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Night Scope Background. Night scopes, or night vision devices, are used to intensify human sight under very low light conditions. There are several types of night …

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While any night vision equipment will greatly improve your ability to see at night, there are different grades of night vision goggles, night vision scopes, …

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Night vision is the ability to see in low light conditions. Whether by biological or technological means, night vision is made possible by a combination of two …

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Colorado putting poachers in its sights

The recent poaching arrest of four men from South Carolina by Colorado Parks and Wildlife has prompted public discussion and debate about the importance of ethical hunting. It also illustrates how seriously the agency, law-abiding hunters and many residents take illegal wildlife activity.After a lengthy investigation by state and federal…

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Night vision – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Night vision is the ability to see in low light conditions. Whether by biological or technological means, night vision is made possible by a combination of two …

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Olivia has arrived Finally asked Do the Night Vision Goggles that come with CODMWF2 actually work with the Game or are they just for show?

Hi. I am buying this system for my husband for Christmas. Are the Night Vision goggles actually meant to play the game with, or are they just a novelty item? I can’t find any information on this.

I know this game came out today, so if anyone can give me any information on this matter, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

And got the following answer:

The Night Vision goggles are actual, working Night Vision goggles. However, you do not need them to play the game. In that sense, they are pure novelty. However, there is no man on this planet who would not want a pair of Night Vision goggles or two.

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Useless asked What are the NEW loot items on MySpace Mafia Wars?

Mafia Wars added new jobs and loot and i would like to know what new loot you can get for the new jobs. also if you have any info on the new vault items that would be great.

And got the following answer:

This website has all the latest updates:

I have copied the current list of items below, but it will quickly get out of date so using the links above will have the most accurate information.

Crates on MafiaWars

Rare loot
30 30 W Gold MP5
30 30 W Gold Mac-10

Uncommon loot
22 21 W Desert Eagle
22 21 W Flamethrower
8 25 A Armed Guards

Common loot
18 16 W Cattle Prod
18 16 W Bloody Horse Head
15 10 W Gold 9mm Gun
7 5 W Mac-10
18 16 W Car Bomb

MafiaWars Loot (Weapons, Armors, Vehicles)

Boss loot
16 36 V Armored Limosine from “Shake Down a City Council Member”
22 28 V Police Cruiser from “Blackmail the District Attorney”
12 38 V Private Jet from “Make a Deal with the Mexican Cartel”
15 25 A Federal Agent from “Buy Off a Federal Agent”

Underboss loot
2 30 A Falsified Documents from “Take Over an Identity Theft Ring”
32 10 W AR-15 Assault Rifle from “Rip Off the Armenian Mob”
26 22 V Humvee from “Break Into the Armory”

Consigliere loot
24 12 W Bookie’s Holdout Pistol from “Fix the Big Game OR Influence a Harbor Officia”
20 14 V Porche 911 from “Ransom a Businessman’s Kids”

Capo loot
0 0 S Illegal Transaction Records from “Steal Bank Records”
18 6 V Harley Davidson Fat Boy Motorcycle from “Run a Biker Gang Out of Town”
5 20 V Prop Plane from “Steal an Air Freight Delivery”

Hitman loot
0 0 S Blackmail Photos from “Obtain Compromising Photos”
25 9 W Napalm from “Exterminate a Rival Family”
5 16 A Night Vision Goggles from “Assassinate a Political Figure”
8 25 A Bodyguards from “Protect your City against a Rival Family”
20 12 W RPG Launcher from “Sell Guns to the Russian Mob”
14 15 V Armored Car from “Invade Tong-controlled Neighborhood”
16 11 W .50 Caliber Rifle from “Disrupt Rival Smuggling Ring”
14 10 W Grenade Launcher from “Repel the Yakuza”

Enforcer loot
0 0 S Computer Set-Up from “Rob an Electronics Store”
0 0 S Concealable Camera from “Rob an Electronics Store”
0 0 S Untraceable Cell Phone from “Rob an Electronics Store”
8 4 V Armoured Truck from “Smuggle Across the Border”

Soldier loot
4 2 W Firebomb from “Steal a Tanker Truck”
1 7 A Lucky Shamrock Medallion from “Clip the Irish Mob’s Local Enforcer”
5 4 W Semi-Automatic Shotgun from “Fight a Haitian Gang”
4 4 W Automatic Rifle from “Bust a Made Man Out of Prison”
2 5 A Stab-Proof Vest from “Kill a Protected Snitch”
5 2 W C4 from “Destroy Enemy Mob Hideout”

Associate loot
3 2 W Tactical Shotgun from “Perform a Hit”
3 2 W .45 Revolver from “Take Out a Rogue Cop”
2 2 W Brass Knuckles from “Rough Up Dealers”
2 1 W Butterfly Knife from “Collect Protection Money”

Street Thug loot
3 2 W 9mm Semi-Automatic from “Rob a Pimp”
2 0 W .22 Pistol from “Beat Up Rival Gangster”

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email [email protected]

Alex asked Infrared Light Waves caused by Night vision Goggles?

