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Night Vision Kid News: EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles: Toys …

Eyeclops night vision provides kids young and old with an authentic night vision experience like never before; Powered by actual infra-red driven night vision technology

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Online ‘dating’ gives old companies young blood

A matchmaking scheme is hooking graduates up with car makers. Louisa Peacock reports.

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Deals for moms and dads and anybody else who needs kids’ stuff, from toys to baby gear to furniture to clothing. Go to Kids.Woot. Today’s Woot.

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South-Doyle clears another big obstacle

Another big game is in the books for the South-Doyle High School football team.

Original Source: EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles: Toys …

Eyeclops night vision provides kids young and old with an authentic night vision experience like never before; Powered by actual infra-red driven night vision technology

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A boy with a night vision

Nong Youhui is the first human who can see in the dark. Know his story with Cid. Date Aired: August 5, 2013 Program: KNC Show at UNTV Channel 37 ************…


Desiree asked Did Christians ever bother to learn the scientific explanation for the mass bird death event in Arkansas?

Remember this event from a few years ago? They were thousands of red winged blackbirds that appeared as though they just dropped dead out of the sky. Of course, Christians claimed it was a sign of the approaching apocalypse and went about trying to get people to convert before it was too late. It turned out it was simple of case of flocking birds being scared by a loud noise at night (fireworks, it was New Year’s Eve) and having poor night vision, then crashing into houses and trees. See, nothing mystical or supernatural, just a simple case of cause and effect, but did Christians ever bother to learn this?

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We live in the age of b.ullshit.

It really makes me question whether there is hope for this world.

We have real problems, people notice them, but there is simply no way to stem the incredible flow of b.ullshit our age is producing. I don’t know if it’s education system that is failing to teach even the most basic reasoning skills, or if the Internet age has reduced all discourse to a shouting match, but it’s definitely there.

New World Order Conspiracies, the Birthers, the everything is a sign of the Apocalypse syndrome you’re talking about, ridiculous conspiracies about the Federal Reserve being now touted by an actual senator!

Not to mention the New Age, Indigo Kids and everything else that’s being peddled on the masses…

Seems people will believe in anything… except assessing reality through rational observation and conclusions.

Steve George asked What website had flinstones bobsleding game, among other kids games?

It was a kids game site, I want to say pilsbury or something, but that wasn’t it since I tried googling that. It had games based on the flinstones, and several games that were made with the same sort of kids, one was a night google vision game, a travel back in time game, and a submarine game. I’ve forgot what the website was called. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

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I remeber it was like kidspop or something like that i cant remeber

asked how do you escape from night vision helicopters when in a police pusuit?

It has always bothered me how when I was a kid I would watch the cops and robbers show on a Saturday afternoon and anyway I could see no way out, but now as I think about it I can only think about driving into an area of other obstacles such as an airport where they would have to call it off but would be to escape from these helicopters in a middle of a London street for example, from night vision, dogs, police and road blockages to stop the criminal.

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Night vision = Magnesium Flares.
Dogs = Pepper spray.
Police = Running very, very fast.
Road blocks = If it gets to this point you’re an idiot.

Kilocron asked What can I do about a camera pointed at my home?

Our neighbor has pointed a wireless camera directly at our back porch. She’s trying get our kids taken away from us because she doesn’t like how they play outside. She takes pictures of our dog and says that we don’t take care of her. She USED to give our dog treats and now she complains when the dog goes over to say hello. She USED to be nice with the kids and now she screams at them when they get near the fence.

Is there anything I can do about this camera? It’s a wireless camera. Information abotu the camera unit can be found at

I’m an Ohio resident and ask if any of you know what can be done about this situation to get her to leave us alone.

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If my neighbor wanted to watch me, I’d give her something to watch. When the kids aren’t home, go tan…naked. You are in your yard nd you have every right to do as you please. If she wants to watch, let her watch. Actually, I think their are federal laws that say you must be notified before you can be video taped in that manner. It was because women were being video taped in showers and also men with cameras in their shoes were video taping up their skirts. I don’t know the specifics. Reguardless, they can’t use the tape against you because you were not notified. That’s why stores post signs saying that the premises are being viewed on closed circuit monitors. So I think the police could do something about it because she doesn’t have your consent to monitor your backyard. You could also go as far as to accuse her of video taping your children for her fetish of small children…or dogs…I think she is the one the cops need to be worrying about. Maybe you should call the cops anonomously and tell them you think the woman has child porn on her computer…they will find the tapes of your children…she gets arrested and you get your peacful life back

Dono asked What is the best network camera to watch kids sleeping?

I’ve seen the Panasonic models and a Sony model on Amazon, but wondered what is the best network camera? I’d like especially something close to night vision to make sure the little ones are OK when sleeping.
i’m talking about the network wireless ones that i can watch from a 3G phone from a remote location

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any camera these days with an AV connection should do fine but you’ll probably need extentions to you tv from the room.