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The rear of the camera is host to a LAN port, a speaker, a power jack, a WPS button, a Reset button, and a DI/DO port for connecting to external devices. The left side of the camera has a microSD card slot for storing captured video and still images, but you’ll have to supply your own card. D-Link does not currently offer cloud-based video storage for their cameras, so you may want to back up your memory card on a weekly basis. You can control the DCS-2136L and view live and recorded video from your iOS or Android smartphone using the mydlink Lite app, and you can do the same from your PC using the mydlink Web portal.
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Piper NV review: A good connected-home hub and camera gets nightvision

The app can use temperature alerts to control an air conditioner or heater plugged into one of the smart plugs to keep the temperature under control, but I wish I could have used the humidity levels to trigger a dehumidifier. Sadly, the software frustrations covered in our Piper review from July are mostly still around. Alerts can now be dismissed by tapping the current mode on the dashboard, so there is now no need to change modes just to clear an alert. But there is still no way to save video. I also ran into connection issues.
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The pint-sized home security deviceit’s literally the size of a pint glasswatches over your house, automates your connected devices, and helps you keep in touch with friends. And now, with night vision too. In case you’re not familiar, Piper is an all-in-one home security device that lets you keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world through a mobile app. Its motion sensor makes it simple to be notified when someone enters your house, and you can even turn Piper into an intercom from your phone.
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Smart Home Security Guard Piper Now Has Night Vision

Smart Home Security Guard Piper Now Has Night Vision

For pilots or others that need to preserve their night vision there is a “Pilot Mode”. The first thing “Pilot Mode” does is lock out the LED bulb on the phone to prevent accidental activation causing night blindness which would be potentially dangerous while piloting an airplane (or any other activity requiring sharp night vision). When in “Pilot Mode” the device will use the screens display to emit a “night vision” preserving “red light” for reading maps or other paperwork while in a plane or any other location where you would desire to preserve your night vision. Although red is the default color used in “Pilot Mode” you may select and lock in any other color your prefer. Note: For safety ads (which could contain other colors) will NOT display during color flashlight illumination.Perfect for pilots, parents wanting to check on their sleeping children without using a bright light possibly waking them from sleep, law enforcement, security personnel, or anyone else needing to keep their night vision at peek performance.NOTE TO THOSE CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR PRIVACY, JUST LIKE WE ARE, PLEASE READ, This application uses the bare minimum of permissions to operate. The permissions required by our application are as follows for the following purposes: TAKE PICTURES AND VIDEOS – This permission is required because the LED bulb that makes the flashlight work is part of the camera in your device. Without this access the application could not turn the LED on and off.FULL NETWORK ACCESS & VIEW NETWORK CONNECTIONS – This is a free application and at the bottom of the screen is a small rotating advertisement (we need to eat too).
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