Bushnell Equinox 4x40mm Gen 1 Digital Night Vision Monocular, 12mm Eye Relief, 738′ Maximum Viewing Range

Light-emitting diode (LEDs) Used in Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) Compatible Lighting – Global Market Forecast

Every Bushnell optic is the direct result of extensive research and design. Investigating what goes ‘bump-in-the-night’ with Bushnell’s Equinox Digital 4x 40 mm night vision monocular can be quite exhilarating. This lightweight waterproof NVD provides the power of sight without light in a small ergonomic form factor. With its sleek yet rugged looks, 4x magnification, 40 mm objective lens, built-in IR illuminator and durable rubber housing, the Equinox Night Vision monocular is an excellent choice for camping, caving, wildlife observation, surveillance or any time and place you think you’re ready to experience the secrets of the dark first hand. There are many different variables that affect the distance that one can see with a night vision device, among them the object’s size, the level of details being sought from the object and the conditions of observation. Night vision devices detect much further under a full moon and clear skies than they will under a new moon and cloudy skies. Many different formulas are used to determine the statistic of maximum viewing range and the method of calculation varies by manufacturer.
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The MIL-STD-3009 superseded MIL-L-85762A standard. This standard also includes provisions for white light sources and for “leaky green” requirements. The light emitting diodes in a display heavily influence its color, contrast, and NVIS radiance (NR) properties. White, green, and red light emitting diodes with certain spectral emission can be adjusted with filters to produce displays that comply with various NVIS color coordinates and NVIS Radiance (NR) specifications described in MIL-STD-3009.
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Night Vision Depot to Exhibit at Upcoming Tradeshows

Night Vision Depot will be exhibiting at the following shows. Visitors will be able to see the latest US manufactured night vision binoculars, monoculars, weapon sights, night vision parts and other items. CA Homicide Investigators Assoc. March 4-7, 2014 Booth #20 Las Vegas, NV March 18-19, 2014 Booth #318 Phoenix, Arizona
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