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Best 22 Scope News: Ruger 10/22 Black (Blued) 4×30 Rifle Scope w/ Free …

This affordable Ruger 10/22 Rifle scope combo include 4×30 scope, standard scope ring, and 1022 scope mount. You don’t need to shop anywhere and this kit if …

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Rimfire Rifle Scope – Which one is the Best?

Rimfire Rifle Scope – Which one is the Best? I just purchased a Ruger 10/22 Target rifle (Target Model). I want to get a good scope at a fair price.

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The best AR carry handle scope mount & BSA Sweet series scopes …

I show the best AR scope mount that I have found and BSA Optics Sweet 223 and Sweet 22 Scopes with bullet weight drop compensation technology.

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Rimfire Rifle Scope – Which one is the Best?

Rimfire Rifle Scope – Which one is the Best? I just purchased a Ruger 10/22 Target rifle (Target Model). I want to get a good scope at a fair price.

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The best AR carry handle scope mount & BSA Sweet series scopes …

I show the best AR scope mount that I have found and BSA Optics Sweet 223 and Sweet 22 Scopes with bullet weight drop compensation technology.

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will asked can I use a normal scope on a rimfire? or do i need a rimfire scope?

Hello, I would just like to know if I can use one of these scopes on a rime fire. Like a sharpshooter bushnell, or do i need to strictly use rimfire scope? Would it be better and more accurate to use a sharpshooter bushnell scope then a .22 rimfire bushnell scope? Or I am over doing it?

And got the following answer:

You can go with any scope that fits on the gun. Rimfire scopes tend to be lighter weight and construction. And some of them come with built-in bullet drop compensators for a specific rimfire cartridge. But most are just cheap little scopes that don’t hae nearly the quality of optics found on larger scopes.

Samuel Steinhilber asked In Utah What is The Gun Classes you have to take to own a .22 rifle?

Im 13 and I really want my first gun for Christmas, probably a Ruger 10/22 with scope. But my older brother (who has a 308 long rifle) says I have to take classes and learn about gun safety. What are the classes I have to take to get a minors gun license in Utah?

And got the following answer:

I wouldn’t say your brother is lying, just somewhat misinformed. You do not need to take a class to use any gun. You must be 18 to make the purchase, so you must get one as a gift from your parents (who essentially are responsible for you til then anyway). The class he is refering too is a hunter’s safety class. You must have taken this class to be elegible for a hunting license. A hunter’s safety class is a very valuable resource for gun and hunting safety, but is not required to “own” or shoot a gun.

…ajxcore… asked Where can i get a high capacity magazine for a Remington 597 .22lr at a cheap price and low shipping?

And if possible maybe a place in Las Vegas, NV.

I also wanted to know where can i get a good .22 scope (preferably a red dot scope)?

Any info will help……Thanks

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Bill Spry asked Is it better to spend decent money on a 22 scope than cheaping out?

Most of the $50 scopes get mixed reviews. One person says this scope is great for the money another one says it’s junk. I see Weaver makes one for just over $100. The $20 Walmart BSAs get reviews that say they change with each shot, lol.

And got the following answer:

I have had a $10 Tasco scope on my Marlin 60 for about 25 years
it has never lost zero

The most I have ever spent on a 22 scope is $30 and have never had a problem

And no you don’t always get what you pay for

Manufacturers are well aware of the American public’s fascination with spending money
Here’s an example

The Charles Daly 22 rifle imported from Zastava was considered to be a low grade cheap rifle at $200
But the Remington Model 5 is considered a great gun at $350
They are the same gun
Same goes for the TOZ 22 and the Winchester same gun different prices because too many people are content that they have a better product if they pay too much for it

Fear na Eireannach asked How much would it cost to keep a rifle?(cleaning kit, safe etc)?

How much are:

Cleaning Kits
Ammo (.22)
Scope, rings and mount

and anything else i might need.

im not looking for exact figures, just a really rough estimate

And got the following answer:

Obviously the safe is your most expensive item, although you can get gun lockers for around 100 bucks sometimes at Bass pro shop, I think Stack-On makes them. Cleaning kits are pretty cheap, for 20 bucks you’ll have everything you need to clean your 22.
Ammo varies in price, anywhere from $2.50 per 50, to $100 per 500, and everything in between. Average bulk pack price is between $15 and $20 per 550.
Scopes vary in price too, a bottom of the line Tasco 3-8×40 from walmart might cost you thirty bucks, or you could go with a $1200 Swarovski. Rings you can figure on 20 bucks being average price, same with bases if needed.

