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Digital Night Vision Optics, Scopes and Night Vision Monoculars

We carry digital night vision scopes, binoculars, monoculars, tactical riflescopes and other military optics equipment.

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“digital night vision scopes” Showing 1 – 16 of 639 Results … Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope, Weaver Mount (Mar. 31, 2011) Buy new: 9.99 $ …

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“digital night vision scopes” Showing 1 – 16 of 639 Results … Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope, Weaver Mount (Mar. 31, 2011) Buy new: 9.99 $ …

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Digital Night Vision Optics, Scopes and Night Vision Monoculars

We carry digital night vision scopes, binoculars, monoculars, tactical riflescopes and other military optics equipment.

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ATN MARS 6 WPT Night Vision Rifle Scope with 6x magnification NVWSMRS6WP

This excellent night vision hunting scope utilizes ATN's WPT technology. Operators that tested units that use ATN WPT™ reported a significantly better degree…


joe bracston asked NIGHT VISION SCOPES, gees there are tons of these at

seems ATN and Yukon are major makers of night vision, I just tried one of these new digital yukon phantom monocular,,peice of junk, Im returning it, so maybe I got to spend the money for a gen 2, would like to get a good feild of view, be able to walk around in the house or see maybe one or 2 houses down the street, anybody know of a good device to use maybe under 1000 , ability to strap on head nice but not required, also could use a rifle scope by hand if needed, would be nice to be able to mount on rifle, but feild of view important, cant stand a little round dot in the middle of screen and that all I can see,,,,,,, thanks for any suggestions
please, dumb blondes need not reply

And got the following answer:

Well, I’m only a hairy caterpillar with forty legs and a trilby hat and gout so maybe my experience won’t help but I use a Russian nightscope with a wide field, 4x magnification, and a decent enough image but none of them are high resolution devices even the top spec military scopes I used when I was a top spec military medic with bodies to look for at night.
Gen2 is OK, decent enough, but like I said none of them is great. You get a fuzzy idea that what you’re seeing is what you’re looking for and some things are pretty well recognisable like a tank with a blazing barrel or a cow or even the dumb blonde down the road. (Now what made me think of her?)
Those scopes are as good as x-ray scopes for some parts of a dumb blonde. Recognize those particular parts of Justine Heerluv any time.
Russian optics are very good….I use Russian telescopes amongst others for astro and have Russian lenses on my medium format camera. I’ve had a home darkroom for many years, work in a biology lab with a load of microscopes and did astro since I was 12 and make telescopes myself and grind and polish the mirrors for them so I know optics.
Russian optics are very good. Nobody however yet made a good resolution screen for the scopes so the sharpness and contrast of the optics are not of huge importance. Any cheap lens these days will give a far better image than the screen on a night vision scope can produce. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Lesa asked Does this type of rifle scope exist?

basically a digital camera with cross hairs
electronic zoom and all
a switch for night vision
and a screen that allows you to have your head way off to one side or view the screen from a weird angle without it messing up the alignment of the crosshairs

And got the following answer:

The Elcan Digital Hunter.
You can even view shots on a laptop while someone else is shooting, and make videos of the shot.

United States Air Force asked How do I amplify light?

Well I am creating a night vision scope add on for my rifle, and i have it all laid out… But i cant figure out how to amplify the moonlight for it so it wont work. Do you guys know how to do this…

And got the following answer:

The image from a digital camera can be manipulated by software on your laptop to allow you to discern details that your eye would never detect.

joel asked how well can u use a scope with night vision?

Say i have night vision goggles. Can i look through a non night vision rifle scope with my goggles on and see a magnified image in night vision?

Ive seen it happen with video cameras. a guy put his night vision over his video camera and recorded in night vision. however he was in the military and was using high quality night vision.

Also what generation would you suggest for hunting? 1? 2?
i can only really afford 1 or 2.

And got the following answer:

Yes it has been done but remember a camera especially newer digital ones have a wider spectrum of vision than the naked eye and if you are serious about hunting or using a rifle in the dark you really should consider using a proper night vision scope.
If you try to improvise by using night goggles with an existing scope at night you run into all sorts of issues, judging distances inaccurately being one of them which in turn could be a hindrance on your personal safety not to mention others.

Make sure you use the correct tool for the job it just makes sense that way. There are many manufacturers that make night vision hunting scopes in all prices ranges.

ATN, Tasco, Bushnell, Yukon and Nightowl are all worth checking out.

Good Luck

Jace H asked HALO combat evolved???

what are the normal xbox settings for the controlers to the game cuz i baught a new logitech controler for pc thats like an xbox controler. but is there n e one that can tell me the normal xbox halo settings

And got the following answer:

Left Thumbstick – Move forward and backward, strafe left to right. Press and hold to

Digital Pad – Same as Left Thumbstick, but a little inaccurate and no ability to

Back Button – No use.

Start Button – Activate the Pause menu during gameplay.

Right Thumbstick – Use in conjuction with the left thumbstick. Left and right makes you
turn and up and down is used for aiming (can be inverted in Settings).
Press to trigger scope zoom, a more accurate view for sniping (can
only be activated with certain weapons).

Left Trigger Button – Throw grenade.

Right Trigger Button – Fires current weapon.

A Button – Jump. Hold to jump higher. Use in combination with thumbsticks for
faster/bigger jumps in various directions. The gravity effect makes
you float for a second.

B Button – Melee attack. Different depending on weapon in hand. Very useful
alternative for low ammo or sneak attacks.

X Button – Reloads weapon. Also used as action button to flip switches, get in
vehicles, etc.

Y Button – Switch weapon.

Black Button – Switches type of grenade (there are two types).

White Button – This looks silver IMO, but anyways… Turns on/off flashlight. Press
during zoom with sniper rifle to activate night vision.

Victor asked Cool new weapon ideas?

It’s just for a little project i’m doing i’d like to hear some of your creative weapon ideas.

Anything goes.

From guns to swords. Anything!

And got the following answer:

snipers- Gui 50.–a high powered bolt action rifle fully equipped with a 6x,12x,25x digital scope that also transitions to thermal and night vision.

assault rifle- M470–very much like the M4 rifle it fires a 45. bullet with a 30 round mag.

smg- PV22– a small but deadly weapon coming in at about the size of a desert eagle it fires 9mm bullets at a high speed of 1200 fps with a mag of 60 rounds. high recoil but a controlled recoil stock for a better.

lmg- DD66– a huge weapon weighing in at 38pds fully loaded with bi-pod it fires 50. cal bullet with 100 round chain fed box mag. it can also be mounted on a vehicle and be fed multiple rounds. very high recoil.

pistol-Ng15–the first of its kind firing a 15mm bullet and holed an extended mag of 15 rounds semi-auto minimal recoil great with a silencer.

shotgun-Lseries 700– a high powered fully auto 7 round holder firing a buck shot also availible in a lower model the Lseries600 a double barrel with a double trigger for firing both bullets at once.