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The actors chemistry is apparent even in this brief preview, and the slanted sexual dynamic adds just a touch of kinkiness. Maybe the loud declarations of anger and passion are a bit over the top, but Farrell, Chastain, and Morton are good enough to sell it. Miss Julie premieres at TIFF next month.
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| AP Photo Close By PHILIP EWING | 8/8/14 1:09 PM EDT Updated: 8/8/14 4:00 PM EDT President Barack Obamas immediate military objectives in Iraq are simple but a lasting resolution to the crisis there remains Byzantine. So the morning after the president went on national television to announce his decision to order American troops into harms way overseas, the administration tried mightily to put the burden right back onto Iraq. + reset The Pentagon did not plan to brief reporters. The State Department waited until late in the afternoon. The military operation in Iraq did not get an official name, like Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya, and it was initially announced on Twitter. The White House permitted photographers to see Obama talking to Middle Eastern leaders only through an Oval Office window, for 10 seconds. The administration did not set up a drumbeat of updates or project any vision of what a military victory would look like.
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He and Ray also use the BFRO database to look for trends in activity and narrow their search. In the woods, the pair let out long, guttural howls and whoops. They also knock on wood, clack rocks and make game calls. “I want to say ‘hey look at these hairless dudes here,'” Ray said. “We’re just trying to get them to hang out with us.” Ray started actively hunting the creatures following a BFRO expedition in 2008. A large, dark figure emerged on a ridge near his campsite, he said. “I saw these two huge, glowing red eyes,” he said.
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