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This public realm considers not only codes for buildings but also the spaces surrounding them. Changing the streetscapes to enhance the areas by planting trees, removing poles and wires and adding street lights has an effect on how a pedestrian feels about the space and their safety, the audience was told. There also is a focus on planning with form-based code by establishing and writing the policies so people can understand them. This is intended to promote economic development by streamlining requirements so that it evens the playing field for large and small developers. There would be a checklist of conditions that must be met, not negotiated, before property is zoned. This method of meet the code and get a permit, would prevent negotiating a developer to death, said the consultant. Form-based codes should have clear and predictable results.
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FOX 40 WICZ TV – Seniors Offered Tips on Vision Loss [1/28/2015] – News, Sports, Weather, Contests and More – Binghamton, NY

The camera attaches to the arm with a ball-joint mechanism that lets you swivel and rotate the camera for optimal coverage. View all 5 photos in gallery The camera housing is white with a round black lens enclosure that holds a Sony 1/3-megapixel CMOS sensor and a fixed 3.6mm lens. The front of the camera has a single white LED that provides light for color night vision, a passive infrared motion sensor, power and WPS status indicators, and a microphone for two-way audio communication.
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On Wednesday at the Broome West senior center Vision Rehab Therapist Annie Vanderwal held a presentation on how to make living with vision impairment easier within your own home. Vanderwal says that there are a variety of devices that can make every day tasks easier such as large button phones and keyboards, magnifying glasses, and speech software for computers. Some signs of possible eye trouble in adults include inflamed or red eyes, double vision, or dark spots. Vanderwal wants people to know they are not alone and there is help out there.
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Morrison Park Board names officers |

Term limits are 3 years. Members of the board were appointed by Mayor Everett Pannier after Jim Dubois, director of the sports complex, put in a request to bring back the group it was dissolved several years ago. Dubois’ intention was to have a group of people who could offer input and help him prioritize goals for the city’s parks and recreation efforts. In addition to the three named as officers, Barb Benson and Brad Yaklich were also appointed to the board. Dubois led the meeting, and after introducing and naming the officers, spoke about what he hopes to accomplish with the group: improving youth sports membership, and assessing the recreation program and the city’s sports facilities.
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