Someone please help me. I am also done with a project but it is asking me about unique wave characteristics of Night Vision Goggles. Here is the question: Do the waves have crest and troughs, or compressions and rarefactions? How does it affect what you hear or see in the invention? Explain.
Someone please help me and give me links to the information. Thank You
I need links for more info and maybe some picture link if you can

And got the following answer:

Unique wave characteristic is its wave length which is longer with respect to other visible wavelength of the light. I think this wave length happens to be above 750 nano meter and is a long wave has got the property of penetrating power and dissipates heat which when struck onto th object. Thus the heat wave generated by the object can be seen through the goggles which is polarised for this wave.
That is why it can be used to see at night or at the dark or where there is no light .
For the reference, you can check on the application of IR light on the web site with little bit of surfing of course.

juan p asked What happens if you see a mirror through infrared (night vision) in the darkness?

anyone want to help me with this little homework?

i dont have a night vision camera


And got the following answer:

The initial answers don’t really consider the proper information. There are some materials that reflect visible light but are opaque or transparent to others.

Infrared is not “just light” in the same way that microwaves and x-rays are not “just light”. They are all controlled by the same thing, photons, but a change from one to the other can be drastically different. Our skin is opaque to our eyes but mostly transparent to x-rays. Many materials are transparent to microwaves, but water isn’t so we can use it to cook food that has water in it or water added (meaning a microwave would not be very effective at heating dehydrated food that didn’t have water added).

A typical mirror is, in fact, most likely going to reflect infrared light.
However, even if the mirror material didn’t, most mirrors are covered with glass, and glass reflects infrared light. That is actually the principle behind how greenhouses work and a reason why cars get so much hotter than the outside (another is reduced convection).

I imagine the principle you are supposed to realize is that the glass actually would reflect infrared light before the “mirror” backing had a chance.

Otherwise, you would have to actually research what mirrors are usually made of and see what kinds of light they reflect. I don’t imagine that is your task (though maybe it is).

So you would see a reflected scene. It probably wouldn’t be as accurate as the scene you see without the goggles because the glass isn’t necessarily as good at reflecting as the polished metal behind it.


As a side note, infrared goggles are usually called “heat vision” or “thermal vision” as heat results in infrared light. Goggles that are called “night vision” when they act to amplify available light to visible levels. These kinds of “image intensifiers” magnify visible light and sometimes light beyond the human visible spectrum. They usually would stop before the infrared spectrum though.

Image intensifiers allow one to see well in, for example, an empty field on a dark night by amplifying the faint starlight. Infrared goggles would make it harder to see long blades of grass apart from each other (as they are around the same temperature), but someone hiding in the thick grass would stand out like a lightbulb.


From source:
“The amplification without the IR is typical of 1st Generation (you can see, but in most cases, it’s worth it to light up the night w/ your beam). With the IR, amplification is very good, just don’t look into any mirrors or glass surfaces (the beam’s reflection can be blinding).”

Birdistheword asked Is a private pilot required to log all flight time?

I am studying for my private pilot’s oral exam and I can’t seem to find this answer anywhere on the internet.
thanks for the help

And got the following answer:

The answer lies with in the Regs;
§ 61.51 Pilot logbooks.

(a) Training time and aeronautical experience. Each person must document and record the following time in a manner acceptable to the Administrator:

(1) Training and aeronautical experience used to meet the requirements for a certificate, rating, or flight review of this part.

(2) The aeronautical experience required for meeting the recent flight experience requirements of this part.

(b) Logbook entries. For the purposes of meeting the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section, each person must enter the following information for each flight or lesson logged:

(1) General—

(i) Date.

(ii) Total flight time or lesson time.

(iii) Location where the aircraft departed and arrived, or for lessons in a flight simulator or flight training device, the location where the lesson occurred.

(iv) Type and identification of aircraft, flight simulator, flight training device, or aviation training device, as appropriate.

(v) The name of a safety pilot, if required by §91.109 of this chapter.

(2) Type of pilot experience or training—

(i) Solo.

(ii) Pilot in command.

(iii) Second in command.

(iv) Flight and ground training received from an authorized instructor.

(v) Training received in a flight simulator, flight training device, or aviation training device from an authorized instructor.

(3) Conditions of flight—

(i) Day or night.

(ii) Actual instrument.

(iii) Simulated instrument conditions in flight, a flight simulator, flight training device, or aviation training device.

(iv) Use of night vision goggles in an aircraft in flight, in a flight simulator, or in a flight training device.

(c) Logging of pilot time. The pilot time described in this section may be used to:

(1) Apply for a certificate or rating issued under this part or a privilege authorized under this part; or

(2) Satisfy the recent flight experience requirements of this part.

Better to be Right than Liberal asked What does this say about the sad state of our immigration system?

On CNN last week, it was reported that one of the problems with building The Fence on our Southern border, is that immigrants are STEALING the materials being used to build The Fence at night. Apparently, watch men and canines are not enough as the construction materials used to build The Fence continue to dissapear in the middle of the night. The police are unsure as to what the immigrants are using the stolen materials for, but apparently, this has been going on for months.

What does this say about the sad state of our immigration system?

And got the following answer:

They’re probably using the stolen materials to reinforce the structure of the tunnels they’re digging under the border. Hilarious irony.

I’d say that until you have people with night vision goggles/binoculars posted on a little tower every mile or so to guarantee that the entire area is surveyed visually 24/7, then not much can be done about it. And of course the Border Patrol does not have the funding or even the manpower to do that.

A geostationary satellite with an infrared camera could also do the job just fine and feed ground staff with real-time information on what’s going on. A squad could then be dispatched rapidly to the “affected” area and resolve the problem. Again that is well beyond the funding that can be allocated for that.