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Nikon P-22 AR Rimfire Scope- 2-7x32, Nikoplex Reticle & Two ...

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Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Rimfire Rifle Scope 6725, Matte w/ BDC 150 …

Nikon Pro Staff 3-9×40 Rimfire BDC 150 Matte Riflescope 6725 gears you up for a fun and successful hunting experience. This scope from Nikon packs the punch of Nikon …

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Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Rimfire Rifle Scope 6725, Matte w/ BDC 150 …

Nikon Pro Staff 3-9×40 Rimfire BDC 150 Matte Riflescope 6725 gears you up for a fun and successful hunting experience. This scope from Nikon packs the punch of Nikon …

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Nikon ProStaff® Rimfire Riflescope : Cabela’s

Outfitted with a BDC-150 reticle calibrated to shoot .22 LR ammo with precision out to 150 yards. Fully multicoated optics provide outstanding light transmission and …

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Nikon P-22 Rimfire Rifle Scope 2-7x 32mm 1/2 MOA Adjustments BDC 150

The Nikon P-22 rimfire scope is optimized for precision accuracy with the .22 long rifle cartridge and AR platforms. The advanced fully multi-coating system provides …

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Weaver RV7 Lightweight Squirrel Scope

Review on the Weaver RV7, my choice for lightweight squirrel hunting rifles. Read more about this scope at…


Don asked Does anyone know of a good scope for ruger 10 22?

I just got my ruger 1022 a few days ago, and i want to get a scope for it. This is my first .22 rifle and i dont want to spend more than 50 or 60 bucks on the scope. Wal mart has some for around 30-50 $$. Should i just get a cheap one from walmart or spend a little more money on a beter one???

And got the following answer:

Best under $100 in my opinion is the Nikon ProStaff 4x32mm Rimfire. I had a Bushnell 3-9×32 that was about $50-60 at BiMart and it worked a internal lens loose after a couple of years.

Brittany asked What is a good scope for my gun?

what is a good scope is for a mossberg tactical. 22 ?

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Well Price wise probably In my opinion Bushnell 3-9x32mm Rim fire Rifle scope. Check out chuck hawks they have an awesome review of it. A scope That Iv liked so far that’s a little pricy is the new nikon prostaff 4×32 rim fire Loving it! And if I had the money The leupold VX-2 Rimfire 3-9x33mm EFR CDS!!!! That thing is awesome!

Jezza+ asked I eant to get a .22 rifle for target shooting and hunting. What are some good rifles?

im not looking to spend a fortune but want a rifle that will be good for target shooting and occasional hunting.

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Buy a good .22 Long Rifle bolt action to learn and hone your skills on. CZ, Browning, Marlin, Savage and Remington(model 504,541,581) all make great rifles. Cost can be from under $200 to 700+ for these. There are even more expensive ones out there like Anschutz, Cooper Arms and Dakota. All very nice but also expensive for a starter.

Great to start with open sights but if you decide to get a scope start with one of the better rimfire types such as Weaver or Nikon’s ProStaff. Or you can upgrade all the way to something like the Leupold rimfire 3-9x33mmAO.

Grant asked How Large of Scope Should I put on my Savage Mark II?

I have just purchased a Savage Mark II 22 LR. I am wanting to have a scope powerful enough to be shooting silver dollar sized groups at 100+ yards. My price range for a new scope is around $75. Any Suggestions? All Answers are appreciated! Thanks!

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Well a silver dollar is about 1 1/2 inches across so any scope 4 power or up should be more then adequate.

If you’ll save just a bit more money you can get a Nikon Prostaff 4x32mm or if you want a variable the Weaver RV-7 2.5-7 power
both of those can usually be had for $100-125.

If you get up into the better brands rimfire models (Burris or Leupold for example) you start with prices around $250 and go up.

if you insist on putting a large heavy scope on it I’d still suggest you start with good names like Nikon, Leupold, Burris and the Bushnell Elite line and plan to pay from 150 and up. You will come to find over time you’ll see small targets better through a 3-9×32 of good quality then a cheap 4-16×50.

Tee asked What do I need to be a legal 22 bolt action shooter in colorado.?

I want to get my first bolt action .22 However, I need to know what kind of licenses or permits I need to be able to do this legally. I have never owned a gun before, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. Any tips on brand or appropriate price would also be welcomed comments. Thank you.

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You must also be at least 18 years of age, and at time of purchase fill out a form 4473.

There are a number of very good quality .22 Rimfire rifles available on today’s market. A few of these are those by Savage, Marlin, and CZ. This list is not inclusive of all, there are many other manufacturers that produce a quality product.

The Savage MK II series of .22’s is one of the better lines of Rimfire rifles available. Whether you are an experienced shooter or novice, it is hard to beat one of these fine rifles. With good quality ammunition these rifles are capable of 1” groups at 50 yards. Each individual rifle will usually prefer a specific brand and type of cartridge. There is no way to know which one will be the most accurate in any rifle unless a wide variety is tested at the range. Sometimes a really inexpensive cartridge will outperform one that costs ten times more.

Any Gun Shop or Sporting Goods store that carries firearms should have one of these rifles in stock or can easily order one for you. Costs will vary but most basic good quality .22 rifles will be under $200.

If you want to put a scope your rifle, a 1” tube, 3-9x magnification scope of good manufacture like those from Nikon, Burris, Leupold, or Bushnell will provide all the magnification and versatility you might need. A nice feature for a Rimfire rifle dedicated scope is one that has its parallax adjusted at 50 yards, or has a user parallax adjustment ring. This is because the accepted distance that most shooters will use the .22 at is 50 yards or less. Even though the cartridge can be used successfully at greater distances, generally out to no more than 75 yards.

kwelch3930 asked How to add a scope to a rifle?

I’ve never dealt with a scope before and was interested in using one.

I have a Marlin 60w .22 rifle.
I want to keep to use a lesser expensive scope for just general use and plinking.

Are there mounts I need to get that attach to my rifle?
I saw that there are “rings” too. What are those?
How do I know what scopes are compatible with my rifle?

Honestly, I know pretty much nothing about this subject!

And got the following answer:

The groove scope mount has been covered so my two cents on scope. I’d suggest a Weaver R4(RK4?) or a Nikon rimfire 4×32. If $100-130 is simply out of order then a Simmons 22 mag will be one of the better cheap scopes.

John Doe asked What’s the best type of scope for hunting?

Brand and magnification.

And got the following answer:

In general, a 2-7x or 3-9x is the most versatile, but that is going to greatly depend on what and where you’re hunting.

If you’re hunting in tight woods where you could easily come across a big hog at 20 yards or so, any scope is going to be a hindrance.

If you’re shooting in the Great Plains, and may have to take 250 yard shots regularly, a 4.5-14x might be a good idea.

It’s also going to depend on your gun. A slug gun doesn’t need anything other than a 1-4x, or even a fixed 4x scope. An AR using .223 Remington could use anything from a close-in scope to a long-range scope. It all depends on what you’re hunting, in that case. And a .30-06 Springfield is probably going to work best if you scope it out with a 3-9x40mm.

As for brand, the best for the money is generally either a Nikon or Leupold. Both are generally under $1,000 for an excellent scope, have lifetime warranties, and have extremely high-quality glass. Even a base model Nikon or Leupold is preferable to a mid-range or even upper-range Bushnell or BSA, in my opinion. Tasco? Forget it, unless you’re scoping out a .22LR for plinking, and just want something ridiculously cheap. Literally, they have a Tasco 4x15mm rimfire scope for about $7 at the local Wal-Mart. It works for putting holes in paper, I suppose… I put one on my father’s lever action .22LR.

Welcome to America now go home asked Any opinions out there on Barska Scopes?

I’ve purchased a couple and so far so good but I was wondering if anyone has used one over a extended period of time.
Was looking for a scope to put on my wife’s 7mm, will probably just get a Burris or Nikon scope.

And got the following answer:

I’d stick with Nikon, Leupold, or Redfield. Even the budget offerings from those three manufacturers will work just fine.

Barska would be my go-to for a rimfire scope, along with BSA, Bushnell, and Tasco. Whatever is cheapest, I guess.