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Kevin G asked Looking for a good set of surveillance camera system?

Hi, im looking for a good set of surveillance camera, thats also fair priced. The cameras will be installed in a store. One of the cameras will be aiming at the cash register, so i want it to be clear enough to see the cash thats being hand out. I also want it be to able to connect to a PC, and works on a network. I like to keep an eye on the store when im at home.
Thanks in advance!

And got the following answer:

Hi, a great system to use with the PC & Network you have already is BiKal EyeSoft IP Camera Software. It will work with analogue, network IP, HD MegaPixel and USB cameras from many different manufacturers.

Simply install the software. Then connect the network cameras, these can be wireless too. Enter the password in the software and that’s it. You can download a free trial from their website

The cheapest & easiest solution is to simply buy 2 plug n play wireless ip cameras like the Candy Bar Cam. The software is free and is the easiest IP camera to setup in the world. Just plug it in to your network, no router config is needed, even for remote access and you can even view the camera on your 3G mobile phone. See I’m not sure but I think BiKal has dealers around the world but ask them to find out.

¤Chins Up¤ asked Surveillance camera for astrophotgraphy?

I just bought surveillance cameras that see in very low light, meaning that it can see even if the moon is the only source of light. Does this mean that I can point it at the sky to take video of the stars and meteors?

And got the following answer:

Not with much success. The sensor is far too small to resolve planets, let alone stars. You will encounter a lot of noise.

Have you tested it under those conditions?

Manny asked how do you install a surveillance camera so it can be viewed through the internet? and is it free?

I bought a surveillance camera, connected all the cables and all but I have yet to be able to view the image through the internet. I was able to view the image through my home wireless router but I can not see it from another router except my own. does anyone knows how to do so, I need help.

And got the following answer:

The only way I have found is a system call Good Luck

Shellshock asked What kinds of tools would i need to drill, bolt or attach a surveillance camera to a brick wall?

I want to attach a surveillance camera as well as a satellite dish and an antenna but don’t know how to go about attaching them to the brick wall.

And got the following answer:

Just buy a masonry bit for your drill, and some concrete screws. The bit will be less than $5

Fynest1 asked What the best surveillance cameras for home?

Lately, I have people coming to my yard stealing all my stuff. Im almost never home like that because of work. So is what is the best outdoor surveillance cameras that is wireless and can also be viewed from a smart phone? (Android)

And got the following answer:

“Best” would be the pro-grade stuff. You should consider setting a budget.

For around $500, Swann and Lorex make decent 4-camera kits (DVR + cameras) that can be accessed remotely – and assumes you have a good knowledge of setting up networks and maintaining network security. It will be a good idea to use outdoor-rated cameras. The cameras with these kits aren’t that great, but should be enough to get you started. It is best to install the cameras under the eaves of the house or under some other weather protection (even though they are “outdoor rated”). IP-network cameras cost a lot more, so it is probably best to stay with analog cameras that connect to a DVR that is on the computer network.

When a wired camera is used: A cable with the power and video feed goes from the camera to the DVR. At each end of the cable, there’s a plug for power and a plug for video. If there is a mic in the camera, there will be a plug on each side for the mic. If there is Pan/tilt/zoom, there will be another plug for that… but that is all in one cable “bundle”.

When a wireless camera is used: The camera needs local power (wire #1). The video is transmitted wirelessly to a base station. The base station connects to power (wire #2) and the DVR (wire #3).

Moral: a wired surveillance camera uses fewer wires than a “wireless” camera.

The DVR can be set up to send you email when certain alarm options are set up in the DVR. That way you don’t have to stare at the smartphone all day. A special client needs to be installed on your phone – before you buy, check the ratings on the smartphone app and read the manual (download it from the manufacturer you are considering) to be sure it does what you want.

[email protected] asked How do you mount a dome surveillance camera to the ceiling?

I just bought a surveillance camera system with a DVR and 4 dome cameras. I have read the user manual cover to cover, but it does not tell me how to mount the cameras. It comes with screws and it looks like the Base of the camera doesn’t come off. I want to place one at the top of my bathroom window to look out over my parking spot in the apartment parking lot and the other in the living room, so it will pick up the front and back door. But how do you put the screws into the base screw holes if the Base doesn’t come off?

And got the following answer:

do a close inspection of the base and the dome. Typical is a snap on dome with a hidden tab that will allow the dome to be removed. Some others are a slight twist and pull apart. Very similar to how a smoke detector is removed from it’s base. These base units may be designed to mount on round electrical box or an adapter for a hidden electrical box.

asked I need to buy the one of the smallest surveillance cameras available, where can I find it?

I need to make my own hidden surveillance cameras. Any ideas where and what kind to buy?

And got the following answer:

Get the lighter DVR from works like a charm!