Does The Usda Need Night Vision And Drones To Combat Feral Pigs?

Night-Vision Contact Lenses That Use Infared Technology May Soon Be Possible, Researchers Say

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Rockwell Collins and Elbit to provide night-vision capability to Navy pilot head-up displays

Sensors made of sandwiched graphene can detect the full infrared spectrum, in addition to visible and ultraviolet light. Zhong and his team have yet to integrate their technology into contact lenses, but he says the technological pathway to such devices is clear. “If we integrate it with a contact lens or other wearable electronics, it expands your vision,” Zhong said. “It provides you another way of interacting with your environment.” And wearable night-vision contacts are just one possible application of the new technology. Infrared devices are also used to identify gas leaks, help doctors find blood vessels and even allow art historians to see sketches under layers of paint. Our work pioneered a new way to detect light, Zhong said in a statement. We envision that people will be able to adopt this same mechanism in other material and device platforms. A paper describing the research was published online March 16 in the journal Nature Nanotechnology .
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Feral swine are pictured in this undated handout from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. (Reuters/USDA).

U.S. Navy combat aircraft experts needed night-vision capability for helmet-mounted head-up displays for high-performance fighter-bomber aircraft. They found their solution from a partnership of Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Elbit Systems of America in Fort Worth, Texas — otherwise known as Rockwell Collins-ESA Vision Systems LLC.
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