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Products: Sights | L-3 EOTech Holographic Weapons Systems

Copyright © 2013 L-3 Communications EOTech All rights reserved. L-3 Communications EOTech Terms of Sale (PDF) This Holographic Weapon Sight must be exported from the …

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EOTech – Official Site

Gain the Edge! ™ with L-3 EOTech. Get that holographic advantage that only L-3 EOTech (EOTech) can give you with the first and only Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS …

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EOTech – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

EOTech designs, manufactures, and markets electro-optic products and systems. The company is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They produce holographic weapon …

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EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights SALE | EOTech Red Dots …

EOTech Holographic Red Dot Sights are among the world’s most coveted and technologically advanced aiming systems. OpticsPlanet is one of the premiere EOTech dealers …

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Products: Sights | L-3 EOTech Holographic Weapons Systems

Copyright © 2013 L-3 Communications EOTech All rights reserved. L-3 Communications EOTech Terms of Sale (PDF) This Holographic Weapon Sight must be exported from the …

Original Source: http://www.eotech-inc.com/products/sights

EOTech EXPS3 ExtremeXPS Holographic Weapon Sight

http://www.youtube.com/user/MrSKSkill This is a great sight option from EOTech! The EXPS3 ExtremeXPS Holographic Weapon Sight handles the heavy relentless po…


StudentoftheARMY asked Why do some soldiers have ACOG scopes and others have none?

Do u get to customize ur rifle in the Army with scopes, 40mm launchers, etc…….? Or does the Army tell you what to add to ur rifle?
Hey Alexander M FUCK OFF. Nobody made any fucking reference to video games. Your probably not even airborne, just some fat fuck that sits in yo mamas basement and pretend.

And got the following answer:

if you have your own acog or eotech, or any other kind of optic you have to get the ok from someone in your chain of command to put it on, other than that units have so many acogs, ahogs, eotechs, leopold sights etc. if there are not enough acogs they have to spread them out through the company, same with machine guns, rifles, pistols and grenade launchers.

Ryan asked How do I adjust my ar-15 with my new eotech scope?

Im a new gun owner and I bought my new eotech and would line the bullseye downrange at the target thinking it would be hitting right where I point it at about 25 yards and it was no where near the center. I’m not sure how to fix it.

Any suggestion or help plz?

And got the following answer:

The INSTRUCTION booklet that came with your eotech has all the instructions in it that you need. Assuming of course, that you are capable of reading.

Jano asked Is It legal to sell an Item that looks very similar to a trademarked item? trade dress?

Even If I state there is no affiliation with the similar company.
In this case i am referring to rifle scopes produced in china that look similar to eotech branded scopes but lack any logos, lack some additional aesthetic markings, have slightly different dimensions, and function similarly but have significantly lower quality internals.

And got the following answer:

It is illegal to misrepresent an item as what it is not. Since it is different, and not being represented as an eotech scope, there should be no problems. Unless you happen to violate a specific patent that eotech has on features on their scope.

13 year old Unorthodox asked Teens which weapons would you choose in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Choose a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, and a tertiary weapon. You are welcome to add attachments. Please also include a few reasons and sources.

My choices:

Primary weapon: Heckler & Koch 416 assault rifle, D10RS variant
Attachments for primary weapon: EOTech XPS3 scope with 3x magnifier, suppressor, laser sight, vertical grip with LED light and quick detach mount, 6” – 9” Harris bipod (adjustable), folding butt stock, convex recoil pad, 3-point operator sling, tactical sling adaptor
Reason: Weighs a mere 9 pounds loaded with a 30-round STANAG magazine. The cartridge, a 5.56 x 45mm NATO is commonly found in gun shops, and also very light compared to 12-gauge shells and .50 BMG cartridges. Attachments have a 2500-hour battery capacity. It can blow off a zombie’s head at 800 yards in the right hands, and works just as well in close-quarters combat, making it a very versatile gun. This is also the weapon that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Secondary weapon: FN Five-SeveN USG
Attachments for secondary weapon: tactical light, suppressor, laser sight
Reason: Even lighter. It has a high rate of rate, and has considerably less recoil than a 9 x 19mm. The 5.7 x 28 mm cartridge is also common. Range is worse than the HK416, but then, its a pistol, and can still blow up heads at 55 yards.

Tertiary weapon: 12 to 18-inch machete.
Reason: Its lighter than most blunt weapons, and doesn’t cause any splash. Its easy to aim at a moving target and can dispatch multiple zombies quicker than any other melee weapon at close range. No sounds, no reloading, no jamming. Also useful if you find yourself in a jungle environment.


And got the following answer:

Primary weapon: Russian Made AK-47 w/ Laser Sight and Bayonet.
The Russian Made AK-47 is considered one of the best made weapons in history, with a reliable history. Laser Sight for accuracy and Bayonet for CQC.

Secondary: Sawed Off Shotgun.
Useful for those close situations where you need to dispatch a zombie quickly.

Tertiary: Japanese Katana Blade
Tempered Steel can easily cut through human flesh, causing removal of body parts and easy decapitation.

Haden D asked Can a red dot and scope work on the same rail of an airsoft gun?

i plan on buying the jg full metal aug a3 gun which has a really long rail, and i also planned on buying some kind of optical thing for it. i can’t really decided between a red dot or a scope, so i was wondering if it is possible for both to work properly on the rail. im looking to spend about 30 dollars for a scope and 30 dollars for a red dot. Would the scope magnify the dot so it wouldn’t work?

And got the following answer:

Yes it can. You can use an EOTech Holographic site and a 3x Magnification tube right behind it. Although it may not be necessary to need a zoom while playing airsoft, being able to see further and spot the enemy for you team does come in handy in larger games. We have several EOTech replicas and the 3X quick detach scope mount as well.