Night Vision Capable Cell Phones & Contact Lenses Are Coming Soon? Thanks To A Brand New Scientific Breakthrough They Just Might Be!

Like contact lenses! How cool would that be!?! Sure, they’d probably mostly be used for the military, but, imagine having them to walk home late at night! If an attacker were sneaking up on someone, then they’d totally be able to have forewarning and fend them off!!
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A picture of desperation: Moment night vision camera captures illegal immigrants clinging to lorry axles in Calais car park

Asylum seekers hide in a truck in the hopes of crossing the Channel, near the harbour of Calais in 2009

Graphene absorbs the entire infrared spectrum, as well as visible and ultraviolet light, however in it’s single layer form, it only absorbs 2.3% of the light that hits it – not enough light to generate a detectable electrical signal. If the light can’t produce an electrical signal, graphene can’t be used as a sensor. Image by Ian Burt The breakthrough came when researchers discovered how to reconfigure the layers of graphene to absorb enough light to generate an electrical signal, in order to amplify and reconstruct the infrared image. They do this by layering the graphene with an electrical current and it all happens at room temperature without need for a cooling mechanism. The current prototype is the size of a pinky nail, but easily scaled down to fit on a contact lens. It’s not the only thing embedded in your contact lenses. Remember the diabetes monitoring contact lens glucose sensor that google are making?
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BMW X5 Night Vision Tested Blindfolded Through LA [Video]

In order to do so, they contacted the Los Angeles Police Department and told them that theyll try to drive an brand new X5 blindfolded through the city, covering around 10 miles (16 km). Of course, when the LAPD heard that they immediately sent out two of their best officers to escort the crazy journalists. Now, we should also point out that the term blindfolded doesnt mean what youd think at the moment.
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See In The Dark With Night Vision Contact Lenses

Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles

This country is not good to live in, we have to go to England. French charity workers say four migrants died in one week earlier this month as they attempted to get to Dover. Calais, which became a magnet for UK-bound refugees in the mid-90s following the war in Kosovo, is again attracting hundreds of migrants who want to cross the Channel. Many are Syrians, some of the estimated 2.1million who have fled fighting in the country. Britain is the preferred destination for many because of its global language and generous benefits. Strife in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Eritrea has seen a rise in migrants attempting to enter the UK illegally Risky: The men risked life and limb by clutching the lorry’s axle Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said yesterday: There have been indications of an increase in the number of people trying to get to the UK through the Channel ports.
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