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Original Source: – 4th Generation Night Vision Devices ON SALE …

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jdeekdee asked Why US To Sell $60B In Advanced Arms To Saudi Arabia?


WASHINGTON — The Obama administration notified Congress on Wednesday that it plans to sell up to $60 billion in advanced weaponry to Saudi Arabia in one of the largest-ever single U.S. arms sales, a deal intended to counter the rising influence of Iran.

State Department and Pentagon officials told lawmakers that the sales that will include 84 new F-15 fighter jets, upgrades to 70 existing Saudi F-15s, 190 helicopters and a wide array of missiles, bombs and delivery systems, as well as accessories such as night-vision goggles and radar warning systems.

The sale, first revealed in September, has been in the works for months and is designed to strengthen the defense forces of Saudi Arabia, a longtime U.S. ally, and counter Iran as a regional power in the Persian Gulf.

“This proposed sale has tremendous significance from a strategic regional perspective,” said Andrew Shapiro, the assistant secretary of state for political and military affairs who announced the deal.

“It will send a strong message to countries in the region that we are committed to support the security of our key partners and allies in the Arabian Gulf and broader Middle East,” Shapiro told reporters. “And it will enhance Saudi Arabia’s ability to deter and defend against threats to its borders and to its oil infrastructure, which is critical to our economic interests.”

Congress has 30 days to block the deal, but the officials said they did not expect significant opposition despite concerns by some lawmakers’ about the impact the sales might have on Israel’s security.

Shapiro and Alexander Vershbow, the assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs, said the sales would not affect Israel’s qualitative military edge in the Middle East and that Israel is not expected to object.

Israeli officials have said previously that they were not pleased with the proposed sales but would not try to prevent them.

Iran is now seen by Israel, the Gulf Arab states and the West as a significant and unpredictable threat that has changed the old calculus of the region’s balance of power. The U.S. is realigning its defense policies in the Persian Gulf as Iran improves the range and accuracy of missiles and other weapons that could threaten Israel or U.S. allies in Europe.

Vershbow said the new and upgraded F-15s would be key to accelerating defense cooperation between the United States and Saudi Arabia as it would standardize the fleet of the Saudi Air Force and make it more compatible with that of the U.S. and other Gulf allies.

The helicopters, including Apaches, Black Hawks and Little Birds attack choppers, will give Saudi authorities greater ability to protect borders along with military installations and oil facilities.

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We’ve been selling arms and planes to the Saudi’s for years.Their pilots come here to be trained so none of this is new.They are sort of allies,as long as it suits them of course.

B.GOOD asked What is the “v” or “>” symbol on U.S. &Israeli Tanks??

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It is an infra-red (IR) reflecting strip of tape (“glint tape”) or paint that allows for identification during night operations. It shows up pretty good in Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) and other light amplification devices.

A neat little tidbit on top of our Helmets (Kevlars) we have a little 2 inch square of the same material painted on.

Jack T asked Is Britain an unreliable ally that we should now ditch?

To add further salt into the wounds Britain has announced that not only did they release the Libyan mass killer El-Meghari for oil but they are now also planning on selling advanced military technology to the Qaddafi regime.

I mean this sort of British treachery is nothing new is it? I mean in 2006 during the war in Lebanon the Israelis our best friends are alleged to have faced Hisbollah fighters armed with night vision goggles and other advanced equipment given to Syria from no other then our so called ally Britain.

I mean they (Britain) have also supported the most brutal human rights violators Saudi Arabia by supplying them the latest Tornado jets and other technology, again endangering the security of our best ally Isreal in the region.

I mean hasnt Britain learned its lesson? I mean did it like getting attacked on Lockerbie or 7-7 like that as they are now getting in bed with Qaddafi and other terror regimes?

I mean is Britain on the road to becoming the next Islamic state in Europe with rich Libyans and Saudis owning their a55es using and abusing them and blackmailing them?

I mean given the chance we should boycott, sanction Britain and perhaps choose their rivals the French as our new “special relation friendship”?

Because i have decided for the next three months not to use/have: (i hope you do the same)

English Tea
Harry potter products
James Bond movies
Fish and Chips
Kiera Knightley

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I don’t know. During the Bush administration the BBC so reviled he and Tony Blair, everyone here was so afraid we would lose Britain as a friend because we were such devils. Now I wonder if those people are eating their words. I wonder if all this happened under Gordon Brown, the beloved and peaceful successor to the reviled Blair? Maybe if Obama and wife would have bowed and curtsied, as Obama bowed to the Saudi King, Britain would not be such a fly in our ointment as it appears to be now. I heard the Iran was behind the Lockerbee bombing, so who know. Remember how the Americans just worshiped the BBC back in the day? Oh, Britain hates us, lets get of the Republicans then they will love us Again. Hogwash.

Gene asked need battery for a pair of israeli night vision goggles?

bought a pair of night vision goggles at estate sale. battery is dead. writing is in hebrew. it is short fat battery. i think it is 3 volt. any ideas.

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You can look on google for the google translator and then you select what language you want to translate from. Hebrew to English. Then you should know what battery you need.

goosecrusader asked How can the Israeli army claim to be “taking every measure to avoid civilian casualties”.?

They’re using phosphor shells for crying out loud! Do they really expect the international community to accept that one of the best equipped armies in the world has to resort to using an archaic method of illumination that is bound to cause horrific burns and certain death to anyone who happens to be in the way when it lands.

Consider – they have at their disposal night vision goggles, air reconnaissance (with night vision!) and still they need this to “light the soldiers path”. It’s forbidden by the Geneva convention for use in civilian areas for obvious reasons, yet the IDF spokesman just squirms over the issue and says no military in the world would comment on the use of its weapons during a time of war or some such nonsense.
I’m talking about “civilian casualties”. Civilians – non political entities like you and me.

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No disrespect intended, but I don’t think this is the right avenue to be directing your question (which actually seems more like a comment/opinion more than it being a question), unless the Israeli government closely monitors answers from this site.