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Hunters, wildlife management officers, and game control agencies often use night vision rifle scopes and other night vision equipment to assist in deer hunting, varmint control, and other activities that are easier at night. The right night vision scope can make the difference between a perfect shot and the buck that got away.

Night vision systems are rated in terms of Generation, or Gen for short. There are three broad Generation levels, each signifying a significant leap in technological development over the previous generation of night vision equipment.

Generation 1

Generation 1 night vision equipment is designed to function under standard ambient light conditions (moonlight or starlight) or with sufficient IR illumination. It typically makes use of an S-20 photocathode with average photosensitivity of 180-200 A/lm coupled with electron acceleration to achieve gain. Generation 1 devices are known to suffer from geometric distortion (the fish-eye effect). Gen 1 image intensifiers have a duty cycle of approximately 1,500 hours of continuous operation.

Generations 2, 2+ and Super Gen

Generation 2 devices are prone to significantly less distortion than Gen 1 devices, and provide better-than-satisfactory performance under standard low-light levels. They usually rely on an extended-red S-25 photocathode (with minimum photosensitivity of 240 A/lm), plus a microchannel plate to achieve gain. European ‘Super Gen’ tubes represent the high end of Generation 2 night vision, achieving performance levels similar to early Gen 3 intensifier equipment. Gen 2 image intensifiers have a duty cycle of approximately 2,500 to 3,000 hours of continuous operation.

Generation 3

The most advanced level of night vision technology currently available, Gen 3 uses gallium-arsenide photocathodes with photosensitivity of more than 800 A/lm in the 450 to 950 nanometer (near infrared) region of the spectrum, with a microchannel plate for gain. An ion barrier film coats the microchannel plate, extending the life of the end product. Gen 3 night vision provides excellent performance even under extreme low light levels. Mil-spec versions of Generation 3 night vision equipment have practically no perceptible distortion, while even civilian equipment provides substantial advantages in clarity over its predecessors. A typical Generation 3 image intensifier has a duty cycle of approximately 10,000 hours of continuous operation.

Each generation of night vision equipment offers a significant improvement in functional range, expected lifespan, and image resolution over its predecessor. A top-of-the-line commercial Generation 3 rifle scope such as the Night Optics D-760-3A ( can withstand the recoil of heavy-caliber weapons while providing target recognition out to a quarter of a mile away, ensuring that even at night, you’ll be aiming at the right target.

With hunting season approaching, now is an excellent time to invest in a new night vision scope, high-visibility outdoor wear, hiking boots, and other survival and outdoor gear. If this article has inspired you, we encourage you to visit our website at for these and other tools. In addition to our listed brands, we have products from over 120 manufacturers to suit your needs on your next hunting trip – just call for quotes.

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joel asked how well can u use a scope with night vision?

Say i have night vision goggles. Can i look through a non night vision rifle scope with my goggles on and see a magnified image in night vision?

Ive seen it happen with video cameras. a guy put his night vision over his video camera and recorded in night vision. however he was in the military and was using high quality night vision.

Also what generation would you suggest for hunting? 1? 2?
i can only really afford 1 or 2.

And got the following answer:

Yes it has been done but remember a camera especially newer digital ones have a wider spectrum of vision than the naked eye and if you are serious about hunting or using a rifle in the dark you really should consider using a proper night vision scope.
If you try to improvise by using night goggles with an existing scope at night you run into all sorts of issues, judging distances inaccurately being one of them which in turn could be a hindrance on your personal safety not to mention others.

Make sure you use the correct tool for the job it just makes sense that way. There are many manufacturers that make night vision hunting scopes in all prices ranges.

ATN, Tasco, Bushnell, Yukon and Nightowl are all worth checking out.

Good Luck

krzylove asked What is a good night vision sight to put on my ar15?

I was considering the russian NIGHT VISION RIFLE SCOPE NP75. If anyone has experience with this scope, your input would be appreciated. If you have experience with another compatable scope, your opinion would be appreciated also.

And got the following answer:

the russian scope aint bad but what about the ATN PS22 Night Vision Weapon Sight? Google it up

Ian M asked How to build a Night Vision Scope?

Looking for some enlightenment on how to build a night vision scope! Ive seen a few DIY scopes and am thoroughly intrigued. Some of these DIY NV scopes have exposed IR(Infra-red) LED’s(Light Emitting Diode) and I was wondering if these are visible to someone (using it for night games in airsoft). Hopeful for answers and even more questions!thanks much!

And got the following answer:

the light emitted by ir leds are not visible to the human eye, so you should have no problem playing airsoft at night. i work with a lot of electrical parts that is how i know.