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ar 15 kits | eBay – Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles …

Find great deals on eBay for ar 15 kits and ar 15 parts. Shop with confidence.

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Duracoat Shake and Spray Kit – AR-15

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Side Burns asked Will local gun shops usually build a gun for you?

I am trying to buy my dad a Del-ton AR15 rifle kit for a gift, but I do not have the proper tools to be able to assemble the upper receiver. Has anyone ever had their local gun shop build a rifle for them? Is it uncommon to ask a gun shop owner this? If they do, how much does it usually cost to have them assemble an upper receiver? Trying my hardest to keep the whole build under 500 bucks so far it looks like it will cost 445 just to get it to me…

And got the following answer:

Yes, but they usually charge a fee, I wouldn’t know how much though, I usually build my AR-15s myself… I would suggest just spending 25$ and getting an armorer’s tool, which is good enough to finish everything.

But why aren’t you getting an assembled upper? They save a lot of time and money, especialy if you’re not customizing. I just saw a DTI pre-ban flat top upper go for $325 shipped the other day, look in classifieds or something

William asked What are all the parts for an M4 AR15 build?

I plan to build the rifle rather than buy a complete AR15 I figured it would be cheaper and would also be a nice learning experience. Also I’m going for an M4 look because it’s a look I like best any and all help tips and suggestions are appreciated.

And got the following answer:

These websites are a great help:

You need:
Stripped Lower Receiver
Complete Lower Parts Kit
Buffer Tube, Spring, Buffer (Carbine, NOT A2 !!!)

Stripped Upper Receiver (the A3 has flat rails on top)
Complete Bolt Carrier Group
Charging Handle
Barrel Nut (if doesn’t come with Handguard)
Gas Block w/ Gas Tube (if doesn’t come with Barrel)
Flash Hider/Compensator (whatever you prefer)

For Tools to Assemble (I consider these a minimum):
DPMS Multi-Tool
Brass or non-marring punch set hammer
Bench vise
Upper receiver vise block
Torque wrench (torque barrel 30-60 ft-lbs)

meep asked What are the laws in Florida regarding private sale of a firearm that you built with a kit?

I built an AR15 with a kit a few years ago and I am considering selling it because they are in high demand. I want to make sure I do everything legally. The lower receiver was an 80% lower receiver that you mill and drill yourself, so it did not go through an FFL.

I heard a FL citizen can sell a firearm privately to another FL citizen. However, there are some things that are unclear to me:

– What are the serial # and engraving requirements for a gun you made? I stamped a serial number but it is pretty sloppy.
– What is the law for private sale when the firearm was built by you and never went through an FFL?

And finally, do you have any tips for selling, to make sure it’s a safe and legal transaction?

This question is in regards to Florida law and Federal law ONLY.

And got the following answer:

i would guess you would be arrester for selling this if it is on the no no list to sell original as everybody would be doing it

Fatefinger asked Where can I find a guide online putting the lower parts in an ar15 stripped receiver?

I have all the PARTS but there not in the receiver as I don’t know how to do it. I bought a kit and the receiver seperate. I know… I have a buddy that does this regurally but he’s out of state and not coming back until mid-August and I don’t have that kind of patience to wait.

And what tools will I need?

And got the following answer:

Here ya go…

I did my 1st AR15 build a few years ago, and used these instructions. It took me about 2 hours, and that was while I was watching my daughter, who was 2 at the time.

Caleb Radcliffe asked What is the best cleaning kit for each of these uses?

I would like to know what would be the best tactical and field cleaning kits for an AR15? Also, which brand does the military use?

And got the following answer:

I think this link will help out you

steve asked How do you sale a gun online?

I am looking to build a dpms oracle ar15 .223 kit. If I dont like it can I sale it online some how. And is the dpms oracle legal in california.

And got the following answer:

You can go through or CA posses particular problems to buy and selling guns. For example, in CA you can’t make a simple firearm transaction at a gunshow.

Also, be aware that most people are very leery about purchasing guns from other people they don’t know that have built them or modified them from the original OEM. (Similar to buying a car from someone that someone has tinkered with). Don’t expect to get much from such a sale. If you think you might sell, then just buy a built one.

Jebus asked Is buying a complete rifle kit the best cost effective method?

I’m considering purchasing a Rock River CAR A4 complete rifle kit for $650. The reason for this choice is because I’m strapped for cash and not interested in purchasing a used rifle. This will be my first firearm, so am I making a good decision? Also, what suggestion(s) would you have for a first time firearm owner?

And got the following answer:

That price seems a little low?…. Is the lower receiver included in that price?…..

What is your mechanical skill level???? … I never built an AR15 before I bought a complete rifle… Just in case I got a little confused I could just take a peek inside the complete rifle to be sure I was building it right….

If you are very good with tools and measuring instruments then go ahead and get the kit…. If your not sure just buy a complete rifle…. Sell; something on craigslist or ebay to make the extra money……

Look here for some AR15 kits also…….

CarJack asked What should I put in a doomsday survival kit?

I just want to make sure I have a kit that’ll help me survive whatever I need to survive. I wanna be prepare for what’s comming, be it an invasion, civil war, famon, riots, plauges, whatever, and I’m lookin for ideas. Cause when the sh*t hits the fan, and I’m afraid it will, I wanna be the last Mo Fugger standing! And you can take that sh*t straight to the bank!

And got the following answer:

Well I would take a Tactical Rifle like an AK47 or an AR15 or something for regulating chumps, one or two semi-automatic pistols like a 1911 and one of the hi-cap 9mm’s for personal defense. A nice small CCW for a back up pistol, a pump 12 gauge for defense and hunting birds and large game, and a semi-auto 22lr for hunting small game like rabbits and squirrels.
Then you’ll need ammo, lots and lots of ammo, and something to keep it in. Plus a nice tactical vest, and a gas mask, a helmet, a shovel, a tent and whatever other survival gear you think you’ll need.
That’s all I can think of, hope that helps!