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Leupold FX-II Scout Scope Update on (GSR)

I review my Leupold FX-II Scout Scope mounted on my Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle.


armaan j asked Do you need a gun license to buy a scope?

I want to buy a rifle scope for a project. Do i need a license of any kind?

And got the following answer:

No you do not need a license, just get a good one to start with and do not go cheap. Leopold really has some nice ones.

jimmy t asked What is my Smith and Wesson 357 revovler worth?

It is 20 years old, blue, with 81/4″ barrel and has a 2X Leopold scope on it.
Model 586…357 magnum

And got the following answer:

Blue Book of Gun Values rates the Blued 586 with the 83/8 barrel at $490 for 90-95% condition. Add 150.00 for the Leopold scope.(Used) You could get more in a private sale, but you would not get big money on a trade..Good Luck!

NC Hunter asked What to do if scope will not sight in?

I just bought a new leopold scope and after trying to sight it in, the gun is still shooting 5 inches low at 100 yards and I have adjusted the scope as far as I can. I have see through mounts on it so I can still use my iron sights, could this be the problem? Any suggestions?
It is a Whitfield 270.

And got the following answer:

It is likely not the scope. I’d bet 98% it is the “see-thru” mounts. You have a great scope. Don’t skimp on cheap mounts. You’ll pay $40 or $50 for good mounts. Get the real Leupold mounts that fits the specific rifle. Many times, if you go to a good gun store, and buy the mounts from them — they will mount the scope and “bore sight” it for free.
Ditch the see-thru’s. You want a mounting heigth close to the barrel — not high above the barrel. Remove the scope — reset the two adjustments to the middle ground. Get the new mounts and get it mounted by someone who knows what is going on — a gunsmith if necessary.
Then afterwards — sight in at a very short distance 20 yards, or 30 yards — not longer than 50 yards. When you know your shots are “on paper”, then set it an inch or so high at 50 yards, and then try to sight in at 100 yards if that is your goal.
It is not your rifle and not your scope. Get some good Leupold rings and bases.

Bradley I asked How do I install a 2-7 33mm Leopold VX1 on my Marlin 336 rifle?

I Want to know the step by step process and what I need to buy ( like scope base or rings) etc

And got the following answer:

Here is a video on installing the base;
A brief on installing weaver scope mounts;

Make sure you use blue loctite on the threads and use the proper screwdriver; you need the type for gun smithing. You may consider installing a hammer spur so its easier to pull the hammer back under the scope.