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Night Vision Explained

Spy movies are often the first thing that comes to mind when people think about or discuss night vision technology. Do they actually work, or are they another form of moviemaking magic? In case you were wondering, the technology is very real and very effective. The standard set of night vision goggles will allow you to see a person standing 200 yards away on a cloudy, moonless night. Impressive, isnt it?

There are two different types of night vision technology. The first works on the principle of image enhancement. It works by collecting the minute amount of light contained in darkness, and amplifying it to the point where objects can be viewed. It even collects light from the lower end of the infrared light spectrum, which is generally imperceptible to the human eye.

The other way that night vision technology works is through a process known as thermal imaging. This process works by capturing the upper end of the infrared light spectrum. This part of the light spectrum is emitted in the form of heat, as opposed to light as we might recognize it. The warmer an object is the higher amount of this light is emitted.

There are some similar components in both night vision systems. Each of these systems is comprised of optics, some form of signal processing, and a viewing monitor. Image enhancement seems to be the prevailing technology contained in modern night vision systems. Both systems were developed, originally, for military use. In the United States, there are two classifications for night vision devices. The first is called MILSPEC, which refers to military specifications. The other is COMSPEC, which refers to commercial specifications.

This technology has been incorporated into a number of popular products, and put to use is many different ways. They are generally contained in three distinct categories; scopes, goggles, and cameras. Scopes are generally handheld or mounted on weapons, and are monocular. These are good for short-term viewing from a stationary position. Goggles are worn by the user and are binocular. As they are worn by the user, they are ideal for use over a longer period and during movement. Cameras are ideal for surveillance, as the images captured can be saved to a recording device or viewed on a remote monitor. This category also includes video imaging.

Night vision systems have come a long way since their early days of development. They are now used by law enforcement agencies and private investigators on a daily basis. They are also used by civilians for wildlife observation, security, surveillance, and personal entertainment. Night vision devices have become an integral part of the modern arsenal. Remember, not everything you see in the movies is make-believe.

This article was posted on November 14, 2005

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Military Night Vision Goggles For Military With Waterproof Body And Mounting Mechanism By Abigail Taylor on December 04, 2010 0

Military night vision goggles are used by the army, navy and air forces of different countries, today such equipment is also used by the application of many law enforcement and security personnel (fire).

However, people can also buy night vision goggles for personal use, but usually do not have the same specifications you will find the military versions. Because the military night vision goggles have become an expected part of modern warfare is that they allow the user to see the pictures in the dark, which may not only be seen with the naked eye. Also the military versions have a special feature where they can focus on the user sees the image of each eye separately, which means that they are able to maintain depth perception when viewing images at any time.

How night vision works:

Most of the night vision goggles consist of image intensifier tubes, a waterproof body and mounting mechanism. Work in the near infrared bands to detect environmental light of the reflection is seen. image intensifier tubes for night vision goggles then extended to a weak light, using the photoelectric effect. Tube, the photons of light in to a flap that opens up the number of electrons. These electrons are then amplified Surge more electrons. A powerful electric field to pull electrons toward the screen mesh phosphor bronze, which produces light point of electron impact. This allows the screen to phosphorus produces a bright image.

Military night-vision goggles are generally used as artificial light during the military operations, and fight night. This increases the safety of soldiers, much as they can move without detected by their instruments of enlightenment.

The military uses two main types of night vision goggles:

* Image Intensifiers
Image intensifiers work by expanding the ambient light (flashlight enemy, moonlight, starlight) so you can see, as you would in the day. But the problem is that when a very bright light source appears, your picture overwhelmed. Their advantages are low weight, price, size and detailed images they bring, but consumes little electricity.

* Infrared Lenses
Infrared lenses to convert the infrared spectrum of visible light, but retail prices, which is low. He also has difficulty distinguishing between two objects that have the same level of heat (which is a question of who is the enemy and who is a friend). In some cases, night vision goggles can use infrared to see through walls.

These particular military night vision goggles take any light immediately in the vicinity of where they are, and expanded to increase the image of thousands of times using an image amplifier. night vision goggles work of the photoelectric effect, which is due to photons collide with the indicator plate. When photons hit the metal, then produces electrons which are then supplemented by further causing more electrons can be produced that ignites the screen in front of the user eyes. In some cases, all the user needs to illuminate the entire field of vision is a star high in the sky. You will often see these devices used to report on wars and the image we often see on television, where they used to be green.

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Crossbow Night Vision Scope News: Crossbow Night Vision Scope: Electronics

Aim Sports Dual Illuminated Scope with Cut Sunshade/Rangefinder, Black, Medium

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Trijicon ACOG® Crossbow Scope

Night Sights; Trijicon HD ™ Night Sights; Trijicon TrijiDot ® Archery Sights. Trijicon AccuPin ™ Tijicon ACOG ® Crossbow Scope ; Significant Military …

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Night Vision on a Crossbow : ATN Night Vision Forum – OpticsPlanet …

Night Vision on a Crossbow : ATN Night Vision Forum – OpticsPlanet Forums – Reviews, Discussions, Feedback, Ratings

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Crossbow Night Vision Scope Sports and Outdoors –

Embroidered Cloth Insignea Patch NIGHT VISION nX2 Rifle Scope Sight Patch For Use on Hat, Shirt, Jacket, Vest, Overalls Etc. Great Collectible Memorabelia Patch Size …

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Aim Sports Dual Illuminated Scope with Cut Sunshade/Rangefinder, Black, Medium

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PVS-14 NVG Style 3x Magnifier Scope with Red Laser (Tan) (Airsoft Club) Review [HD]

This is the PVS-14 NVG Style 3x Magnifier Scope with Red Laser in the Tan colour… It is for USD, It has a 3x Magnifier on the scope replacing the Night…


cosmic asked How do the game wardens stop someone hunting with a crossbow off season?

and even at night with a night-vision scope.

