Night Vision Camera App Could Burn A Hole In Your Pocket Without You Knowing!

Thermoteknix to demo Fused Night Vision at Eurosatory 2014

According to a PC World report, Avast Security had recently determined that the Android application Camara Vision Nocturn, still available for download, signs you up for an expensive SMS service at the cost of $ 2.8. But what is worse is that it will send messages from your device amounting to $50 every month and continue the process monthly–without your consent. “According to AVAST, the app requests a variety of permissions for functions that are suspicious for a camera app. AVAST engineers determined that it attempts to retrieve phone numbers from apps like WhatsApp or ChatOn and subscribe them to a premium messaging service,” the PC World report said. Android Pit reported that a similar scam had hit WhatsApp a few weeks ago.
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Enemies securing U.S. night-vision gear

A U.S. Army criminal investigation command poster offers a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the theft of night vision devices. To see the full reward poster (as a pdf file) click       here.

officials say some of the equipment has reached enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq, where it could erode the advantage U.S. troops have in after-dark combat. The government has prosecuted more than two dozen businesses and individuals over the past 18 months for stealing night-vision gear or skirting prohibitions on foreign sales, according to a USA TODAY review of federal documents and public records. In at least five cases, prosecutors linked shipments to terrorist groups, such as al-Qaeda and Hezbollah. A few others were headed to Iran and Taliban forces in Afghanistan, court records show; several were destined for China and Japan. “It’s extremely serious you’re talking about adversaries of the United States getting equipment that we make to give our soldiers an advantage in the field,” says Charles Beardall, the Pentagon’s deputy inspector general for investigations. The Pentagon joined the departments of Justice, Homeland Security, Commerce and State last year in a crackdown on illegal exports of combat-use military items and sensitive civilian goods with military uses.
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Fused Night Vision technology is the new standard for civil and military operations, to give 24 hour operational capability. Fused I2 and thermal technology is ideal for dusk to night, heavy cloud, forest/jungle and inside buildings as well as well-lit night time urban environments when overamplification of light sources (e.g. car headlamps/streetlights) causes I2 devices to fail. The Night Tunnel built on the Thermoteknix stand provides Eurosatory 2014 visitors with first-hand experience of ClipIRs performance in real-life night-time conditions. Mil Spec ClipIR is unique in its 40 Field of View which matches that of the I2 for maximum situational awareness in all conditions and is available with a range of brackets to fit most industry standard monocular and binocular Night Vision devices including PVS 7, PVS 14 and PVS 15. British company Thermoteknix Systems Ltd is one of the worlds leading innovators and manufacturers of thermal imaging technology including TiCAM Thermal Imaging Binoculars lightweight, Military Specification devices for reconnaissance, border security and general situational awareness in the field and the MicroCAM 2 range of ultra miniature and very low power thermal camera cores. These will also be demonstrated on the company stand at Eurosatory.
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Each application is unique and always involves certain constraints, such as space limitations or production methods that may require a specific approach in order meet compliance. Filters are ideal for many commercial and military applications, including crew-station displays for aircraft and ground vehicles, as well as portable display systems in personal digital assistants (PDA), palmtops, laptops, etc. Plastic Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) filters are the ideal method for making virtually any light source compatible with NVIS, NVG, NVD, or any other night-vision apparatus. Plastic filters are extremely durable. Where all-glass filters might fracture, lightweight plastic material survives the most demanding real-world environments. Quantitative Analysis LEDs face the challenge of creating definitive positions in the NVIS illumination market, as competing lighting solutions (technologies) are readily available and accepted.
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