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Mount Pleasant I’On developers ordered to pay $1.75 million to property owners – Post and Courier

The ownership and use of I

Theres a ceiling, and nothing the president can do can get them above the ceiling, said Rep. Steve Israel of New York, head of the Democrats efforts to win House elections. But swing voters and persuadable voters, they want solutions. Hispanics made up less than 3 percent of all registered voters in 2012 in seven other states with competitive Senate races: Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, Iowa, Michigan, Georgia and Kentucky. So any Democratic benefits from an Obama executive action on immigration could be just as limited. Still, a few Democratic senators in those tight contests including Kay Hagan of North Carolina and Mark Pryor of Arkansas are putting some distance between themselves and the president.
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For the biggest games of the year last season, many students sold their university-issued tickets for exorbitant profits, and Baylor athletics found a way to curb the secondary market. Students will have their name on the tickets, and identifications will be checked. If you reserve a ticket and do not show up for the game, you will not be able to reserve a ticket until five days before the next game. If you try and gift your ticket to another student or non-student, you will be barred from reserving tickets for two games. If you try and sell your ticket, you will be banned from reserving tickets for the rest of the season. Baylor saw a problem last year with the rise of the athletic program, and clearly took steps to try and fix it.
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Baylor football releases new guidelines for student ticketing at McLane Stadium | Dallas Morning News

The lawsuit was filed by I’On property owners Brad Walbeck and Lea Ann Adkins as part of the I’On Assembly, against I’On developers Vince and Tom Graham. In 2009, the Grahams sold a 0.75-acre deepwater parcel with a boat ramp and the neighborhood’s 3,000-square-foot Creek Club. The buyer, 148 Civitas LLC, has closed off those properties at times for weddings and other special events. Walbeck, also was personally awarded $20,000, said the jury’s award marks an extremely favorable end to a long and complicated effort. “To the extent that they could, the jury righted a wrong,” he added. His’ attorneys claimed the developers either breached their fiduciary duties by failing to convey amenities that their agents promised would be conveyed or by failing to act in the best interest of I’On residents when the developers ran the I’On Assembly. Either way, they argued, the Grahams should pay.
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Freedom Summer, 50 years later

Photo Credit: JIM CLARK - From left: Annie Popkin, Karen Haberman Trusty and Joyce Braden Harris attended the 50th anniversary conference of Freedom Summer in MIssissippi.

The communications department reported good news, too, if 50 people registered to vote, Haberman Trusty says. After Freedom Summer, SNCC challenged participants to work in poor white communities. Haberman Trusty went to Appalachia and Detroit, organizing and teaching in economically depressed areas.
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