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Night Vision 3.1 is here! Night Vision is a “planetarium” program that will display the heavens from any location on earth. Viewing options allow the user to control …

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Night Vision 3.1 is here! Night Vision is a “planetarium” program that will display the heavens from any location on earth. Viewing options allow the user to control …

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Catching up with Google Canada’s Chris O’Neill

Apple has beautiful products and is able to deliver with a closed eco system from end to end. We happen to believe that open is a better way.

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Sydney asked the vettes? from new orleans?

do you like them??
i saw them in concert last night
and i met them!! the singer is sooo nice, she made the people take down the barracades and me and my friend were right in the front

they are really good too, they are my favorite band now :]

And got the following answer:

River Ridge band The Vettes ‘Give Em What They Want’
Posted by By Keith Spera, Music writer, The Times-Picayune May 23, 2008 5:00AM
Categories: Featured music, Living: Arts and Entertainment

As a music business major and aspiring star, the singer who would be Rachel Vette prowled the Loyola University campus in search of like-minded musicians. Instead, she found them under her own roof.

Her brothers staffed a band called the Hush. One by one, she recruited them for her project, dubbed the Vettes. As the Vettes, they recorded a sarcastic spoof of celebrity culture called “Give Em What They Want” in the family’s River Ridge home.

Danny Bourque / The Times-Picayune
Mitch, Chad, Rachel, Todd and Brian Vette recorded their hit ‘Give Em What They Want’ in their home studio in River Ridge. Top 40 station B97 has placed the tune in its regular rotation — an unprecedented achievement for a local, independent band.
The song’s synthesizer evokes New Wave nostalgia. The attitude in Rachel’s voice recalls Shirley Manson of Garbage or the Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan. The lyrics, melody and arrangement are instantly accessible.

How accessible? This week, Top 40 station B97 placed “Give Em What They Want” in regular rotation — an unprecedented achievement for a local, independent band. And MTV Networks recently licensed the band’s music for use in its programming.

The four other songs on the Vettes’ new “T.V. EP” are equally bankable. Not since “Good” launched Better Than Ezra to stardom 13 years ago has a New Orleans rock band crafted such strong contenders for commercial airplay. Consequently, a big crowd is expected when the Vettes join Oh Juliet, Baton Rouge’s Meriwether and Bay St. Louis, Miss.’s, Stereohype for an all-ages show tonight at the High Ground in Metairie. The Vettes are also booked at the House of Blues on June 27.

The Vettes’ promising career trajectory, though nascent, results from hard work, good fortune, good genes and good songs.

The siblings grew up in Gentilly; their father plays with local cover bands. In the late 1980s, the family moved to a new, two-story house in a leafy corner of River Ridge.

After a brief stab at college, Todd, a singer and guitarist, formed the Hush and recruited his brother, Chad, as its keyboardist. In 2004, they added bassist Mitch Gray, a transplant to New Orleans from Nebraska.

Dissatisfied with their drummer, they encouraged another brother, Brian, a former football player at John Curtis Christian School, to learn drums. Eager to quit driving the band van, he spent two years practicing, then signed on in 2005. They converted an upstairs bedroom in the family home into a studio equipped with ProTools recording software.

Meanwhile, baby sister Rachel graduated as the valedictorian of Crescent City Christian School in Metairie and enrolled at Loyola as a biology/pre-med major. She switched to music business studies intending to manage the Hush — if only her brothers would let her go on the road.

“It wasn’t cost effective, ” Todd said. “We would have had to get another hotel room — we didn’t trust a couple guys in the band to be around her.”

Before graduating in 2006, Rachel realized she wanted to perform, not manage. After many false starts, she convinced Gray and her brothers to work with her. They took “Vette” as their collective stage surname and pronounced Mitch their “adopted brother.”

Performing with siblings “works for us, ” Rachel said. “We don’t always get along, but when we fight, we get it all out and then we’re fine five minutes later. The disadvantage is everybody’s into each other’s business. We know each other pretty well.”

The Hush favors mid-tempo anthems in the vein of Coldplay and Incubus. In keeping with Rachel’s vision, the Vettes are heavily influenced by ’80s stalwarts A-ha, A Flock of Seagulls, Depeche Mode and Duran Duran.

“We moved ourselves into a different mindset to play Vettes music, ” Mitch said. “There was no transitional phase. It was always two different things.”

Rachel’s lyrics distill her experiences and perspective into universal themes. She wrote the brash “Invincible, ” with its home-run chorus, as a statement of resolve after others doubted her decision to switch majors from pre-med to music.

Her friends’ tendency to be engaged, married and/or pregnant inspired “Kill Me Now” — as in, “I do not want to be where you are, ” Rachel said, laughing. “I’m too young.”

The ballad “Flame” is a “love song that hasn’t happened yet. It’s being hopeful that the right person is out there. People perceive it as a God thing, which is good — I like that, too.”

The Vettes toured with the Hush in the fall of 2006; they are essentially the same band, except for Rachel. But the Vettes emerged as the more promising configuration.

That opinion is shared by Todd Parker, the Vettes’ Los Angeles-based manager. Parker’s father, John Lewis Parker, co-wrote the Chicago hit “Hard Habit to

Nicnac asked Helping my blind brother?

My 12 year old brother has been completely blind for about 7 months. He went from nearly perfect vision to nothing because of an accident. He works with the division for the blind & visually impaired alot. they teach him O & M, help him with school stuff, train him in adaptive equipment and technology. Some of the equipment he has is a cane, bookport plus, braille sense, speaking software, talking watch, talking calculator, other things too but those are the only things i can think of now.
Anyway I was just looking for other ways to help him. He loves to be challenged so a lot of the time he will walk without sighted guide and be pretty independent. He does clean and cook. He also plays sports.
Some of the stuff we do are things like tell him where what food is on his plate using the clock system, touching his arm when he has reached where he needs to be, telling him about his surroundings, we do some other stuff too but i cant think of anything else.

What are some everyday ways we can help him when he may need it? and help him gain more and more independence?

Also, our family will be going to an amusement park tomorrow and staying at a hotel and seeing some family for a few days. Since he’s been blind, we have not gone to an amusement park. How can he get around at an amusement park? Should we be doing sighted guide most of the time we are there? what about bringing his cane? because what if we all want to go on a ride? What about at the hotel? Its not worth the time really showing him around because we will only be there two nights but i dont want him to have to be attached to someone the whole time?

And got the following answer:

You should definitely bring his cane along, and show him where certain important things are in the hotel. A good way to help is to keep things clean in your house, out of his way if you don’t already. I would do sighted guide with him in the park, simply because parks can be busy and people can be ignorant, not because he needs it. If his cane is fold-able, you could bring a small bag and store it in there while not in use and take it on the ride with you.

PS it’s really great that he’s so independant and that he adapted so easily! That’s totally stellar 😀 He’s going to go far in life.