Night Vision Equipment Procurement Category Market Research Report From Ibisworld Has Been Updated

Where is 710 Main?

Buyers have a moderate level of substitutes for night vision equipment . According to IBISWorld, buyers may save on short-term purchases if they elect to rent or lease the night vision equipment. Renting or leasing equipment reduces the total cost of ownership because the supplier providing the product typically covers maintenance and repair costs. Additionally, switching costs are lower because the buyer does not need to make as large of an investment.
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After that, the theater began a steady decline, with only an occasional flash of its former glory. Studio Arena Theatre closed its doors permanently nearly seven years ago in February of 2008. After that, 710 Main lay dark for a few years. After extensive negotiation, the banks that held liens on the building signed the property over to 710 Main Theatre, Inc., a not-for-profit under the management of Sheas Performing Arts Center with an official mission to: stimulate, promote and develop an interest in and appreciation of the dramatic and performing arts within the greater Western New York, Niagara region, and northwestern Pennsylvania communities, by providing theater space for an annual program of live performances… That was the official mission. Their unstated mandate was far more modest: to save the building from demolition, to maintain the structure as a theater, and not to lose money. In terms of saving the building and not losing money, that mandate has been a success.
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Filling the Blanks in Snowden’s ‘Citizenfour’ | Consortiumnews

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden speaking in Moscow on Oct. 9, 2013. (From a video posted by WikiLeaks)

Think of a chef who cooks at some restaurant you know in some neighborhood — and it’s so good, you love that chef and you go there and it’s crowded and everyone that knows, knows. It would be like taking that chef and putting him in the Cheesecake Factory. You would never want to see your favorite chef cooking at the Cheesecake Factory. Marshall Manesh in ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’ No. Although in a way they could do better at a Cheesecake Factory than someone else. You see all these acclaimed indie directors taking on blockbusters. Like with Christopher Nolan and “The Dark Knight.” This “new dark superhero movie” that everyone talks about.
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Ana Lily Amirpour Is the Raddest Filmmaker Working Right | Indiewire

"Girl Walks Home Alone At Night"

Drakes information, of course, undermined the whole Bush/Cheney argument that if the U.S. only had a bulk collection program prior to 9/11, the attacks could have been prevented. Instead, the problem was an analytical failure to understand the import of information already collected. Piling on vast amounts of additional dataarguably made the problemworse, burying the analysts in an unimaginably giant haystack of data and expecting them to locate the crucial needle. As Drake noted, it was Vice President Dick Cheney who in pursuit of collecting as much data as possible got Hayden to violate the Fourth Amendment restrictions about the NSAs spying on Americans. In an ironic twist, Cheney misused the Khalid al-Midhar case transforming it into an example of how the NSA could have prevented the attacks if it only had more data when, in fact, the NSA had this information in hand. But contradicting high-level officials on such sensitive matters will get employees not just drummed out of an agency, but indicted.
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