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night vision goggles | eBay – Electronics, Cars, Fashion …

Find great deals on eBay for night vision goggles and night vision binoculars. Shop with confidence.

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ATN NVG-7 CGT Night Vision Goggles

This is a REALLY sweet set of NVGs.


asked Im looking to buy a air of night vision goggles any recommendations for my circumstances?

Im 15 and moving to a house in the middle of the woods in the country. I thought it would be pretty cool to have some Night vision goggles to look around with at night. I am willing to spend up to about £100 and i want them to be pretty good quality and work well. Any ideas?
Are the modern warfare 2 prestige edition NVG’s any good?

And got the following answer:

For that little bit of money, all you’re going to find are first generation Russian surplus goggles; Read “funhouse grade optics, very little light gain, cheap,l and not worth it.”

A decent pair of III Generation PVS7-Cs are going to run you at leat 1500.

Jon asked What model NVG is included with Modern Warfare 2?

Wondering what night vision goggles would be included in the prestige edition of MW2.

And got the following answer:

It’s definitely in the prestige edition
The cheaper edition is the hardened edition, but I don’t know if it’s in that one.
MW2 will be kickass btw

m_kombat_kid asked Is there a way to build night vision goggles?

I want to be able too see clearly when it is dark. If you can please give me instructions on how to build night vision goggles.

And got the following answer:

clearly, or how would they exist. I doub’t that it would be easy for any non engineering type person.

The easy way would be to see if a cheap webcam and software can somehow modify the image by shifting invisible light into something visible on a monitor. Most webcams can “see” infrared ligh such as from a remote control and would only need to be modified to display the infrared in the visible spectrum.

ruper31 asked Best way to pre order Modern Warfare 2 now?

I ordered MW2 a while ago when I heard about the night vision goggles and that stuff. My cousin wants to pre order it now, what is the best cheapest way to do it so he can get it the 10th.

And got the following answer:

Go to gamestop and ask them if you can put a preorder down on MW2 For pickup the day of release.. and pay them the money.

Hunter asked What are some cool gadgets that are cheap?

I have the MW2 Night vision goggles and i have the 5 mw green laser pointer what else is cheap and really cool.

And got the following answer:

See if your area has a SPY store. They carry like these ultra tiny camera’s, and camera’s hidden in like glasses. Also voice detection devices that you can hide, and then listen in. Night vision goggles are ok, but rather obvious.

Prison Mike asked Whats the best night vision goggle to get?

I was thinking of something i wanna buy, and night vision goggles came to mind. I dont have the money to by a super expensive one, so something around $100 was what i had in mind. Those Eyeclops ones look cool, but they look somewhat cheap and amde for children. What would you recommend?

And got the following answer:

Hahaha those goggles are only with american special forces,costs for thousands!

b down asked Is there a website where you can buy cheap equipment from the military bases?

I’m trying to find some night vision goggles, I’ve heard there’s a discount website associated with a US military base where you can buy them cheap. thanks for any help.

And got the following answer:

To get into the website of military auctions, (I HAVE BEEN TO MANY), you actually have to buy a crate. Whats in their is mystery. You have to know somone, in the DOD, that is currently running the warehouse. Also if you want a pair of NVG’s without having to buy a huge crate full of unknowns, the go to and you can buy them here or any other military website such as

hasinbano asked should i get the modern warfare 2 prestige edition or is it a waste of money?

Is the modern warfare 2 prestige edition worth the money?($150) it includes hard case shiny cd case and night vision goggles with a model head to hold the night vision goggles. Are the night vision goggles cheap quality n stuff like basically is everything worth the money?

And got the following answer:

dude synyster if you dont know then dont fucking answer you dumb ass oh and i think its a waste of money you cant do anything with NVG exept see in the dark which is kind of stupid since its 70 extra dollars