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mwarrenmt asked What is the best Digital Surveillance System for a small business?

Well I own a veterinary clinic and we have been broken into 2 times.

We already have locks and everything, but I want a digital Surveillance System that has 4 Cameras to it and that I can access the video from HOME…

What are some price ranges? Links to websites?
Whats the best for me?

And got the following answer:

I suggest getting a wireless camera. Because there are no wires attached to it, it’s discreet and people wont think you even have a security camera attached in you shop. Check this out http://www.video-surveillance-guide.com/3021-wireless-spy-cam.htm

DavidO asked How can I fix my wireless home surveillance system to not interfere with my Lynksys wireless access point?

Every time I connect my wireless home surveillance system I cannot connect to the internet. I have to unplug the power to the camera so that I can connect to the internet. Some how I need to change the frequency levels on aether my Lynksys access point or on the security camera. The Lynksys is connected to the router and the camera to the wireless receiver. how can I fix this issue?

And got the following answer:

Its not necessary to change the frequency – just the channel within the frequency.There are a total of 11 channels available. Its probably easier to change the linksys than muck around with the surveillance system.To get to the router, you just type its IP address into an internet browser’s address line (probably best done with the security system off, or plugged in to the router with a cable to prevent getting kicked out!). Once you have logged into the router I believe for most linksys units you can find the settings for channel on the wireless tab at the top of the home page. Once changed and saved, restart the computer and scan for your wireless network. You should then be able to reconnect to your router’s new settings. If you run into trouble, linksys’ website www.linksys.com has help specific to each model and version number.

kirko2715 asked What is a good Home Surveillance wireless camera system?

Looking for a good wireless camera surveillance system for my home and would like to know if anyone on yahoo answers might know of a good system and/or any tips of what to look for. I would like to find a system that will take clear pictures at night.

And got the following answer:

One from Harriet Carter……..they look just like the real thing and a whole lot cheaper.

meduchi asked What is the best way to set up a wireless internet home surveillance system?

Large home. Probably need 3 or more cameras.

And got the following answer:

These guys have all kind of surveillance equipment for home and office. http://www.x10.com

Eric Jackson asked Home Surveillance Systems – What are the Best Ways to Secure Your Home Against Trespassers?

Other than having a dog on my yard, I’m looking for a list of items to consider so that I can draw up a strong home surveillance plan.

And got the following answer:

Start up with these 4 main systems:

1. Door Locks & Alarms (Locks are cheaper than alarms)

2. Motion Detectors & Sensors (Good for detecting break-ins and tracking trespassers at night)

3. Home Video Security (Regular CCTV or the more sophisticated mini dome camera)

4. Wireless Security Camera (Good for remote surveillance with alerts sent directly to your cellphone)

David J asked What is the best wireless home surveillance system?

What is the best wireless home surveillance system? I need a minimum 4 camera system for my home. Thanks

And got the following answer:

Go here;


JDM asked What components are required for a small home surveillance day/night system?

I am looking into a small home day/night surveillance system, I am not too familiar in what is actually needed for a surveillance system besides the camera and I am assuming some type DVR for recording the footage, also can I use any home TV to view the footage on?

And got the following answer:

Okay, this is my 1 CAMERA surveillance system. I have one external camera (5.8ghz) wireless. The unit simply plugs in. I have my recording device upstairs in a cupboard. It is actually a laptop, With an Easy cap 4 Channel USB DVR connected to it. It connects VIA USB, and the wireless camera Receiver is connected to it. I hope I helped. I got my camera a few weeks ago, And I wouldn’t be without it now!

T asked Latest and best surveillance cameras for landlord?

I have a three family home completely rented out that I would like to setup a camera surveillance system for. This means I’m not at the location so I would need the feed via the internet to view or be alerted to activity. What are the arguments for wired versus wireless and night vision is a plus. Are there any websites you would recommend for reviewed cameras?

And got the following answer:

you also need to check local laws and requirements.

Even if you are the owner; most places will not allow you to place a surveilance system in a place that is being living in by someone else. This means that the tenant has an expectation of privacy that cannot be violated by the landlord or anyone else. That expectation of privacy is in place the moment the tenant signed the lease.

This is the same reason why police officers are required to get a court order before they do any type of surveilance or wiretapping.

The only expectation is if the camera is placed outside the home. At which point you need to make a few choices
– power sources
– weather sealing
– low light (I recommend an Infrared camera)
– seperate internet connection where the footage would be uploaded to a server for you to download

most home hardware stores will have plenty of choices for you to choose one. You just need to choose one with all the features you need.

yhadsky asked What type of camera is good for home surveillance?

I wanted to put a camera in the house to monitor my mother while i am away from the house. That i can check online. Could anyone help me with this?Wireless camera that can be check online especially im in the office.

And got the following answer:

With your favorite browser, search “security camera”.

You’ll probably want more than one camera. Add $.
You’ll probably think you want pan/tilt/zoom. Add $.
You will need a multi-camera DVR. Add $
You may need to install cabling. Even “wireless” cameras use wires. Add $
There’s more… night vision, wired or wireless, audio or not…

Come to think of it, set a budget. A decent, low end, 4-camera, network accessible, system starts at about $1,000. This assumes your home network is equipped to deal with the video bandwidth requirements. If not, that needs to be beefed up… Add $.

Swann and Lorex make affordable home video surveillance systems. There are LOTS of others.