And got the following answer:

They have our money to spend so their toys are better than ours. TI (Thermal Imaging) is issued to fire marshals and game wardens. (at least in my neck of the woods)

Michael asked What do you think about these weapon attachments and equipment for MP?

Keros is our game, made for the Xbox360 (to my extent of knowledge). The game is going to run on a IW engine, same as COD4, WAW, and MW2. The multiplayer mode will be similar to Modern Warfare 2’s, mixed with Halo Modes. There will be a create a class such as (Custimization, Character Customization, and Weapon Customization).

Yes I am the writer of the game, and I only know what the game will have, NOT what the game play will be like so please dont ask.

A big question that I have is, are you guys interested in having good graphics, a good multiplayer mode, with many different modes (Such as the ones below) and custimization, or an epic campaign with 15-30 bonus levels.

What I am trying to ask you guys is…what do you CARE about in a video game, the grapics, gameplay, multiplayer, epic campaign, or leisure fun modes (Such as nazi zombies)?

These are the things that will be availible for the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer modes consist of the following:

Mercenary Team Deathmatch, Objective Barebones Pro, Combat Training, Sabotage, Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch Express, Team Tactical, Barebones, Barebones Pro, Capture the Flag, Demolition, Domination, Free-for-All, Cage Match, Mosh Pit, Headquarters, Ground War, Infected, VIP, Hardcore Groundwar, Hardcore Headquarters, Hardcore Mosh Pit, Hardcore Ricochet:HQ Pro, Hardcore Ricochet: S&D, Hardcore Team Deathmatch, Hardcore Team Tactical, Hardcore Infected, Hardcore VIP, 3rd Person Team Deathmatch, 3rd Person Team Tactical, 3rd Person Hardcore Team Deathmatch, 3rd Person Cage Match, Firefight, Juggernaut.

These are the equipment for MP, what do you think:

Type 1:
Flash grenade
Stun grenade
Smoke grenade
Incendary grenade
Concussion grenade
Tear gas grenade
Nova gas grenade
Death Gas grenade (Canceled with “Beware of the 6!” Perk)
Plasma grenade

Type 2:
Tactical Insertion
Camera Spike
Laser Trip Wire
Acive Camoflauge
Bubble Shield
Power Drain
Gravity Lift
Deployable Cover

Type 3:
Ballistic Knives
Taser Dart Stun Gun
AN/PVS-5 Nightvision Goggles
AN/PVS-7B Night Vision Goggles
M40/42 Gas Mask (Gas Mask 1)
MCU-2/P Protective Mask (Gas Mask 2)
3M 6000 Half Face Respirator (Gas Mask 3)
3M 5103 Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Half-Face Respirator Mask (Gas mask 4) Also available in Character Customization as a face accessory
Chemical Mine
Incindary Mine
Land Mine
Additional pistol holster
Sword holster
Throwing knife
Saratoga Chemical Protective Overgarment

Weapon Attachments for MP:
Silencer (Human guns)
Carbine Silencer (Covenant guns)
ACOG scope (Choosing color is optional)
Laser sight
Red dot sight
Holographic sight
Shotgun attachment
Sling (Used for Assault Rifles and Snipers only)
Grenade launcher attachment (launches plamsa or regular grenades…optional)
Thermal Scope
Extended Mags
Duel Mags
Inferred Scope
Reflex Scope
Swarovski Scope
Upgrade Iron Sight
Rail-Mounted Angled Fore-Grip

What do you guys think, is all this too much, cause I dont think so, as a writer, I want the game to have extended options for players to choose from, which to me makes a game fun, but is too much customization a bad thing, or is it a fun and good thing?

And got the following answer:

i think its all good and some of this might be in future patches but its going to cost microsoft points

Nes asked What Scope Do You Suggest For Doing This?

I live on a farm and coyotes are a huge problem, we have 50 total acres, 20 of it being thick bush, I have tried countless amount of times to hunt them in the middle of the day using calls scents camo you name it, It is legal to hunt them at night year around where I am and I am deciding to grab some nighttime gear for doing so…

My rifles and shotguns are to loud for doing this at night ( parents, neighbor’s you know..) anyways I am thinking of getting a crossbow thinking either the Barnett Ghost 400 or the Excalibur Equinox… but for a scope I have read on here night vision rifle scopes can be mounted on it….so maybe a generation 1 or should I stick with the scope it comes with and put a really good flashlight on it? What do you suggest I do?
ya no shit buddy most people like to sleep in the night

And got the following answer:

The question here is really what your budget will afford. Nightvision is your more “sure bet” option, but at the same time, it’s also much more expensive. If you’re going with the nightvision option, though, you want to make sure that you get a QUALITY NV scope. Dealing with criminal charges for crossbowing your neighbor’s dog would NOT be fun.

Also, you might want to double check the laws for your area on hunting coyotes at night… if you’re really close enough that your neighbors would have a problem with the sound of a .223 in the night, then you might live in an area classed outside of where you’re allowed to shoot “nuisance” animals.