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MW3: DOUBLE OSPREY GUNNER!!! | MW3 Y U SUCK!? (MW3 Gameplay/Commentary

Whats Going on! Heres a 53-8 DOUBLE OSPREY GUNNER Domination gameplay for ya. I the commentary is a little harsh. Just trying to share what I think of Modern…


Jake asked Anyone know a good 30-06 scope?

I just bought a 30-06, and am looking for a decent scope for it. The gun is perfectly accurate, I know that much. It’s looking like $100-$150 to spend. Any ideas?
A friend of mine recommended an Osprey 3-9×40, he owns one. Any thoughts on this?

And got the following answer:

If it were me I’d get a fixed power 4x or 6 x Nikon, or lower end Leupold. I think you could find either one at $150.

Another thought would be to take a look at the new line of Redfield scopes. While I have no personal experience with these newer offerings, which are actually made by Leupold under the Redfield name, I have heard lots of good things about them.

Matthew asked what are all the mw3 unlock levels for weapons/killstreaks/perks?

also if you have an opinion what are the best killstreaks for support strike package and is the acr or the fad better.

And got the following answer:

Assault Tier Kill streaks:
4 Kills – Care Package
5 Kills – IMS – 3 or 4 placeable landmines that cannot be stunned or flashed
5 Kills – Predator Missile
5 Kills – Sentry Gun
6 Kills – Precision Airstrike
7 Kills – Attack Helicopter
7 Kills – Little Bird Flock – Mini Helicopters which patrol the map
9 Kills – Little Bird Guard – Big Helicopter that follows you from above and protects you
9 Kills – Mortar team – Mortar team but with 5 predator missiles – all go off at the same time in different places
10 Kills – Talcon – Mini Tank Robot
12 Kills – AC130 (We cheer!)
12 Kills – Pavelow
15 Kills – Juggernaught Suit – From spec Ops ( For anyone who says in the spec ops video he gets it at 14 kills, well thats because he has hardline on)
15 Kills – Osprey Gunner Cps – You control a chopper gunner that also drops an emergency airdrop for your team mates.

Support Tier Killstreaks:
4 Kills – UAV
5 Kills – Counter UAV
5 Kills – Ballistic Duffel – Drop Juggernaught perk for the whole team, not jugg suit
5 Kills – Airdrop Trap – Drops a hacked care package
8 Kills – Sam Turret
10 Kills – Remote [Missile] UAV – Target enemies with missiles
12 Kills – Advanced UAV – Blackbird
12 Kills – Remote Turret – Sentry Gun that you can control
12 Kills – Stealth Bomber
18 Kills – EMP
18 Kills – Juggernaught Recon Armour – Care Package Drop Armour
18 Kills – Escort Airdrop – Same as the Osprey Gunner but you dont control the gunner or chopper and Drops 5 care packages, one will be hacked

Specialist Tier Killstreaks (you have the opportunity to choose the perk each time):
2 Kills – You get 1 extra perk
4 Kills – Get another perk
6 Kills – Get another perk

Another thing is that the kill streaks will cycle through in the same life, so you dint have to die to reset your kill streaks and get your first kill streak again.

MW3 Death Streaks

Juiced [Lightweight] – 4 Deaths
Martyrdom – 4 Deaths
Final Stand – 4 Deaths
Revenge (Last person that killed you is always visible on your mini map) – 5 Deaths
Stopping power for one kill – 5 Deaths
Dead Mans Hand (You run around with c4 in your hand (suicide bomber)) – 6 Deaths

MW3 Perks

‘+’ = With pro added

Tier 1
Extreme Conditioning – Sprint longer distances + Climb obstacles faster
Sleight Of Hand – Reload faster + Faster weapon swapping
Scavenger – Reload ammo from bags + Spawn with more ammo
Blind Eye – Undetectable from air support + Faster launcher lock on and extra damage to air support
Recon – Explosive damage marks target on HUD + Bullet damage marks target on HUD

Tier 2
Hardline – One less kill for Killstreak + Two assists count as a kill towards next killstreak (Like)
Assassin – Immune to UAV, Motion Sensor, Thermal and Heartbeat Sensor + Immune to CUAV & EMP
Overkill – Two primary weapons + Second primary can have 2 attachments
Quickdraw – Faster aim down sights + Faster animation of using equipment and throwing grenade
Blastshield – Flack Jacket (Immune to most explosives) + Immune to stuns and flashes

Tier 3
Sitrep – Enemy equipment is visible + Enemy footsteps are more clear
Dead Silence – Your footsteps are silent + No fall damage
Stalker – Faster movement with ADS + Delay on claymores
Marksman – ID target from range + Longer hold breath on scoped weapons
Steady Aim – Increased hip fire accuracy + Faster aim down sight while sprinting

Assault Rifles:

M4A1- Unlocked from the start.
M16A4- Unlocked from the start.
Scar-L – Unlocked from the start.
CM901- Unlocked from the start.
Type 95 – Level 32
G36c- Level 42
ACR 6.8- Level 50

MK14- Level 60
AK-47- Level 68

FAD- Level 78


MP5- Unlocked from the start.
UMP- Unlocked from the start.
PP90M1- Unlocked from the start.
P90- Level 38
PM9- Level 56
MP7- Level 74


L86 LSW- Unlocked from the start.

MG36- Unlocked from the start.
PKP Pecheneg- Unlocked from the start.
MK46- Level 68
M60E4- Level 72

Sniper Rifles:

Barrett 50cal- Unlocked from the start.
L118A- Unlocked from the start.

Dragunov- Unlocked from the start.
AS50- Unlocked from the start.

RSASS- Level 44
MSR- Level 66


USAS 12- Unlocked from start.
KSG 12- Unlocked from start.
Spas 12- ?
Striker- Level 48
Model 1887- Level 62

Machine Pistols:

FMG-9 – Unlocked from start.
MP9- Unlocked from start.
Skorpion- Level 36
G18- Level 70


USP .45- Unlocked from start.
P99- Unlocked from start.
MP412- Unlocked from start.
.44 Magnum- Level 46
Five Seven- Level 58
Desert Eagle- Level 76


Smaw- Unlocked from start.
Javelin- Unlocked from start.
Stinger- Level 40
XM25- Level 52
M320 GLM- Level 64
RPG- Level 80

hope this helps 🙂 liam

Rustin asked i saw a rifle scope by the brand odyssey at a show but i cant find anything about them online.can someone help?

i went to a gun show here in houston a week or two ago and while i was leaving i saw a booth for a company that sells scopes. i found a great scope at a booth but they didn’t have the finish i wanted with them so they gave me a business card to look them up online with. when i got home the card disappeared but i’m pretty certain the brand was odyssey. has anyone ever heard of them?

And got the following answer: