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AR15 Scope Mounts | – Gun Accessories, Gun … provides the largest range of AR15 Scope Mounts available online.

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MSP is a quality distribution of Scope Rings and Scope Mounts Plus Accessories for the AR-15, AK-47, SKS, Glock and and other tactical goods

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AR-15 Sights – MSP AR-15 Accessories, Scope Mounts & Rings

Our AR-15 sights are made from durable materials and have different designs depending on the operator’s preferences

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This AR-15 Scope mount weaver rail is an excellent quality, all metal rail. Viewing down the sight channel is clear and unobstructed, enabling use of backup iron …

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AR-15 Sights – MSP AR-15 Accessories, Scope Mounts & Rings

Our AR-15 sights are made from durable materials and have different designs depending on the operator’s preferences

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NC STAR AR15/M4 scope mount

great carry handle mount for the price, everyone with a M16/M4 should pick one up and then buy one.


Flug asked I am a nooblet and am in need of some airsoft term meanings?

1) What is a sling mount? (2) Would it be better metal? (3) What is blowback? (4) Is it only electric or are there other kinds? (5) Which is best if there are more? (6) What’s the difference between RIS Rail and RAS Rail? (6) If the gun has steel recievers does the gun have to have a metal body? (7) If you know of any other terms please tell.
Will give five stars to anyone who answers all of em.

And got the following answer:

1) Sling mount = sling point. It’s a point which you thread your sling to. Basically a reinforced part on the gun which is designed to be able to take the weight of the gun.

2) Yes, and realistic weight guns need the sling mount to be metal, as plastics aren’t strong enough to hold the weight.

3) Blowback is where the bolt of the gun moves backwards and forwards as the gun fires. On real guns this is to eject the empty casings, on an airsoft gun it’s just for looks.

4) Three kinds – spring action is where you have to manually cock the gun between each shot. This compresses a spring which is released when you pull the trigger. Electric is similar to spring, except that a motor pulls the spring back for you. Gas guns have a hammer, which will come forward and hit a button, releasing high pressure gas which expands, pushing the bb out the barrel.

5) Spring is best for snipers as it gives the most consistency and best trigger response. Electric is the best for machine guns, and gas is the best for pistols. Some people also prefer gas machine guns, as they sounds far more realistic.

6) RIS and RAS are the same. If you look at airsoft guns, you’ll notice that most companies steal the descriptions from each other. Someone did a typo, and typed RAS instead of RAS. Anyway, the description got copied onto about 20 different sites, and people started saying RAS as well. RIS is the correct term.

6 (part 2)) If a gun has steel recievers then you know at least part of the gun is metal body. The upper and lower reciever are the parts between the stock tube and the barrel.

7) Not too sure, there probably are a lot so I’ll just do the standard abbreviations;

AEG – airsoft electric gun
AEP / EAP – airsoft electric pistol / electric airsoft pistol
GBB(R) – gas blow back (rifle)
MOA – minute of angle. Measures how accurate a scope is (how small an adjustment can be made).
FPS – feet per second – measurement of power.
ROF – rate of fire
RPM – rounds per minute

Hope this helps

Hack Benjamin asked Is there a mount out there to hold a rifle scope on the carry handle of an ar15, and a red dot scope in front?

somethng like a co witness mount or a Z-mount hybrid? i’ve looked at all of the old faithfull sights but nothing.
Fepo.. those are close to what I’m looking for but and optic on the forward rail doesn’t co-witness iron sights.

And got the following answer:

Check out the Z mount available from
I think if you used low mount rings on the scope and a riser under the red dot, that this could work. Cheaper than..also has risers and 40mm red dots. I recommend a 40mm red dot because the larger lens seems more likely to work in this application.

Collin Rhodes asked My AR15 is shooting Low and Left with Free Float and Flip Front and Back sights?

My AR15 is shooting Low and Left at 25yards. Im getting 1in groups. I have My rear flip up sight adjusted almost all the way to the right. That’s the only way I could get 0. I have a free float rail and it looks to be straight on top. Should I turn My Rail slightly to the left? Or can I do something else to fix the problem. I have done some searches,but the only answers I’m getting don’t match My problem.
I even put the rifle in a clamp and it just blew out the holes I shot before.
I have shot rifles for years and have never ran into this problem.
Thanks Guys
I have a flip up sight on the end of My hand guard. I have it at “0”, but my rear sight has to be adjusted to the far right. Almost Completly over to the right!
I have the diamond vector mid length free float rail.
My Picatinny rails are lined up with reciever.

And got the following answer:

The sight belongs on the gas block, not up on the tube. The tube isn’t rigid enough to mount a site there. As the other answer stated, its purpouse is to keep the barrel uneffected by pressures on the stock. I would just get the appropriate height gas block and remount the sight there. In my experience, flip-up sights don’t return to zero very well. I would just get a good set of standard sights. They take no time at all to mount and remount if you want to put a scope on it. Also, 25 yards is too close to sight in a rifle like an AR. It’s fine for getting in on paper after you mount a new scope or something, but 100 yards is my usual choice since that’s the max length of the range closest to my house, and it’s fairly easy to calculate farther shots.