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Ar15 Pistol Lower News:

AR15.Com – Your Firearm Resource. (AR-15, AR-10, M4 Carbine …

AR15.Com – Your Firearm Resource. (AR-15, AR-10, M4 Carbine, M16, H&K, SIG, FNH, FAL, AK-47, 50 Cal, M1/M1A, Handgun, Pistol, Training, Hunting, and More!)

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Black Rain Ordnance AR15 FALLOUT15 Billet Pistol Lower

Black Rain Ordnance AR15 FALLOUT15 Billet Pistol Lower with PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube

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AR pistol lower? – AR15.Com Archive

AR pistol lower? – AR15.Com Archive – AR15.COM … I’ve seen that people on the board are using pistol lowers to build short-barrelled uppers while they wait for …

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AR15.Com – Your Firearm Resource. (AR-15, AR-10, M4 Carbine …

AR15.Com – Your Firearm Resource. (AR-15, AR-10, M4 Carbine, M16, H&K, SIG, FNH, FAL, AK-47, 50 Cal, M1/M1A, Handgun, Pistol, Training, Hunting, and More!)

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ar 15 Best pistol buffer tube lower – YouTube

palmetto pistol buffer tube for under best i could find spikes tactial was unavailable

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AR15 LOWER ASSEMBLY part 7 – pistol grip & safety selector install

visit our website sorry about the lighting, it will be better next time. also look for my our other AR15 ASSEMBLY vids of the A2 model.


Charlie Cacao asked Is it physically possible to put a stock on an AR pistol?

What I am asking is would I physically be able to put a stock on an AR pistol that is meant for a regular 5.56 ar-15? From seeing the buffer tubes on the AR pistols it looks as if one would have to put on an ar-15 rifle buffer tube. Is it possible to simply screw an ar15 buffer tube onto an ar pistol lower reciever without modification to anything?

And got the following answer:

All you need is to get a buffer with the holes to put the stock. If its an ar pistol it would be considered a short barreled rifle if you put the stock on, thus you need a tax stamp.

Nepeth asked Shipping an AR15 Upper Receiver to New York City?

I am planning on building a 6.5 Grendel AR-15. Thing is, I’m in AIT with the Army at Fort Lee, so I can’t have any weapons (or part of weapons) on post, since I’m not Permanent Party (I’m still considered IET). I’d have to have the parts shipped up to my current address (which is in The Bronx, I’m in the middle of changing my state of residence to Florida). I am wondering if it is legal to have just the UPPER shipped to my home address in New York City, I know the Lower receiver needs to go through a FFL.
I’ve seen online elsewhere it is legal to ship any part of the weapon (besides the lower) legally, but I want to make sure it is that way for certain for New York City, I don’t need to get hemmed up by the NYPD because I am trying to build a AR15, or is it better just to wait until I can get my state of residence changed to Florida?

And got the following answer:

Here in NYC ANY weapon that takes a magazine is illegal due to the hi-cap limits here. So unfortunately you will not be able to have that anyway at all in NYC’s city limits. SO PLEASE for the love of god don’t try and send it to your address they will lock you upif they catch you. I can’t even have a Bolt action Enfield Rifle here in NYC, because it can inturnally load 6rds and yet I legally own 2 pistols that hold 10rds mags… go figure. Just wait untill you get FL state residence bro, I’d hate to see a fellow Soldier get hemmed up.

Also, NYC’s nonsensical definition of an “Assault weapon” would also make the AR totally banned.

16. “Assault weapon.”
(a) Any semiautomatic centerfire or rimfire rifle or semiautomatic
shotgun which has one or more of the following features:
1. folding or telescoping stock or no stock;
2. pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the
3. bayonet mount;
4. flash suppressor or threaded barrel designed to accommodate a flash
5. barrel shroud;
6. grenade launcher; or
7. modifications of such features, or other features, determined by
rule of the commissioner to be particularly suitable for military and
not sporting purposes. In addition, the commissioner shall, by rule,
designate specific semiautomatic centerfire or rimfire rifles or
semiautomatic shotguns, identified by make, model and/or manufacturer’s
name, as within the definition of assault weapon, if the commissioner
determines that such weapons are particularly suitable for military and
not sporting purposes. The commissioner shall inspect such specific
designated semiautomatic centerfire or rimfire rifles or semiautomatic
shotguns at least three times per year, and shall revise or update such
designations as he or she deems appropriate.
(b) Any shotgun with a revolving-cylinder magazine.
(c) Any part, or combination of parts, designed or redesigned or
intended to readily convert a rifle or shotgun into an assault weapon.
(d) “Assault weapon” shall not include any rifle or shotgun modified
to render it permanently inoperative.

