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Lower Receiver Assembly : This guide is is created to help put together an AR-15 lower receiver from a stripped receiver and a lower receiver parts kit.

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AR15 Stripped Lower Receiver | Aeroprecision

Our stripped lower receiver allows you to build a custom AR15 from the ground up. Mil-spec dimensions and coating ensure the highest quality and correct component …

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Ultimate Arms Gear AR-15 AR15 AR Rifle Lower Receiver Replacement Repairs Parts 22 Piece Set Kit: Takedown & Pivot Detent Spring, Selector Spring, Bolt Catch Spring …

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AR 15 Lower Receiver | eBay – Electronics, Cars, Fashion …

Find great deals on eBay for AR 15 Lower Receiver in Gun Manuals. Shop with confidence.

Original Source: ProMag AR-15/M16 Lower Receiver Magazine Well Vise …

The ProMag PM123 Vise Block allows the user to work on and install parts to AR-15 / M16 lower receivers. The block slips into the rifle’s magazine well and is held in …

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Tools needed for AR-15 Lower Receiver Assembly | Tools for Lower Parts Kit Install

Brief description of the tools needed to install an AR-15 parts kit into an AR-15 Stripped lower receiver. For more info, listen to the AR15 Podcast. www.AR1…


Codi asked What are the dimensions of an ar15 lower reciever?

just rough height, length, and width measurements in inches.

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This site offers free downloadable prints for AR-15 components.

Charlie Cacao asked Is it physically possible to put a stock on an AR pistol?

What I am asking is would I physically be able to put a stock on an AR pistol that is meant for a regular 5.56 ar-15? From seeing the buffer tubes on the AR pistols it looks as if one would have to put on an ar-15 rifle buffer tube. Is it possible to simply screw an ar15 buffer tube onto an ar pistol lower reciever without modification to anything?

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All you need is to get a buffer with the holes to put the stock. If its an ar pistol it would be considered a short barreled rifle if you put the stock on, thus you need a tax stamp.

5.0L V8 lover asked Is there an age restriction on buying an AR15 upper receiver?

Well the ATF states that the lower reciever is the firearm so wouldn’t that mean technically the upper receiver is only a part of a gun just like buying a firing pin or new barrel? I just wanna know of I can buy an upper if I’m not 18. Thanks!!!

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The only part that is considered a firearm is the lower reciever (unless its a registered machine gun with the drop in autosear or lightning link, then the autosear and lightning link are considered firearms as well). No age limit for buying an upper.

Moy asked Is it a good idea to build an AR15 to save money?

Hi, I don’t have much experience in firearms, but I’m really interested in getting an AR15. Would it be cheaper to build one? How long would it take? Is it hard to buy all the parts? Is it hard to find a lower reciever right now? (online probably) since I don’t have a ton of firearms experience is it a bad idea? Also about how much would it cost to buy all the parts? And do I need any special tools? (.223)

And got the following answer:

For an experienced builder who knows exactly what he wants, yes.

For you, no.

But let me tell you why:

1) First off, in case you haven’t been paying attention, the Newtown shooting has caused a chain of events which has set off panic buying — finding whole rifles, OR parts kits has become…problematic.

2) Second, since you admit your experience with firearms is rather limited, you would not know a good parts kit from a “factory second”. And if you don’t know the difference between an in-spec part and an out-of-spec part, you may get partway through your build never understanding why things don’t go the way it says in the manual.

3) Third, building an inexpensive AR hinges on finding a decent lower receiver for a good price. Good luck with that in THIS political climate.

4) Even though building an AR is not particularly difficult, it is still not easy for a novice. I build them as a hobby, so I know of that which I speak. It is VERY easy to screw up the project, lose parts, or damage your receiver if you don’t know what you’re doing, which means replacing expensive components pretty much negates the cost-effectiveness of the build.

5) Finally, if you don’t know how the finished product is SUPPOSED to look and function, you have no idea if you’ve done it right or not — and with firearms, this is not a safe thing.

That all being said, a parts kit is going to be almost nonexistent, as hard to come by as the whole rifle itself. You do need a couple of special tools, and although I have done a build with nothing special in particular — it wasn’t my first build and it wasn’t pretty.

I take about two hours to build an AR-15 from parts, taking my time. I’ve done it in as little as 45 minutes, but I don’t really like working that fast because it’s easy to forget things if you’re not detail-oriented (which kinda takes the fun out of it for me, so I go slower because it’s a HOBBY).

Bottom line: I do NOT recommend you build your first AR. I recommend you BUY your first AR from a reputable manufacturer, and then, after thorough study of a properly-assembled rifle, you acquire the tools and the kit, and THEN try it yourself, with your already-assembled rifle as a functional template.

