Shirtpocket Night Vision Monocular

Night Vision Monoculars

Fret not more, that need not remain a figment of your imagination with the $179.95 Shirtpocket Night Vision Monocular . To put it in a nutshell, the Shirtpocket Night Vision Monocular is a compact night vision monocular which will fit comfortably into most pockets. It is rather small and compact, being no larger than a tape measure, and is more than capable of delivering handy night optics so that you can spot wildlife in either dusks ambient light or the total darkness of a moonless night. Either that, or you can stake outdoors of your own home, looking at your daughters bedroom window to make sure no creepy dudes who sparkle in the morning make their way up the wall and enter her room only to watch her sleep. The Shirtpocket Night Vision Monocular will rely on active infrared technology to illuminate subjects up to 82 away and thanks to its CCD sensor, you get crisp black and white images. As long as the trio of AAA batteries last, that is.
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Night Vision Monocular is designed as multi-purpose system.

The unit combines the main features of the existing models currently used by law enforcement and US military and is offered with the highest quality Generation 3 image intensifier tubes. Being an ideal multi-purpose system for night-time observations, GT-14 can be used while hand-held as a monocular, head mounted or helmet-mounted as a single eye goggle, or weapon-mounted as a night scope. It is compatible with weapon mounted IR laser aiming and illuminating devices, submersible, shockproof and waterproof. Features include superior optics, integrated infrared illuminator, automatic brightness control, and it weighs less than 11 oz.
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New Arrivals at Hammacher Schlemmer

These Russian-manufactured items sell for AUS$459 and AUS$506 respectively – we tried them out and were amazed at how well it was possible to see in pitch black conditions. Who can use night vision – pig shooters, farmers, animal watchers and hunters all find them invaluable. There are also apparently great for being able to pick out your cray pots in the distance on a dark night, and they’re also popular tools in neighbourhood disputes.
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The Only Picture Taking Night Vision Monocular


Not only that, its also capable of capturing pictures too and storing them in memory. The night vision aspect of the monocular is capable of amplifying ambient light by up to 10000 times which rivals military style devices. The device also auto adjusts the settings depending on how much light is available so that you always get a nice clear image. The camera is capable of capturing from 2 frames per second up to 30 fps and stores those images on a 512MB SD card that can hold up to 400 images at a resolution of 510 x 490 pixels. The monocular has a 70 field of view at a 70 yard distance.
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Yukon Spirit Night Vision Monocular…

With the push of a button, the pitch black void springs to life before your eyes; push one more button and the Spirit’s powerful PulseTM IR illuminator is activated, projecting a powerful infrared light into even the darkest of corners while you remain invisible to any watchful eyes. The monocular’s lightweight design makes it ideal to take with you wherever you go; take it on a night hike, a camping trip or even on an adventure in your own backyard. The Spirit 2×24 is backed by Yukon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. SPECIFICATIONS Image intensifier tube classification Gen 1 Magnification, x 2 Lens diameter, mm 24 Field of view, degree 30 Resolution (typical), lp/mm 32-36 Focus range, yard 1 to infinity Eye relief, mm 12 Diopter adjustment, dptr +/- 5 Detection distance (approx.), yard up to 200 IR illuminator effective distance, yard up to 100 Power supply 3V (two AA) Estimated battery life (w/out IR), hour up to 30 Operating temperature, F -22 to +104 Dimensions, in 5.5″ x 4.2 ” x 2.4″ Weight, oz 11.6 Details The most affordable quality night vision on the market Compact and light weight Easy to use and very reliable Integrated (25mW) IR illuminator with focusing beam Integrated “On/Off” and “IR activation” LED indicators Weather resistant – Limited Lifetime Warranty Yukon Spirit Night Vision Monocular Scope 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 3098 user reviews Night Vision Yukon Spirit Night Vision Monocular Scope The Spirit 2×24 is a compact and functional night vision monocular with the ability to fit in the palm of your hand, in a pocket or backpack. The Spirit 2×24’s dual objective / eyepiece focus allows you to see in the darkest of nights with clear and amazing detail.
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