D-link Wireless Ac Day/night Camera With Color Night Vision (dcs-2136l) Review & Rating | Pcmag.com

The left side of the camera has a microSD card slot for storing captured video and still images, but you’ll have to supply your own card. D-Link does not currently offer cloud-based video storage for their cameras, so you may want to back up your memory card on a weekly basis. You can control the DCS-2136L and view live and recorded video from your iOS or Android smartphone using the mydlink Lite app, and you can do the same from your PC using the mydlink Web portal. The Lite app is easy to use and offers basic setup options such as enabling and configuring motion detection, enabling email notifications when motion is detected, and setting up scheduled recording. It lists all of your connected D-Link devices on the left and displays live video in a window on the right.
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Piper NV review: A good connected-home hub and camera gets nightvision

Sadly, the software frustrations covered in our Piper review from July are mostly still around. Alerts can now be dismissed by tapping the current mode on the dashboard, so there is now no need to change modes just to clear an alert. But there is still no way to save video. I also ran into connection issues. While my events list wasn’t full of disconnect notices, I did spend a fair bit of time watching a spinning circle waiting for the app to establish a connection with the Piper, only to have it fail, then connect on the second try. That’s a lot of waiting when a loud thud comes from the toddler’s room during naptime and I want to know what caused it (it’s usually just a cat jumping off of something).
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‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ was a dream project for Saoirse Ronan – UPI.com

He guides everyone extremely well. He is very secure in his vision and he is very comfortable with everything he does. He knows it is going to work. He knows his ideas will work and there is something reassuring about that when you have a birthmark in the shape of Mexico on your face.” Asked how the distinctive shape drawn on her cheek helped define her character, Ronan replied, “It doesn’t. “The beauty of it, I think, is that it doesn’t at all and I love that,” she emphasized.
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