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The first thing “Pilot Mode” does is lock out the LED bulb on the phone to prevent accidental activation causing night blindness which would be potentially dangerous while piloting an airplane (or any other activity requiring sharp night vision). When in “Pilot Mode” the device will use the screens display to emit a “night vision” preserving “red light” for reading maps or other paperwork while in a plane or any other location where you would desire to preserve your night vision. Although red is the default color used in “Pilot Mode” you may select and lock in any other color your prefer. Note: For safety ads (which could contain other colors) will NOT display during color flashlight illumination.Perfect for pilots, parents wanting to check on their sleeping children without using a bright light possibly waking them from sleep, law enforcement, security personnel, or anyone else needing to keep their night vision at peek performance.NOTE TO THOSE CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR PRIVACY, JUST LIKE WE ARE, PLEASE READ, This application uses the bare minimum of permissions to operate.
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Piper NV review: A good connected-home hub and camera gets nightvision

The DCS-2136L delivers a sharp, colorful 720p image regardless of the lighting environment, but colors aren’t quite as bold when the light is low and the white LED is lit as they are in actual daylight. Like the Oco HD Wi-Fi Camera , there was a slight barrel effect around the edges. As was the case with the D-Link HD Mini Bullet Outdoor IP Camera DCS-7010L and the DCS-2330L, the DCS-2136L’s motion detection feature worked flawlessly, as did the email alert and push notification features. Video recorded to the microSD card looked crisp, and two-way audio communications were clean and easy to understand. Conclusions For most homeowners, black and white night vision surveillance video will suffice, but if you require color night video, the D-Link Wireless AC Day/Night Camera With Color Night Vision (DCS-2136L) is a solid, albeit expensive, choice. It takes advantage of the latest wireless technologies and is easy to install and configure.
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Beyond that, the Piper system is very limitedespecially in comparison to some other DIY systems. Lowes’ Iris product line, for instance, has expanded significantly in the two-plus years that it’s been available and can now control or monitor everything from your irrigation system to your electric water heater (a re-review of the Iris system is in the works, by the way). The only Z-Wave add-ons that Icontrol officially supports on the Piper are smart plugs and dimmers, a smart switch,door/window sensors, and a Z-Wave range extender.
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