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Night Vision Explained

Spy movies are often the first thing that comes to mind when people think about or discuss night vision technology. Do they actually work, or are they another form of moviemaking magic? In case you were wondering, the technology is very real and very effective. The standard set of night vision goggles will allow you to see a person standing 200 yards away on a cloudy, moonless night. Impressive, isn?t it?

There are two different types of night vision technology. The first works on the principle of image enhancement. It works by collecting the minute amount of light contained in darkness, and amplifying it to the point where objects can be viewed. It even collects light from the lower end of the infrared light spectrum, which is generally imperceptible to the human eye.

The other way that night vision technology works is through a process known as thermal imaging. This process works by capturing the upper end of the infrared light spectrum. This part of the light spectrum is emitted in the form of heat, as opposed to light as we might recognize it. The warmer an object is the higher amount of this light is emitted.

There are some similar components in both night vision systems. Each of these systems is comprised of optics, some form of signal processing, and a viewing monitor. Image enhancement seems to be the prevailing technology contained in modern night vision systems. Both systems were developed, originally, for military use. In the United States, there are two classifications for night vision devices. The first is called MILSPEC, which refers to military specifications. The other is COMSPEC, which refers to commercial specifications.

This technology has been incorporated into a number of popular products, and put to use is many different ways. They are generally contained in three distinct categories; scopes, goggles, and cameras. Scopes are generally handheld or mounted on weapons, and are monocular. These are good for short-term viewing from a stationary position. Goggles are worn by the user and are binocular. As they are worn by the user, they are ideal for use over a longer period and during movement. Cameras are ideal for surveillance, as the images captured can be saved to a recording device or viewed on a remote monitor. This category also includes video imaging.

Night vision systems have come a long way since their early days of development. They are now used by law enforcement agencies and private investigators on a daily basis. They are also used by civilians for wildlife observation, security, surveillance, and personal entertainment. Night vision devices have become an integral part of the modern arsenal. Remember, not everything you see in the movies is make-believe.

This article was posted on November 14, 2005

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Joel asked lengthen a ribbon cable on my circuit board?

I took apart a cheap night vision toy which I want to reassemble but with some modifications. Anyway, there is a ribbon cable that comes from the circuit board with the camera and connects to the mini LCD screen. I want the LCD screen to be further from the camera, but how do I extend the ribbon cable? I haven’t counted the pins, or number of wires printed on the ribbon, and I don’t need to extend it very far, maybe 4-6 inches or so. Any ideas?

And got the following answer:

Unsolder the ribbon from both boards. Solder N little wires of the correct length. If the ribbon cable is plugged into connectors then unplug it and solder wires between the two circuit boards.

Or, buy a longer ribbon cable. Try:

a_thom32 asked What is the best,cheapest hand held camera with night vision capabilities and where can i get it?

I’m trying to make a low budget horror movie but i need a night vision camera.I don’t want to pay a lot for it.Any ideas? I will pick best answer.

And got the following answer:

I think you should go with Canon PowerShot A490 10.0 MP Digital Camera
* 10.0 megapixels and 3.3x optical zoom make picture taking a snap
* Smart AUTO intelligently selects from 13 predefined shooting situations;
* Low Light mode enables great shots in dim lighting
* Large, clear 2.5-inch LCD
* AA battery power enables you to easily power up on the go
* Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards

daytraderbm asked What is the best security cameras for a home?

I don’t want these cheap things with low quality and black and white. I don’t mind spending the money on a nice system – What is the best – I want 2-3 outdoor cameras with night vision, and also want the best DVR for the job. I want the best. What are my options? I’d prefer Wireless as well.

And got the following answer:

These days, most homeowners don’t use a DVR for home video, and DVR’s are left to the commercial applications where they really need to have constant recording for cash registers, employee security, etc. Today’s smart cameras for the home are wireless and have motion analytics built into them, so that the camera only records (usually a clip, like 15 seconds) when activated by motion. You really don’t care if nothing is going on, right? The clips can be sent directly to you. These cameras can also be viewed remotely from any web-enabled device – and what’s even better, the video clips can be stored remotely by your service provider, where you can access them.

What I am describing is actually the video service that we include with our cellular and interactive monitoring services: next-gen features, integrated with home security Here is an article on video that is worth the read:

You would be amazed how reasonable these systems are, especially in light of what they can do. This may be a viable solution for her, but regardless, it’s good to know what’s out there, and the direction the industry is taking.