Comedy Helps Pull Caleb Medley Through Tragedy Of Aurora Shootings – Boulder Daily Camera

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In the chaos of the moment, when police wound up transporting some of the injured to area hospitals, a herculean cop appeared on the scene someone capable of lifting Caleb’s substantial 260-pound frame into a police vehicle. There, his life was in the hands of Justin Grizzle, the Aurora officer making his third frantic ER trip of the night while exhorting Caleb, as his breathing ebbed, not to die on him. Everyone along the chain of care from the nurses to the doctors to the neurosurgeon to the rehab team seemed to be precisely the people he needed. “You could call it coincidence if you want to, but I don’t,” says Otis Medley, Caleb’s father. “I can’t call it a coincidence. I call it the hand of God, is what I call it.” Caleb spent weeks in a coma, and it was three months before he became significantly responsive to his environment. He lost his right eye and much of the peripheral vision in his left.
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Aggressive Sporting Kansas City get their men with new deals for Matt Besler, Graham Zusi |

Matt and I are very close friends, Zusi said. We don’t keep a lot from each other. I think our relationship is strong enough to not be jealous of each other in any situation, or anything like that. Matt and I, we definitely talked.
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Caleb Medley, sits in his wheelchair, listening to conversations around him at his home in CaƱon City on July 03, 2014.

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Both players had received interest from abroad after their strong performances in Brazil . ”Graham and Matt have both proven over the past almost six seasons that they are core players within this club,” Sporting KC manager Peter Vermes said shortly before Saturday night’s game versus the Los Angeles Galaxy. ”They have had a tremendous impact on creating a winning culture, and these agreements keep us on the path of attaining our goals and expectations.” The designated-player rule, which was put in place before the 2007 season, allows clubs to acquire up to three players whose salaries exceed their budget charges.
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