Ornge Considers Night-vision Goggles For Its Aircraft

Hands on with some surprising $80 night vision goggles

The agency has bases in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, but Heke said the technology has proved especially valuable on night flights from Calgary and Edmonton, responding to calls in the mountains. Its very useful in difficult terrain in the mountain areas, he said. Night-vision goggles are a huge safety multiplier, said Ken Lawson-Williams, a Canadian who works as a flight nurse on fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters with a company that flies across the U.S. Southwest. Its a cliche, but its literally a night and day difference …
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Crowds Have Formed Around Banksy’s Latest NYC Work, Featuring Horses In Night-Vision Goggles [PHOTOS]

banksy 9 horses

My other minor complaint is that while you can switch the view to a green mode from the standard black-and-white display, it doesn’t do anything except mimic what you’re used to seeing in movies when people wear night vision goggles. Unlike more expensive sets, this doesn’t amplify light as much as it simply picks up on infrared light, which gives the goggles some neat properties: on the highest setting, everyone’s eyes look like hollow pools of light, and your television’s remote control lights up the room like a strobe light. In normal light, you see everything in full color, at regular brightness. Despite the issues with the eye cover and the heavy strain on normal batteries, this is a very high-quality toy that can satisfy some serious geek lust. Who doesn’t want to see in the dark? Testing the goggles, we turned all the lights in the room, and had my friend’s wife stand ten feet away holding up differing numbers of fingers.
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This project is expected to take five years for completion. And unlike other expensive and bulky night vision systems, Sarusi and his team will develop a layer one micron thick that can be applied to any glasses. About Prof. Sarusi: Sarusi has an experience of 17 years at an electro optics company and was in charge of developing the next generation of thermal imaging night vision systems. He also developed airborne and space-borne cameras for Israels aerial photography, Ofek satellites and hyperspectral airborne intelligence systems.
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Night vision goggles ought to be fun

New Arrivals at Hammacher Schlemmer

The mural, located on the Lower East Side, appears to be painted on a car and the side of a truck. UPDATE: A tipster tells us this piece is on Ludlow between Rivington and Stanton Streets. He also said that some people attempted to hop the locked chain-link fence to get a closer look. One guy tried to take the orange cone that’s part of the work, but he left it after he was booed by the crowd, our tipster said. Additional pictures of the crowds are below.
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Soon You Can Turn Any Sunglasses Into Night Vision Goggles


Also, the advantage of the latter night vision goggles is that they do not have a limited range of visibility as the IR ones do since they are not dependent upon how far the IR light beam from the goggles reaches. A quick and dirty explanation of how IR goggles works is basically that the IR LEDs on the goggles act as a flashlight that displays a light completely invisible to the human eye, but that the optics on the goggles convert to a visible image which is then displayed on an LCD. Eletruk Says: August 17, 2009 at 1:37 pm I got a set of these off a closeout shelf at some store. They do work. They have IR emitters to light up the area, a CMOS sensor collect the image, and a really tiny LCD screen to show what the camera picks up.
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