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Nokia Corporation: Connecting the Next Billion to the Internet

By Cornelius Chan. Read more » » Related Stocks: NOK , MSFT ,

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Nokia Corporation: Connecting the Next Billion to the Internet

By Cornelius Chan. Read more » » Related Stocks: NOK , MSFT ,

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Ken C asked I wear my Night and Day contact lenses for more that 1 month. How bad can that really be?

I really like to wake up in the morning and have perfect vision. I think these lenses are a godsend and the closest thing to laser eye surgery without spending all that money.

I get these lenses much cheaper than i get them in England as i get my brother to send them over from Thailand for me. They cost me about as much as monthly disposeables cost.

To strech out the cost i wear them much longer than your supposed to wear them. I have been doing this for 2 years and i havent had any adverse problems at all. Just a bit of dry eye that a bit of contact lense rewetter solution can sort out.

In thailand they just dish these out over the counter, which is how i got hold of them. I didnt have the extensive optition appointmens which they demanded in the UK before you got hold of these lenses. At the time it just seemed like a way for optitions to rince more money out of the poorly sighted.

Ive started to think recently that this isnt too good for my eyes. But can it really be that bad? Obviously it can’t be good. But I need to make compromises here. Im not exactly made of money!

And got the following answer:

Absolutely take the advice of iloveme, it’s very important to clean off that build up so your eye doesn’t get scratched, I did what your doing for years with the same attitude and eventually my eyes did get scratched,,,,beyond repair. now when I try to put in contact lenses, it feels like there are many hairs in there, the pain is so great it’s just not worth it. the last time I tried (got a trial pair from the eye doctor) was a year ago and it still wont work, when I scratched my eye?…9 years before that. trust me it’s not worth the money you save. take them out, clean them. be carful with your eyes.

bratty brat asked What is a good quality, reasonably priced, day/nite surveillance camera?

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There are a few good day/night or nightvision cameras available on the market from $55 – $100 (£69 – £120)

We sell the AVTECH AKE527 which is very cheap but out of all the low cost nightvision cameras I have tried, this gave the best images for the price.

Advice On Buying
– Most cameras like these will produce similar quality images but go for a quality brand so that the camera lasts longer.

– Take into consideration how far you want to see in the dark.

– The Infra Red light on night vision cameras produces a torchlight effect when working in the dark so ensure the area to be covered is in the centre of the picture

– If there is a night / flood light in the area, go for a day/night camera without Infra Red for best quality images

Hope this info helps. Have a look at the AKE527 camera on the link below and other examples of low light cameras. Easy to purchase if you are in the UK or try Radio Shack or Circuit City if you are in the US.

daniel sullyboy asked I am new to astronomy and would like to know if these two telescopes are worth it , thanks?

also i could possibly get a small amount off as i am local and could possibly arrange a deal through picking them up , i am hoping to get them both for £500 , would this be worth it and do they include everything i need to get stuck straight in ?

here is the link :

And got the following answer:

There is likely to be at least £500 reserve on those scopes. They are expensive good quality Celestron scopes. He might split them so £250-£300 for the 150mm scope would be worth going for.
The deal includes the scopes with a finder and eyepieces, and an equatorial mount. That’s all you need to get going. Buy a bicycle rear lamp as a cheap way of getting an astronomy light. Red light doesn’t affect night vision as much as white light.
Download Stellarium to see what’s in the sky. Mouse to bottom left wh3en it opens reveals the menus.Top left menu item is location.
Any deal is between you and the seller. Email the seller to see if collection can be arranged.
Best of luck. Clear skies.