Bill Spry asked How much brighter is a 22 rifle scope with a 32mm lens than one with a 20mm lens?

I’m talking cheap 22 scopes under $50. At only 100 to 150 yards would it matter?

And got the following answer:

In building a scope – about 90% of the cost is in the coatings of the lens. These metalic coatings act like a handful of straws and allows the light to come back to your eye and not get scattered in the lens.

Two identical modles – yes – you can expect the larger lens to be 2x brighter at dawn and dusk.

If you compair a $18 32mm and a 49.99$ 20mm you would expect better coatings on the more expensive scope and that would be the brighter scope to own.

That, the best 22 scope on the market today, for the money, is the BSA ‘Sweet 22’ because it has a BDC that once calibrated allows you to instantly change the crosshair zero from 25 feet to 400 feet with just a simple turn of the top turret. It costs around $80 or so and you can see it at and I have several spare $400+ Leupolds in my safe – but – this is the scope I have on my suppressed 10/22 I use for grouse and bunnies in Alaska. Not because the lens are great – because it is fun to use and lets me quickly dial in the bullet drop for a clean kill.

You will not be disapointed with this scope.

jdfuente2006 asked When sighting a .22 cal rifle, how far is the ideal distance of the target assuming i use a scope?

I am trying to bore sight my .22 rifle scope. I was just wondering the effective range of the bullet and how far should i set my target.

And got the following answer:

Depends on the range that you intend to shoot. Usually 50-75 yards.

Are you “bore sighting” or “sighting-in”? Bore sighting is literally looking down the bore of your gun at a target and adjusting the scope to that it is centered on the target. Bore sighting can also be done with a mechanical device or laser. Due to the ballistics of the bullet, it will still be rough, but enough to get you “on paper”. You must still “sight-in” with some test shots to get your scope zeroed perfectly.

Olaf Trygvesson asked What is the live fire exercise like in hunter’s safety course?

This weekend, I will be doing a hunter’s education course with my girlfriend. I have extensive experience with firearms, but I have never hunted- So I am not personally worried about passing the live fire exercise.

But my girlfriend has very little experience shooting. We’ve been shooting together twice, both times we just shot our shotguns and she shot maybe 100 rounds on my scoped 10/22 and scoped mosin.

So I was just curious how difficult the live fire exercise is and what it consists of- Could a girl without any experience shooting rifles with open sights easily pass? I will try to take her shooting this week to get her some practice with my open-sighted .22, but im still a bit afraid that she won’t perform well. Thanks!
She is very, very safety conscious. But again, she doesn’t have any experience with lining up iron sights- To clarify the question: Is hitting a certain target necessary to pass the course? If so, how large (approximately) is this target and at what distance?
I live in Colorado, live fire is a part of every hunter’s ed class I could find. I guess it would definitely make sense that it’s just practice. I dont know why i had the idea that it was a part of the test.

And got the following answer:

In the state that I live in, it is not scored, just for the experience.

Zerocool asked Can anyone recommend a good but cheap rifle scope and spotting scope?

I’m looking for a scope that I can use on my AR and Ruger 10/22.
The spotting scope should have a 45deg angle and a 60mm to 80mm objective.

And got the following answer:

Stay away from cheap – you’re only going to be wasting your money. There are a number of moderately priced riflescopes out there of reasonable quality. You can find these with brand names like Tasco, Bushnell, Simmons, Barska, BSA, etc. Check out what each of these brands offer. I would generally avoid their lowest-priced series scopes and work up from there. You should be able to find a decent, moderate-range variable scope (3-9×40) from any of these brands for under $100 without buying junk. You’re not going to be getting Leupold or Nikon quality, but you’re not paying those prices either.

Almost the same advice holds true for spotting scopes, although they aren’t subject to the same rough-house handling as riflescopes. Again, you can get a decent scope for around $100 or a little more. What you’re going to give up on the moderately priced spotting scopes is image resolution and clarity at the higher magnifications. This is because of the quality of the optics, so I wouldn’t bother with scopes that offer the 60x-90x magnification range because you’re just paying for a power range that isn’t worth it.

I have been very happy with my Celestron Ultima 65 Spotting Scope. It is an 18-55x65mm zoom scope with a 45-degree angled eyepiece. Celestron doesn’t get a lot of publicity in the shooting sports, but they make several models and they’ve been making quality telescopes now for several decades. I’ve had this one about three years and use it constantly at the range. Been very happy with it. As mentioned above, resolution gets a little fuzzy on long distance targets at maximum magnification, but up to 40x, it’s very crisp.

You can get more info on this spotting scope here:

Hope this has been some help.