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mini 14 scope | eBay – Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles …

Find great deals on eBay for mini 14 scope and rifle scope. Shop with confidence.

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mini 14 scope | eBay – Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles …

Find great deals on eBay for mini 14 scope and rifle scope. Shop with confidence.

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Soviet Sammich asked What is the best scope for a mini-14?

I am buying a mini-14 here in a few days and I want to put a scope on it. I realize that a good scope is going to cost, but please nothing that is outrageous. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Hoyt, I did not ask for your opinion on iron sights I was asking about a scope.

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What is your idea of outrageous? is 300$ ok? And what kind of scope are you looking for?
I used a Burris-332 until I could afford an ACOG

sam asked what a nice compact scope and or acog like site with magnification to put on a Ruger mini 14?

I’m looking for advice on possible optics for my Ruger mini 14, I like the acog but not lookin to drop 1k and I like compact scopes but eh idk about it, I guess I’m pretty much looking for a optic that looks like an acog with some magnification. Thanks, much appreciated.

And got the following answer:

Nikon……..has many and are excellent. It depends on the range you intend to shoot. A 4x might be plenty for close shooting or you might want a 2×7,3×9 for longer ranges.

Leupold is another choice superb for around 300.00.

Ben asked Where can I find a flash hider and a picatinny rail for my 2009 Ruger Mini 14?

These would be for the newer 2008 model Ruger Mini 14…not the older one from the 90s. Also, the picatinny rail im talking about is the one that doesnt mount over the scope mount…it fastens flat onto the top of the gun itself just behind the barrell. Thanks!

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or maybe numrich

Erik N asked How are the sights on the Ruger mini 14?

I know the vast majority of people use some sort of scope, but how are the iron sights on the mini 14?
I tend to prefer using irons sides — im oldschool ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyone have any pictures?

And got the following answer:

I like them a lot. they are peep style battle sites and they are easy to line up and very accurate. I prefer them to a scope on a mini 14.

Braxton asked What would be a good Boar hunting rifle would a Ruger Mini 14 work and also could you attach night vision?

What would be a good Boar hunting rifle would a Ruger Mini 14 work and also could you attach night vision
my bad guys

Its going to be mainly on private Property.

if that makes any diffference

Just ”PEST” controll on private property sorry guys.

And got the following answer:

Because you are dealing with deadly, if if not dangerous game, I would suggest a bigger round, and since you said you had thought of the Ruger Mini 14, why not try a Ruger Mini 30? The reason I suggest this is because the .223 round isn’t known for being effective for hunting anything larger than varmits, while the 7.62×39 round can take down deer. What the difference is basically a .22 going very fast, and as often the case, human and pigs, hog, boars, what every you want to call them, acre phyically similar in wieght and muscle mass, and both are leathly whent hunting them, and the .223 has been known not to be as effective against humans, hence the development of the 6.8 SPC round for the military, which basically mirrors or comes close to the 7.62×39 that is used in the AKM’s or as they are more widely known, the AK-47’s, which with 5rd magazines and the new scope attachments might be another option besides the Mini-30, simply becasue the AK’s will digest cheapo ammo, while Ruger only suggests using American made brass cased ammo, since most of the cheap 7.62×39 ammo is steel cased(not the bullet) and has a laquer on it to resist corrosion, which will gum us the MIni-30. But in either case, between the AK-47 and the Mini-30 beware that neither are tack drivers, and also beware that there are some AK-47’s out there that because of several factors, are $200 guns going for $750-$1000 and are just junk, espiecally the WASR-10. But a Scope mounted lever action Marlin 30-30 would also be just what you are looking for. But like I said in the beging, boars are capable and have been know the severly injure people, not a good thing in your in the country alone, which I always make it a rule to use the good old buddy system, but they can kill and sometimes travel in packs. There are several night vision options, including goggles, scopes, scope attachments, UV lights, never mind a good old spotlight or light ‘bazooka’, but in most parts of the country it’s illegal to hunt at night. Now if your are doing pest control on your private property, I think your might be able to do what every you want, since the are a physical threat, extremely distructive to crops and property, and polute and spread diseaes with there feces(by volume, they produce five times more than a human per day) which is why produce has been contaminated all over the country, and are overall a real menace. Also, have with you at least two good knives, since thier hides are notoriusly thick, and can cut bare skin just by contact sometimes. Hope that helped, and good hunting!! Have fun!

bill asked What type of factory scope rings do I need to mount a 30mm scope with a 24mm objective on a Ruger mini-14?

Ruger gives you a rather confusing list of options for their factory scope rings. I need to know which ones are the right size for a 24mm objective. To be more specific I want to mount a Leatherwood CMR on my Mini-14, but I have no idea what to get beyond a 30mm size ring.

And got the following answer:

Hey, you’re over-thinking this thing!

First, you can’t have a 24mm objective lens on a 30mm scope tube. You must be referring to the reticle.

Second, you’ll need the HIGH 30mm scope rings.

Third, use the chart, below, to match up your particular Mini14 with the appropriate set of RUGER rings.

Fourth, you might require a base mount. I noticed in the Leatherwood video that they were using one. In the Ruger video they did not. Here’s what you need to know about Leatherwood scopes, M-14 type receivers, and installation:

If you’ve got any other questions call Leatherwood tech support at: 1.888.445.8912, or send an e-mail to [email protected]

James & Anne A asked How do I keep my scope mounting nuts from getting loose?

I have a Ruger Mini 14 Range Rifle. The rear scope mount continually gets loose after about 20 shots!!! I tighten it as tight as I can get it, but the damn thing keeps getting loose.

I don’t know what I could be doing wrong, it’s just a BOLT!!!!

Anyone else run into this? How can I solve it?

And got the following answer:

Use blue Loc-tite

Lost23 asked What scope/mounts for a Ruger mini 14 ranch rifle?

I just recently got a mini 14 rifle. Looking to put a scope on it. Whats the best mounts/rings out there?? Read alot that a 3×9 40 is a good scope. Just trying to get some good mounts first. Just wanted some input. Thanks

And got the following answer:

I just went trough a fun ordeal with trying to put a scope on my mini 14. first thing I will tell you is get a GOOD scope and second make sure to use blue lock tight on the scope mounts. I had trouble with the mounting screws on the scope rings loosening and falling out and I had trouble with two cheap bushnell scopes falling out of zero the weekend after I sighted them in. I ended up giving up on using a scope and am now using the mini 14 for what it is intended on, a plinking,varmint, and shtf gun. mini 14s weren’t built for accuracy so don’t expect to much out of them for long range shooting unless you buy a few accuracy improving add ons.