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No matter when or where, you can count on Nikon Tactical scopes. Combining 30mm tubes with Nikon’s Ultra ClearCoat provides critical light transmission when it’s …

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Nikon rifle scopes will vastly improve the accuracy and range of your rifle with professional-grade optics. Because every hunter does things differently, Nikon builds …

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Nikon Rifle Scopes SALE Nikon Scopes, Nikon Monarch Rifle Scope …

Nikon rifle scopes will vastly improve the accuracy and range of your rifle with professional-grade optics. Because every hunter does things differently, Nikon builds …

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Nikon Monarch Riflescope 5-20X44SF M BDC Review

Nikon Monarch Riflescope 5-20X44SF M BDC Review Rifle Scope Review long range shooting scope tactical scope tactical turrets 20 power scopes bullet drop comp…


Mow Your Own Lawn asked What can I expect to pay for a Tikka T3 Tactical W / Sako muzzle brake?

Also, what would be a good 2 -3 hundred yard scope for less than 500.00

And got the following answer:

for the rifle you will probably be spending around $1400. also, what caliber are you getting it chambered in to necessitate the use of a muzzle brake? .223 and .308 will not be that bad and you may be able to save some $$$ that you could add to your scope budget by leaving it off

as for a decent scope under $500….i will start by saying that quality glass is very important and you will be severly limiting the capabilities of the rifle by purchasing a cheap scope…but in my opinion and expirience most nikon glass is very good for the money and will fit your budget. great clarity and holds zero very well.

Ben asked Im planning on buying a remington 700 police model and I need help on what optics/ mounting gear I should use.

I want it to have a tactical look. Im also on a budget here so try to recommend something that won’t break the bank. Thanks.

And got the following answer:

Hi —– Remington 700 police model? —- I would avoid those. Yeah there nice but there overpriced. Consider the Remington 700 SPS Varmint. They have 2 models chambered in the same 2 cartridges as the police departments use… .223 and .308. With a scope and bipod NOBODY is going to really know the difference.. There pretty much the same rifle anyways so why spend the extra cash…. Use a Harris Bipod… Those are pretty much the industry standard… Optics??? How deeps your wallet?? Avoid the cheap stuff for sure. On the other hand a Swarovski scope which are so nice are too expensive… I use Nikons. There not cheap but not expensive either. Nikons have given me excellent service so consider them….. See the below link- theres an excellent informative video there….

George asked What kind of scope would you put on a Remington 700 sps Varmint rifle?

Is there a difference if it is rifled in .308 or .223? Make the scope under 400.00 please.


And got the following answer:

I’ve had good luck with the Nikon Buckmaster 6 – 18 X 40 SF. Choose your reticle and you’re good to go. I see has them for $299.99 right now.. That’s a good price and a very reputable seller.

I have one on a Winchester Model 70 in .300 WSM and one on a Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical in .223.

George asked How do you find out what kind of base and rings you need to your scope on your rifle?

I have a Remington 700 sps tactical and Nikon 4.5-14×40 scope to put on. What brand and style should i use?

Thank You

And got the following answer:

Personally i like the Leupold 2 base dual dovetails,it gives you great access to the bolt and chamber even with a 90 degree bolt,rock solid and you don’t need the rear windage adjustments enough to get them-especially with a good scope. The scope defines what rings you get-if it is an inch or 30mm tube,how high the rings need to be (you should be OK with mids or highs-not extra high). I have a 50mm Objective on my Bolt and with XH rings it has a little bell gap.
Of course there Weaver systems and Warne makes great products too-not used them but I like the look/mechanical properties of them. But I’m just partial to the Leupolds. You can take the rifle in and try different set-ups;that is sound advice so you can get it right and get the eye relief set. You need to decide if you are lapping the rings if you decide to have a shop install-not a bad option so you know the scope is true and not binding. And since most scope hardware is installed with internal wrenching screws to INCH/Pounds and not Foot/Pounds it might be cheap insurance to have a shop do it.

Andrew asked What is the best hunting scope?

I need a good scope that will hold up in bad weather conditions. I’m mainly going to be using the scope in subzero temperatures. Im looking at a Trijicon accupoint scope with the green mil-dot reticule that is 5-20X. Is this a good enough scope? My price range is anything up to about $800. I don’t want the chepo $20 special at Walmart though.

And got the following answer:

I live, and hunt, in Alaska.

In a hunting scope – you want a 4-12x or 4-14.5x or 4-16x. The bottom zoom needs to be 4x or less. Any more – and it is like shooting out of a toilet tissue cardboard tube – if the target animal moves or runs you will never be able to aquire it for a second shot. Anything more than 4x and you have an unacceptable field of view. The only exception would be a rifle specifically set up for long range shooting in very open country.

Next – you are looking for a scope that is internally sealed and filled with dry nitrogen. This will prevent the internal optics from fogging up – and – prevents any dust, hairs, or crap from getting on these internal parts. Nitrogen filled scopes are especially needed in sub zero weather and hunting.

Next consideration is the front lens – the AO. 40-44mm is great for afternoon hunting – terrible for dawn and dusk when animals are the most active. If you are hunting in dawn and dusk – a 50mm is best – but – do not go overboard with something larger than this. Get too big of a front bell and the scope needs to be mounted much higher than normal. Too high of a scope will create accuracy issues at long distance – and – provides leverage to physically knock the scope off zero. The newer scopes with 30mm tubes are more effecient at delivering light – going to a 30mm tube and a smaller front lens can be a good balance. Only down side to the 30mm tubes is the selection of scope rings still isn’t that great after 12 years of them being on the market.

Last – side focus. If you wear glasses, or, will ever share a rifle with a buddy who wears glasses and you don’t, or vice versa – side focus is handy. I wear bi-focals – side focus is my best friend – I can instantly adjust the focus for wearing glasses, or, take the glasses off and use the scope without them. Very nice to have.

Shame you did not mention the rifle and caliber. I would recommend some scopes.

There are lots of good high quality name brand scopes to choose from these days. I like the high end Leupold’s on a belted magnum rifle – if you are a really good shot and don’t like to guess with hold over – look at one of their tactical scopes. Millet makes a nice scope, as does Nikon.

Just be sure to get a model that is nitrogen filled and does not have too much magnification at low power – you will be fine.

George asked What kind of base and rings do i need for mounting my Remington 700 sps tactical?

I am putting on a Nikon 3-9×40 Prostaff scope on it. Dimensions 12.3 x 3.0 x 3.0 approx.


And got the following answer:

The Best are Red field rings & base.. Will hold zero allot better than weaver style