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March-FX-new – 光学設計企業 ディオン光学技研

March-FX Scope ITEM: 5x-40×56 without Illumi: 5x-40×56 Illumi: Model: MIL: 1/4MOA: 1/8MOA: MIL: 1/4MOA: 1/8MOA: Magnification: Low Power: 5x: High Power

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are the march scopes enough better than other scopes to justify the high $$$? would $$ be better spent on a nightforce or top of the line leupold?

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SCOPE – Over 50 critically acclaimed art shows that extend beyond the ordinary in contemporary art.

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March-FX-new – 光学設計企業 ディオン光学技研

March-FX Scope ITEM: 5x-40×56 without Illumi: 5x-40×56 Illumi: Model: MIL: 1/4MOA: 1/8MOA: MIL: 1/4MOA: 1/8MOA: Magnification: Low Power: 5x: High Power

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SOUL LIGHT SCOPES (Libra to Pisces – WC 21st March 2011)

Tammie Bowden presents her weekly Tarotscopes.


Anonymous asked How to adjust my scope if it is off by 1 foot?

My rifle is shooting about 9 inches lower than my scope is set to at about 25 feet. How do I make this extreme of an adjustment on my scope? Obviously the windage and elevation nobs will not make this extreme of an adjustment.
PS: I am using a Center-Point 3-9X40 scope on a weaver rail mount.
The gun is a .22 caliber Benjamin Trail NP XL (It’s an air rifle, not a regular one.)
I probably do need to reinstall it. Now that I come to think of it, I never used a torque-wrench to put the scope on, I just used a regular allen-key, so I probably didn’t equalize the tension on all 8 screws for the 2 mounting rings.

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My rifle is shooting 9 inches low at 25 feet?
Your air rifle has “barrel droop”

Do NOT over adjust your scopes elevation, this can float the reticle.

The solution = An adjustable mount or rings**
**it would be best to talk with an expert from Pyramyd AIr as to which would work best with your rifles Weaver rail.

How to mount an airgun scope.

Benjamin Trail NP XL
Rick has some useful info

Check to make certain all your rifles stock screws are good and tight.

Final sight in range for a .22 caliber NP XL
I assume your rifle delivers around 890fps with 14.3gr Crosman Premiers
If you sight in at 40 yards
Hold over/under – ft-lbs of energy
10 yards = – 0.62in / 22.76ft-lbs
20 yards = + 0.14in / 20.6ft-lbs
30 yards = + 0.37in / 18.64ft-lbs
40 yards = + 0.00 / 16.86ft-lbs
50 yards = – 1.02in / 15.26ft-lbs
60 yards = – 2.77in / 13.81ft-lbs
+ = above line of sight
– = below line of sight
That gives you a relatively flat trajectory for the useful range of your rifle.

shotgunsalley asked Can I put my expensive scope in my carry on??

I just bought a March scope and taking it out west. I don’t want is to get tossed around by the baggage handlers. Can I put it in my carry on luggage?

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Yes you can. The answer above mine is wrong. A scope is not considered a firearm part but a firearm accessory. Technically there is no difference between a scope and a camera lens. If you have a March scope I would carry it on and in now way check that bad boy. I carried on 2 different scopes twice in the last 2 weeks and had now problems. I did get questioned once by a new TSA agent (who was an idiot and almost dropped my scope on the ground) but after calling a supervisor over i was quickly allowed to pass.

Andrew Grim asked What is the most powerful rifle scope in the world?

What is the most powerful scope in the world?

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March 8-80×56

brittney c asked Where online can I find a free and complete 11th grade curriculum?

I’m about to start school in March, but first I need to take an evaluation test to see where I need to be. I just need to find a free, online, complete 11th grade curriculum that will get me ready for my new Panamanian school. Know where I can find this?

And got the following answer:

Homeschooling is not free. It can be accomplished frugally, however. You can use any number of 11th grade curriculae. Search on line schools and access their listings of curricular materials, classes, etc. Send for the catalogs of those programs, like Abeka, or AOP that cover that year of high school. Note the content. Access the governmental site of your area’s school board and identify the scope and sequence of the high school core curriculum and electives and then plan the content of your junior and senior years. Then you must use internet resources, library resources, used texts, borrow things, whatever you can do to minimize the expense. Consider any tests you must take and the costs associated with those tests when planning. Nothing in life is free. There are at the very least opportunity costs associated with all that we do. It is harder work to put these things together with minimal expense than if funds are limitless, but consider it a great challenge and a learning opportunity. It is the same thing we do as adults to accomplish independent learning in any subject. There are seldom set curriculae. You need to identify what needs to be learned, identify resources and do the work. You can do it. Good luck.

kosmo_curler asked What should I do when I visit Boston with friends?

