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Night Vision, Etc. – Night Vision, Etc.

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Night Vision, Etc. – Night Vision, Etc.

Night Vision Goggles, Binoculars, Scopes on Sale. … In our store you will find the best possible prices on night vision goggles, riflescopes, binoculars, …

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Night Vision 100, 200, 300 yards night optics D-760 AR-15

Shooting Colt Competition HBAR with a Night Optics D-760 at targets 100, 200, 300 yards. Gemtech M4-96D to quiet things done some. PVS-14 on the camera.


Bill R asked Why would a night Vision Monocular be flaged on Craig’s List?

And got the following answer:

Because many people are jerks

here are military issue, for sale online.

Nauman asked Glock few more questions!?

Hi there,

Since am new to Glocks could you care to clarify my queries:

1. Which is the best suited for both hunting & security, size is not an issue?

2. What other accessories could be attached to it, like shoulder mount?

3. Is 9mm better than .357?

4. What sights can be attached to it like infrared, night vision?

5. What approx price should I be looking at for a complete package?

6. Lastly did some research but in your expert opinion which is the best model?


And got the following answer:

1. Glock 20, 10mm. That is the one that is touted by Glock for hunting. In fact Cabelas has one on sale now that comes with a standard 4.6″ barrel and a 6″ hunting barrel. Depending on what you plan to hunt, a magnum revolver is a better hunting choice.

2. There are shoulder stocks marketed for a Glock. Attaching a shoulder stock to a pistol makes it a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR). SBRs are NFA weapons, which require registration, extensive background check, at least 6 weeks of wait time and $200.

3. Better for what? I assume that you mean .357 sig caliber? Neither would be good for hunting. The .357 sig has higher velocity and more power and more potential to overpentrate. Ammo is much more expensive (>2x) than 9mm. 9mm has higher capacity, lower recoil, but doesn’t hit as hard.

4. Maybe. There are attachments that you can get that attach to the underside rail to provide a rail on top. An IR sight would be extremely heavy for a handgun and night vision would not be that light either. Neither would be particularly practical. Night hunting is illegal in most places anyway. Again a hunting revolver would be better choice for mounting optics (like a Ruger Super Blackhawk-Hunter ).

5. What do you mean by a complete package? Glocks run in the $500-800 price range (the hunting G20 10mm is on sale for $699). Whatever superfluous stuff you put on it will be aftermarket and up to you. They are made to be practical duty and self defense pistols and not to accessorize like an AR-15,

6. Best for what? A glock is a glock. That’s one of the nice things about them, the are like McPistols. You pick your size and caliber for what you are going to use it for, otherwise they are pretty much all the same. I own several handguns, I have shoot several Glocks, they are fine guns, but I hold many others in higher regard.

wana bigger bike asked is it possible to find an old starlight scope?

My dad has an old .30-06 i forget the exact model but its a springfield and its all set up for optics and he has been wanting to find an old star light scope like the military used to use. Anyone know of a place to find one?
Hes actualy just wanting to turn this gun into a talk piece he shoots it but very rarely he just likes taking it out of the safe and showing people and he said he just wants an old star light scope to go on it.

And got the following answer:

I’m curious why he would want one considering what they make now. And I hate to say this but I had one and sold it last December because my brother sent me a Generation 2 night scope with infrared projector.

Here is one that sold on ebay;

The reason mine stayed in storage for about 20 years is because I didn’t like it. It weighs over 7 pounds, its huge, it wont pick up anything if there is no light. I mean it wont work in total darkness. Its optics suck compared to todays.

So why spend a few hundred on an outdated scope when you can get a modern one that’s far lighter, smaller, better optics and that has a infared projector to see in total darkness? Prices range from $500 to $3500
Here is one that will out perform that old starlight, for about $400;