And of course, in this political climate, your “savings” from a build is pretty much nonexistent.


Flug asked I am a nooblet and am in need of some airsoft term meanings?

1) What is a sling mount? (2) Would it be better metal? (3) What is blowback? (4) Is it only electric or are there other kinds? (5) Which is best if there are more? (6) What’s the difference between RIS Rail and RAS Rail? (6) If the gun has steel recievers does the gun have to have a metal body? (7) If you know of any other terms please tell.
Will give five stars to anyone who answers all of em.

And got the following answer:

1) Sling mount = sling point. It’s a point which you thread your sling to. Basically a reinforced part on the gun which is designed to be able to take the weight of the gun.

2) Yes, and realistic weight guns need the sling mount to be metal, as plastics aren’t strong enough to hold the weight.

3) Blowback is where the bolt of the gun moves backwards and forwards as the gun fires. On real guns this is to eject the empty casings, on an airsoft gun it’s just for looks.

4) Three kinds – spring action is where you have to manually cock the gun between each shot. This compresses a spring which is released when you pull the trigger. Electric is similar to spring, except that a motor pulls the spring back for you. Gas guns have a hammer, which will come forward and hit a button, releasing high pressure gas which expands, pushing the bb out the barrel.

5) Spring is best for snipers as it gives the most consistency and best trigger response. Electric is the best for machine guns, and gas is the best for pistols. Some people also prefer gas machine guns, as they sounds far more realistic.

6) RIS and RAS are the same. If you look at airsoft guns, you’ll notice that most companies steal the descriptions from each other. Someone did a typo, and typed RAS instead of RAS. Anyway, the description got copied onto about 20 different sites, and people started saying RAS as well. RIS is the correct term.

6 (part 2)) If a gun has steel recievers then you know at least part of the gun is metal body. The upper and lower reciever are the parts between the stock tube and the barrel.

7) Not too sure, there probably are a lot so I’ll just do the standard abbreviations;

AEG – airsoft electric gun
AEP / EAP – airsoft electric pistol / electric airsoft pistol
GBB(R) – gas blow back (rifle)
MOA – minute of angle. Measures how accurate a scope is (how small an adjustment can be made).
FPS – feet per second – measurement of power.
ROF – rate of fire
RPM – rounds per minute

Hope this helps

k asked Can my cousin buy me a stripped AR15 lower reciever as a gift in california?

Im 18 and just recently found out i couldn’t buy a lower receiver. If i can do this what kind of paperwork do i have to have?
@keoni can my dad gift it to me?
Can he build it into a complete rifle then transfer it to me?

And got the following answer:


If you’re not legally allowed to buy a firearm, then your cousin is not legally allowed to buy one for you.

Any firearm he buys for you will Come with a matching set of silver bracelets and an all expenses paid trip to federal prison.

Edit: k, why are you prohibited from buying a firearm? If you are not legally allowed to purchase a firearm then you are not legally allowed to own firearms.
It is not your age. Federal and state laws allow you to purchase a rifle or lower receiver at 18 years of age.

Moy asked Is it a good idea to build an AR15 to save money?

Hi, I don’t have much experience in firearms, but I’m really interested in getting an AR15. Would it be cheaper to build one? How long would it take? Is it hard to buy all the parts? Is it hard to find a lower reciever right now? (online probably) since I don’t have a ton of firearms experience is it a bad idea? Also about how much would it cost to buy all the parts? And do I need any special tools?

And got the following answer:

Hi There

You just answered your question..meaning if you do not have experience in firearms then building your own AR-15 is risky.

Having built many of these rifles it takes about 2 hours to install the lower receiver parts.

Ok Let me ask you this..

If you build your own AR-15 and does not work whom would you take it back to have it fixed properly?

M & A parts in Illinois has all the parts necessary to build an AR-15 except the lower receiver.

The lower receiver has to be sent to an FFL for proper federal registration

Good luck however purchased an AR already assembled.

asked Could I buy all the parts of an AR-15 lower reciever online?

I know you have to have an FFL to purchase a complete l. reciever online, but could you buy all the parts seperatly and not require a licencse? Or is there a part that requires it?
I meant the actual action, not cosmetic features like a handle.

And got the following answer:

Yeah, pretty much all the ar15 sites that sell stuff will sell kits with all the parts that go into the receiver. and

Ralph asked why doesnt stag arms make a REAL lefty AR15?

the only difference with their “lefty” ARs is the upper reciever. its just switched but the lower is still the same. the mag release bolt release its all the same as a righty gun. why dont they make it a real lefty and swith the upper and the lower recievers?

And got the following answer:

There is probably not enough market for left hand AR-15s. My son is right handed but left eye dominant and he shoots his ARs left handed. He does appreciate the shell deflector.