My 3 friends and I are aged 22-26, and stopping in Boston for 1 day and 1 night on March 8th. Any suggestions on what to do, where to go would be good.

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Get an MBTA map brochure and some tourist brochures when you arrive in Boston that lists all the places to go to in Boston. The MBTA is the mass transit system or “the T”, as it is called – parts of it are a subway and parts of it go above ground. All the places to go to usually have a T station right near them. You can go to great places like the Prudential Building (one of the tallest buildings in Boston, if not the tallest) where there is an indoor mall and you can go to the top of the Prudential and scope out the entire city on the top floor. The mall at the Prudential is also connected to another big indoor mall called Copley Place, which is pretty cool. Then on the other side of town, there’s Fanuel Hall Marketplace and the New England Aquarium right across the street from that. If the weather’s warm, you can just walk part of the “Freedom Trail” from Fanuel Hall to Boston Common, the city’s central park and from there walk to the shops of Newberry and Boylston Streets. From the tourist centers, see if there’s any information on shows or sports events you might be interested in at the museums and arenas, like The Science Museum, MFA (Museum of Fine Arts), and the TD BankNorth Garden. You can also take the T to Cambridge, which is right next to Boston. Cambridge has MIT and Harvard and Harvard Square, which is another pretty cool place to visit. Boston is sometimes referred to as the “Athens of America”, because of all the colleges there, the population increases by well over 100,000 during the school year, so it’s a great place for young people like yourself and your friends to visit. Have a great time!!!!!!!

check out the link below to for more great visitor information.

Lovely-hunny-123 asked How can I lose 15 pounds as fast as possible?

First off, I don’t mean in like a week or anything. I would like to lose as much weight as I can by the beginning of March though, and then just continue after that. I’m in Thailand right now until July (youth exchange) so it’s difficult to know exactly what I’m eating, how many calories things have, and it’s hard to really change my diet. I am exercising, but I just need some more help. Any tips would be great. Thanks!

And got the following answer:

Eat Smaller Dinners. It is said that losing fat is 80% diet, and 20% exercise. (Some people say it is 80% diet, 10% genetics and 10% exercise!). Cut down on the size of your dinner and try to “eat clean”. That is, eat at least 50% fruit and vegetables, then a fist-size portion of unrefined, complex carbs (potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc), and some low fat protein about the size of your palm. If you’re hungry, snack on fruits or other healthy, low calorie snacks. Large dinners tend to hurt a fat loss process because most people aren’t very active after dinner. This is the basis for advice along the lines of “don’t eat anything within N hours before going to bed”. The claim that your entire dinner is stored as fat isn’t entirely true (the process is more complicated than that) but the fact you don’t move after dinner is enough to hurt your cause. You can offset this by eating a larger lunch or snacking healthily before dinner. Fresh fruits or vegetables are excellent choices for curbing appetite not to mention other health benefits. A handful of nuts might do the same. Drink a large glass of water before sitting at the table.
Eat More Fiber. Most people don’t get enough fiber. The recommended amount is actually not that much if you eat a healthy diet. “Fiber foods” include whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and nuts and seeds. Other options are fiber supplements.
Eat Breakfast. Many people skip breakfast because they don’t have time for it. Keep this in mind: You don’t have time to skip breakfast, it’s simply too valuable to skip. The fact that skipping breakfast messes up your concentration and other mental functions is beyond the scope of this article. The harm of skipping breakfast from a weight loss perspective is it makes you eat a huge lunch since your body hasn’t had anything in the past 12 (or more) hours. When you eat a huge lunch you get that after meal drowsiness so now you’re both unproductive and inactive. Cereals don’t take much time to prepare and consume, and most of them are very healthy nowadays. If you are extremely pressed for time, consider grabbing a box of breakfast bars or a smoothie and throwing one in your bag when you leave for work or school. Some breakfast bars out there are also excellent sources of fiber.

