Profoundly Horrifying Song Lyrics: “night Vision Binoculars” By Passenger

ORNGE considers night-vision goggles for its aircraft

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Night vision goggles for all troops in Afghanistan

IR night vision, ITT

“You don’t want to train with goggles that don’t let you see so well at night and then get a better goggle when you go into combat,” said Mr Scott “So we have rearranged our production at our plant in Virginia and we are now delivering 80% of that order by the end of this year, and the rest by the first quarter of next year,” he added. Scope out Night sights can be broken down into two main categories – thermal imaging and near infrared (IR) – both of which are in use in Afghanistan. The night vision goggles can also see heat signatures Thermal sights detect the heat signature produced by hot objects (people, animals and vehicles) while IR sights work on the same principle as human eyes, only they “see” light reflected off objects in the infrared spectrum, rather than the visible. ITT’s boss said his firm had produced a set that combined the two types, creating a night sight that could work “in any conditions”. “There are three conditions where image intensification does not work, but where IR does: In a cave, where there is zero ambient light; in a dust storm; and in fog,” said Mr Scott.
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Sony Digital Recording Binoculars look like military night vision goggles, cost almost as much

The problems seem to come when crew move their heads to view the in-flight computer, which sits below shoulder level. Dean Black, a retired lieutenant colonel in the air force and former CH-146 Griffon helicopter pilot, said Thursday the goggles came into use in the 1990s and are now considered essential. They are not only indispensable to air crew, but to people on the ground who depend on the ability of the helicopters to come and help them, he said. It means the helicopters can operate 24/7 and in deteriorating conditions.
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Night-vision goggles causing neck problems in military pilots

Cpl David Cribb/DND/Handout/Files

Andrew McCallum, president and CEO of ORNGE, the provinces medical transport service, which operates both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters to move patients around Ontario. Im looking at it with a positive disposition … I want to make certain we make a good choice, he told the Star in an interview. Questions about the safety of night operationsand the possible advantages of night-vision goggles were raised by the midnight crash of an ORNGE helicopter in Moosonee on May 31 that killed two pilots and two paramedics. Investigators have so far ruled out mechanical failure as a cause of the crash. One possibility is controlled flight into terrain, a situation in which pilots inadvertently fly into the ground, usually in conditions of poor visibility or darkness.
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Both binoculars feature an ergonomic grip area that’s coated with an elastomer material for sure handling and stable operation. Top-mounted controls allow easy operation with gloved fingers, while dual buttons are provided to start recording instantly with either hand. The DEV-5 model includes an on-board GPS receiver that automatically geo-tags video clips and photos. Tagged images can be viewed after shooting in online maps (requires compatible software). Both binocular models come with a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack (NP-FV70) that allows up to approximately three hours of 2D recording on a single charge.
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