a short range (0-200) fighting carbine with a RDS, a fixed front sight can actually be the way to go for a few reasons.

You didn’t mention what optic you are trying or what mount you are trying it in so it is difficult to give more specific and helpful information than the general statements above, hope that helps.