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IOR Valdada 4-14x50mm Tactical Rifle Scope

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IOR 4×24 M2 Tactical 30mm Rifle Scope

Super durable optic with great glass I have been using one of these scopes for several years now on an AR-15. It has been through a ton of crap.

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IOR Scopes, IOR Rifle Scope – Bear Basin

IOR scopes. Hunting and law enforcement models available. We pride ourselves in stocking the complete line of IOR scopes.

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IOR Valdada: Rifle Scopes | eBay – Electronics, Cars, Fashion …

Find great deals on eBay for IOR Valdada in Hunting Rifle Scopes. Shop with confidence.

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ior valdada | eBay – Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles …

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SWFA Riflescopes IOR Valdada Rifle Scopes IOR Valdada Tactical …

IOR Valdada Tactical Rifle Scopes. Valdada Tactical Series of riflescopes is the most advanced in the world. Old World craftsmanship meets modern concepts and …

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Review of IOR Valdada 1.5-8×26 Tactical Scope

IOR Valdada 1.5-8×26 Tactical Scope with illuminated CQB reticle.


Jake asked what does “steel receivers” mean on an airsoft gun?

i bought an airsoft gun and it said steel recievers on it im not sure what that is

And got the following answer:

Basically the body of the gun is metal. The receiver houses the firing, loading, and extracting mechanism.

Which means if you have an M4A1 or an M16 airsoft gun… this part is steel:

If you have an AK47 airsoft gun… this part is steel:

If you have a G3 airsoft gun… this part is steel:

And so on and so on. Contrary to what the first answerer said, steel receivers aren’t that bad. They do give a bit of heft but they are quite durable, give a realistic feel, and don’t break when you land on them by accident.

ZeroPly asked What would be a good scope for a Barrett M99 rifle?

I’m planning to buy a Barrett M99 rifle later this year. It’s for target shooting, not hunting, but I’m guessing people on this forum would be as well versed as anyone.

I’ve mostly shot in the 100 yard to 500 yard range, but I want to try long range shooting. I’m planning to shoot at mostly 750 yards to 1000 yards with this, and maybe a bit beyond. I don’t need fast adjustments on the scope since I’ll be shooting mostly known distance and using a ballistics program on my phone before each shot. I will not be shooting in low light at all.

What is a good option for under $1000 or so? I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a nice rifle and then be stuck with a horrible scope.

And got the following answer:

Anything made by Leupold, Swarovski, Schmidt & Bender, US Optics, Nightforce, Zeiss, and upper end Burris. IOR Valdada is another good one. Kahles too. Trijicon makes a good rifle scope with illumination.

TubaHokie asked What is the best scope for a VFC SR-15 in woodland?

I live in SW VA and i need a scope or red dot sight what will work the best?

And got the following answer:

It really depends on how you shoot and from what distance. With the selection of mounts available, you can match almost any scope with almost any gun. It’s kind of obvious but the kinetics of an airsoft gun is different from that of a gas gun. So features like shock absorbsion shouldn’t rate high on your priorities. Price point is a concern too. You’ll probably won’t want to buy a scope that cost more than the gun itself but that’s what I did for my APS 2.

These are some options too consider though and they’re relatively cheap at about the 250 – 300 mark. Although a cheap bushnell will probably be all you need. If you’re serious, I’d go with an IOR RDS scope. Link is below. The Leopold tactical is also great but I favour the IOR in terms of ruggedness low parallax and magnification features.

I’d advise against reflex scopes as they’re really more useful for CQB and woodlands are generally more long or mid range. Hope this

helps you out and happy shooting.

DaStalkee asked MBA or PhD, which would be (1) Most rewarding (2) Have the highest security?

The PhD could either be in Economics or Mathematics. I have a background in business (10 years). And I am a non-traditional student getting his B.S. in Quantitative Economics and Mathematics and Statistics.
As for being rewarding, I’m looking for an overall happiness (i.e. good pay, low(ish) stress, open possibilities to move up in the system)
Well job security is self explanatory.

And got the following answer:

Happiness due to low stress and job security is good for a PhD interested in a teaching or academic career. Pay would be reasonable: opportunities to up in the system is traditional based on schlastic achievement post PhD and being in the good company of brilliant scholars and writing papers and books.
MBA gives wider scope of employment opportunities. A matured but dynamic, hard working and pleasant personality will get good chances to go up the ladder fast. The pay will be much better as one goes up and changes job at an interval of 5 years. Job stress will be higher due to pressure for results/ performance that contributes to employer’s bottomline.
A PhD is Finance is also very good with opportunities in both academics, consultancy and business. A PhD in Economics or Mathematics may not give such wide scope.
Much depends on the age and the personality and apptutudes and a measure of luck.
However, when someone is studying BS, one should concentrate on that and keep the options open. If one is really capable to deal with stress in business environment, one should then go for MBA in a good school (not any school).. Business life stress is not something to be feared – as people deal with stress, they develop mental strength to deal with and overcome stress.
If one is really interested in reaching ior reaserch , then only they should go for PhD. PhD may take long time or short time depending on the guide you get. The longer the time the longer the stress. In any case, educated persons should try to deal with stress rather than avoid stress emanating from external factors. Often stress brings the best out of a person if he is not fearful about stress.
Whatever one does whetherMBA or PhD, one must also try to develop the attitude to best use of the degree. Anything has an element of risk. After getting the degree one may have to manage the risks by choosing employer or profession appropruiately and be alert to the working environment and adjust.
There is nothing to worry, if God has brough a operson back to school to study such tough subjects as Mathematics, Statisics and quantitative economics, He must be having a good plan for the future. Submit to Him your soul, He will take care of your journey through life. He may even get you first an MBA and then a PhD.
Job is only a part of the life: family, love, work pleasure, society and hobbies are equally important contributors to happiness and stress.
I am sure you will enjoy a good luck. You have patience and the spirit to pick up knoewledge. Fruits will come your way sooner or later. All the Best