Ornge Considers Night-vision Goggles For Its Aircraft

Questions about the safety of night operationsand the possible advantages of night-vision goggles were raised by the midnight crash of an ORNGE helicopter in Moosonee on May 31 that killed two pilots and two paramedics. Investigators have so far ruled out mechanical failure as a cause of the crash. One possibility is controlled flight into terrain, a situation in which pilots inadvertently fly into the ground, usually in conditions of poor visibility or darkness. That was determined to be the cause of an earlier air ambulance accident in 2008, when a Sikorsky S-76A hit trees during a landing at a helipad in Temagami.
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Night-vision goggles causing neck problems in military pilots

Cpl David Cribb/DND/Handout/Files

“To have someone lose their sight simply because someone was too irresponsible to clean up after their dog is unacceptable. “It’s massively unhygienic as well as dangerous and there is no excuse for not cleaning up after your dog.” Research last year found that at least a dozen local authorities in Britain used the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act to use surveillance methods to catch pet owners letting their dogs foul pavements, parks and footpaths. However, the use of night vision equipment more commonly associated with police and military operations is understood to be a first among local authorities combating the problem. Councillor Ken Moss, who last year launched a campaign urging the government to let council raise instant dog fouling fines to 1,000, said: “Residents are completely disgusted by this problem and want to see us take action. I have asked wardens what they can do and they have pledged to act on any information they receive.
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Stolen night vision goggles offered for sale on eBay

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“This is pretty serious,” a senior MoD official said last night. “The Taliban are desperate to get hold of military NVGs [night vision goggles] because they are hugely superior to the civilian ones you can buy for 300 or so. “You give a Taliban sniper one of these and our advantage at night disappears.
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Night vision goggles being used in dog fouling crackdown

Night vision goggles normally used by the army

Talking to some individuals, I know they have problems sleeping because of this, he said in interview Thursday. Night-vision goggles, which amplify available light thousands of times and display images in green on built-in screens, have become standard issue throughout the armed forces, used by infantry soldiers for low-light operations as well as air force personnel. They contribute to a total weight with the helicopter pilots helmet of about 3.6 kilograms, said Prof. Neary.
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