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My Penis Has Deformed Itself Strangelych_client = “moazam”;
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Have you just noticed that your penis has strangely deformed itself lately? Has it become more crooked, curved or intented than it was just couple of days ago?

If yes, then a penis illness named Peyronies may be the cause for your sudden penis deformation! But lets not draw conclusions too fast.

Instead, let me tell you about other symptoms or signs of Peyronie’s disease beside changed penis looks or penis deformation first!

Another think to have in mind is this: I am not a doctor or urologist, so do not take the information in this article as a final diagnosis. Only take and use it as a general advice or guideline from someone who once wanted to know why his penis looks crooked and did some research about it.

For exact diagnosis of why your penis became curved or indented, make sure to give your doctor a visit. With that aforementioned, let me now tell you some more about the most obvious symptoms of Peyronie disease.

Well, the sudden deformation of penis (which in some cases basically happens over the night) is not the only signal of this penis disease.

Another two (2) common sings are painful erections and hard lumps or plaque that can be noticed on various parts of the penis area. I will begin with the painful erection.

Just the same as the curvature, pain in the erect penis can also occur suddenly, but not all men have experienced it though. This simply indicated that the pain in the erect penis is not prerequisite for having a Peyronie’s disease, even though a vast majority of patients have felt it as some point.

To continue, the pain or hurt in the penis usually starts as a very slight one in the beginning days and then later on progresses into stronger pain (at its peak, the sexual intercourse is not or will not be possible).

The good thing about the painful erections caused by Peyronies is they will stop eventually, even if not treated or cured!

The same can not be said for the curvature as there is a great chance it will persist and get even more pronounced in case you do nothing about it!

Another very good indicator of Peyronie’s presence are as mentioned: hard lumps or plaque on the penis.

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Free Camera Apps News:

Free camera apps??????

for iphone would say aviary and for android would be picart … some good apps are camwow, camwowpro, lab, pic collage, and snapseed

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Gift Guide: Gifts for the Photographer

Apps, free-

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Top 10 Camera Apps For iPhone + 4 Bonus Photo Editing Apps

Lifehack`s Tris Hussey dishes the goods on the top 10 camera apps for iPhone — and throws in 4 photo editing apps as a bonus.

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Free camera apps??????

for iphone would say aviary and for android would be picart … some good apps are camwow, camwowpro, lab, pic collage, and snapseed

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Black Friday Shopping Made Easy with Apps

Whether it's using smartphones to create shopping lists, browse store catalogs or search for deals, the high-tech mobile devices can enhance the shopping experience and reduce the stress associated with it.

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[FREE ANDROID APP] Camera 2 – 4.0.3

Download Link : Camera 2 – 4.0.3 ANDROID APK APP Camera 2 is the ultimate real-time effects app. Take bet…


Jessica asked Free app to edit pictures so you can put your handwriting on it?

Does anyone know of any free apps for the iPhone that you can put your own handwriting onto a picture? Thanks!

And got the following answer:

I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for but these free photo editing apps might help:

Diptic –
Camera+ –
Camera360 –

Kayla asked What are some good free apps for the iPad?

I am getting an iPad soon, and i was wondering what are some good free game apps, photo editing apps, camera apps. Just some fun, good apps. Even social networking maybe. any ideas?

And got the following answer:

In the past, I will recommend you snapseed, but now I highly changed to recommend you Fotor.

It has app on ipad but my best love is Fotor online editing tools, especially templates of collage.
You will like it to use in your ipad.

Kat asked What cool apps can I get for my 4th generation iPod Touch?

Okay so I just got a 4th generation iPod Touch. It has the 2 cameras (obviously, with one in the back and one in the front) so any cool camera apps I could get? Like for either free or really inexpensive. And some really fun apps? Thanks everyone 🙂
I also have a facebook…so should I get the Facebook App too?

And got the following answer:

Apple iPod touch 8GB (4th Generation) is great! With good looking and multiple functions. Love it! It has almost replaced my ipad. Hope to see the fifth generation.

☮Creasy the Pandapig☮ asked Some good camera apps you have on your apple devices?

Is there a free camera app that could change the color of the image and stuff like that and edit the photo.


PS: I running out of good camera apps because all the ones I have is just editing. You could give me ones that are like $0.99. I just want it to be both. Well, thanks again.

And got the following answer:

I have Instagram, camerapro, wood camera ,