Rooster asked Is a collapsible stock lower with a short barrel upper taken from a AR15 type pistol illegal to own?

Basically, can any ordinary gun owner just legally own a short barrel collapsible stock AR15 rifle?
11.5″ barrel
Do you need special paper work or permits to legally own one, like owning fully auto weapons or silencers?

And got the following answer:

Yes. Even owning a short barreled upper and a rifle lower is considered intent to manufacture a weapon made from a rifle (SBR), if you dont have a pistol lower.

You dont need any sort of license, but it would be an NFA item and would require the paperwork. Not as difficult as you think, but it is bothersome and takes some time.

eric asked What would an assault weapons ban actually accomplish?

I’m about 20 years old and I’ve owned my ar15 for 2 months and takin some heat from some of my more liberal peers. I’m aware that they are misinformed because I’m confident if let’s say colt made a semi auto 5.56 rifle with a wooden stock, it probably wouldn’t be listed as “assault weapon”. I may be in favor of background checks, and he’ll maybe even mag restrictions (I’m 20 I can’t afford to load up 30 rounds) but what would a total “assault rifle” ban accomplish? I think the next nut would just use a bolt action or less “scary looking semi auto” I’m I crazy to think so?

And got the following answer:

It would make people feel good that they are “doing something”, and that’s about it. That may sound snarky, but it will sell to low information folks. You’ve got folks claiming the AWB reduced the number of shootings, which has never been anything but a post hoc fallacy***. You’ve got people still buying into the notion that an “assault weapon” is a machine gun or some other monstrous superweapon instead of an ordinary rifle. Both groups ignore that the OVERWHELMING culprit in gun violence is still the handgun. Va. Tech, Tuscon/Jared Loughner, Columbine to a large extent – all were perpetrated with handguns and/or pistol-caliber carbines.

As for limits on mag size, I too would be okay with that. The thing is, existing magazines (of which there are hundreds of millions) would not become illegal, and frankly, 3 10-round mags are just as deadly as one 30-round magazine when you are shooting at unarmed people in an enclosed area. It only takes a couple of seconds to swap out a magazine. The Va. Tech shooter perpetrated one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history carrying a pair of handguns. He simply carried many extra magazines. A few were 15 round, but most were 10 round, meaning that the AWB would not have affected them, either. One of those pistols was chambered in .22LR, one of the weakest rounds commercially available. It was still deadly. All guns are deadly, not just the scary looking ones.

***Crime in all areas dropped in the 90s, not just gun crimes. Government and university research (DOJ, UC Berekely, etc.) point to the unprecedented economic good times and more aggressive law enforcement efforts couple with longer prison sentences. No reliable study has indicated the AWB could be credited for any measurable effect on gun crimes one way or another.

QH Love asked Goin to a shooting range for the first time?

With my boyfriend. He has 11 assault rifles 3 shotguns and a few pistols. I was wondering what I should start off shooting with. I’m teeny but pretty strong for my size. I’m a decent shot on my brothers scope pellet gun, but I know thats probably nothin like a real gun. he has everything from AR15s to Double barrel shotguns to rugers. whats the easiest thing to start out with?

And got the following answer:

I’d definitely start with a rifle rather than a pistol, just because they’re a lot easier to shoot. I’m guessing the AR15 is probably the lowest calibre, so I’d start with that. It’s designed to have very limited recoil, so as long as you shoulder it properly it should be quite easy. Remember to breathe out as you shoot and to keep the very tip of your finger on the trigger. If you’re doing slow shooting (so you have ages to aim each shot), try not to jerk the trigger (it should be a gentle squeeze and you should be almost surprised when the gun fires). Also make sure your face isn’t too close to the gun the first few times you fire – I’ve seen some people get taken by surprise and almost knock themselves out, although once you get used to it the gun will barely move as you fire.

Hope this helps

EDIT: Wiz, a semi-auto rifle can be an assault rifle. L1A1 for starters.