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joseph asked What’s the best budget wireless security system for a small shop?

I have a small 1100 sqft facility in which I do auto repair and have tools and valuables which I want to protect.

I’m not looking for a monthly subscription type!!!!!

I need a DIY security system. A keypad, one motion sensor, 2 door sensors and possibly a system that can alert me when there is trouble. I don’t have a land line for my shop phone because I use my cell. I have seen systems that can message or call you without a phone line.

A bonus would also to have a camera of some sort. Maybe ir or night vision.

And got the following answer:

There are places that offer DIY systems that can be installed. I have linked to an Access Control package and a standalone DVR security camera system that includes everything you need to install the equipment. The best thing is that also offers free lifetime support for the products so if you need help installing it you can call them up. The best part is that neither package has a monthly fee. You monitor your own shop at any time via an internet browser or smartphone app.

You are correct in that most security camera systems can alert your smartphone but the system has to be attached to the internet to do so. This may be an issue in your shop if you don’t have an internet line you can run to the Security DVR. This is the same issue with a wireless system. They must be connected to a network in order to work so you must have a wireless network already installed for the Wi-Fi cameras to work. Wireless is also way more expensive whereas a wired system doesn’t need a network installed in order to work (unless you want to view the video remotely from your phone or internet).

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to send me a PM.

Dragonfly asked What is the best home security camera?

I am looking for a system of 3 cameras, that can record directly onto the internet. I would like to have something that is good in the dark and also has a good resolution.

Does anyone have any suggestions, because I have no idea where to start. Thanks so much!

And got the following answer:


CNB cameras are not high end and are made in china,

Spyville just sell products made in china and are also quite low quality.

Most IR cameras do not give good images in the dark specially cameras under $200. Many companies claim good night vision but there are only a handful of brands who give night vision over 30 feet out doors. normally if a cameras is rated 150 feet of IR it will give you ok images at 30 feet at night and good images at about 20 if rated for 60 feet you might get 15 indoors and will be useless outdoors.

2 Great IR outdoor cameras… ($95)… ($255.00)

Economical DVR’s
Two good economical DVRs I would recommend are Ascendent’s AVP-4120 DVR or Pelco’s DX-400. The AVP-4120 uses the latest H.264 codec to improve streaming and recording time, and will allow PCs and smart phones to remotely view and control your cameras. These are the DVRs I would recommend that are good quality and affordable from companies who stand behind there products.

Always buy DVR and security equipment from a good brand name manufacturer like Pleco, Bosch, Honeywell and Ascendent:

Unfortunately many people buy very low end systems which have poor frame rate and bad image quality because they buy from Amazon, “spy stores” Lorex, Q-see, NCIX, new-egg, and other online retailers who sell cheap products for china there were never intended to be anything more then a nany cam and should never be used to provide security.

Not all DVRs are created equal, in fact there are many options that offer varying performance much like the automobile industry. In the world of DVRs you can find the equivalent of a $10,000 Kia and a $350,000 Ferrari and everything in between. Both have 4 wheels and windshield but that where the similarities end, it’s under the hood that counts. Just like any other consumer electronic in the end you get what you pay for.

The smaller the files size the more images are able to be sent, and the faster they can be processed improving both FPS and speed. File size is the heart of any DVR and goes far beyond just its streaming capabilities, as it also determines the recording storage time, how much you can back up at once, how fast it renders and searches video. The file size of a DVR impacts the performance of the DVR in just about every aspect from speed to longevity and is often the most important spec of any DVR.

If you are buying a DVR and streaming is a high priority I suggest you ask for a demo and connect to the DVR to make sure it is able to stream fast enough for your needs. Most DVRs say they have remote viewing but it is often too slow and laggy to be of any use especially if it is a standalone.

Just like any other consumer electronic in the end you get what you pay for. Most retailers and sellers make about a 40-80% profit margin, this is after costs like shipping and overhead. That means when you buy a product that costs $100.00 the manufacturer usually has only spent $30 to build it which simply means it’s not a good product and will probably have a working life of about 2 months. Cheap products are like disposable razors they are NOT designed to last for a long time and you will end up replacing them every 2 months.

DVRs need to be good quality as they run 24/7 (20X more than the average electronic device) and process anywhere from 30-480 frames per second which in a year is over 15 billion images, and a good DVR should last 3-5 years.

Again if you are going to buy no name products save money and get dummy cameras they are just as affective and you will be less disappointed.

Hope this Helps,
[email protected]

D Y asked how do i make my ir light invisible?

I recently bought a night vision monocular, and im planning on using it for paintball, and i just turned it on in my pitch black bathroom, and it works weel but there is a slight problem. The built in IR illuminator is like a bright red flashlight, it is clearly visible to the naked eye. i was wondering if there are IR flashlights flashlights that are INVISIBLE to the naked eye or if there are LEDs that i can make a flashlight head out of.

And got the following answer:

It is possible to use IR LED s to create some illumination, but does the built in illuminator have a way to turn it off? Another drawback to this plan is that the LED in the IR spectrum will only carry 20 feet at most, even in multiples. Also, most IR flashlights are designed to use up close to detect IR / UV reflective materials, not for distant illumination for night vision. Try it outside, without the illuminator active if possible, you may be surprised at what you can see. You may also be surprised how little the red eyed monstrosity shows outdoors at night, too.

Worse comes to worst, you have a couple of choices. Buy a better ( read that expensive! ) separate IR illuminator or sell what you have in favor of a passive infrared system. Passive meaning that it uses available IR and light to create a visual of objects at low illumination values.