Lift Weights. The more muscle your body has, the more calories your body burns, even at rest. However recent research has shown this effect is not as great as previously thought. Resistance training is still very important to limit the amount of muscle mass lost whilst reducing your calorie intake. Many people are afraid of getting huge due to weight lifting but the fact is you won’t! Many huge body-builders out there have been body-building for years to get huge. Since you want your abs to show, you should be eating fewer calories than you burn, and your body can’t build a large amount of muscle without excess calories, so you shouldn’t have to worry about this potential problem at all. If you just do cardiovascular exercises (running, playing basketball, football, etc.) without lifting weights then you will lose the muscle mass, you will also feel weak and it will take longer to lose that fat. So, to get rid of that fat quickly lift weights combined with cardiovascular exercises. Running, biking, swimming, stair climbing, jumping rope, tennis, volleyball, dancing, squash or any other activity that gets you moving and keeps you moving is a great way to burn fat. However, a cardiovascular workout should be performed for at least 20 to 30 minutes to burn fat. Prior to this your body will simply run on its stored energy, which results in minimal fat loss. Cardiovascular training should always be done after your weight lifting workout. While lifting weights, you use stored, (carbohydrate) energy, thus, by performing cardiovascular exercises after weight training your body will have less stored energy to use and go straight into the fat storage for its energy use. Some think the best way to shed fat fast is to do cardiovascular exercises right when you wake up. The theory is that your body will search for energy to use, and when it finds nothing in your stomach, it will go directly to your fat reserves for energy. Others say that the first thing you should do in the morning is eat, to get your metabolism going earlier.

Keep Metabolism Steady. Eating one small meal every three hours that you are awake will not speed up your metabolism, rather, it will keep it going. Your metabolism goes and slows with your food intake and eating something small every three hours will keep that metabolism burning calories and will help you lose weight. Every meal should include lean protein, so that your body won’t need to break down your muscles for fuel, which would shrink your abs as well as slow down your metabolism.

Drink More Water Every Day. Many places suggest 8 cups (2L) of water a day. It also depends on your weight (1L/20kg would be good, more)

Eric asked What is the best Bach mouthpiece for high notes?

In my marching band, the director wants me to hit an F over the staff, and im having some trouble. Im only playing on a 3C, and I can hit about a D, or an E on a good day. What could give me that last little boost?

And got the following answer:

Scope it out for yourself … every player is unique, but here’s a link the the pdf of Vincent Bach mouthpieces.

apoorva k asked Is there any scope for space research and astronomy in India?If so,how can I pursue it?

I am studying in class 12 and am interested in space studies.So I’ld like to know if there’s any scope in India for this.

And got the following answer:

The Indian Space Research Organisation has 20,000 jobs, you will be glad to hear!

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is India’s national space agency. With its headquarters in Bangalore, the ISRO employs approximately 20,000 people, with a budget around 815 million USD at March 2006 exchange rate.

Its mandate is the development of technologies related to space and their application to India’s development. The current Chairman of ISRO is G. Madhavan Nair. In addition to domestic payloads, it offers international launch services.


The Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology is the national institute for the study and development of space science. Located in Ponmudi near Thiruvananthapuram, it offers undergraduate and graduate courses, and also serves as a research center. It is sponsored by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) under the Government of India Department of Space. It is starting both B.Tech and M.Tech programs in the year 2007 -08

B.Tech in Space Technology – Avionics – 50 places

B.Tech in Space Technology – Aerospace Engineering – 40 places

Integrated Masters in Applied Sciences – 30 places

What is IIST?

Its a new world class institute in Kerala set up by the ISRO, Indian Space Research Organization (ranked #4 in the world), to sponsor undergraduate and postgraduate studies in space technology, and engineering fields, and for direct placement in ISRO.

The IIST will share resources and facilities with ISRO, thus delivering high standards and first hand experience which students will get no where else in the world!

How good is it?

It will be the best choice if you are interested in space technology/avionics. ISRO is currently the world’s No.4 ranked space organization. Their technology and facilities are unmatched by any other institute in India. Thus, the IIST is bound to be a great choice for a budding astro scientist. Be assured, you will get as much, if not more, exposure at IIST as any IIT.

Where’s it?

Ponmudi, in Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala. Its placed there so as to be near the ISRO center at Trivandrum. Its a temporary campus until the main campus is fully set up near VSSC. What are the courses offered?

Bachelors Degree in Technology with specialization in Avionics, and Aerospace Engineering and Integrated Masters

Programme in Applied Sciences with
special emphasis on Space related subjects.