Spi Releases Military Grade Thermal & Night Vision Scopes To The General Public To Aid War On Feral Swine In The South

20 Clever Baby Shower Gifts Way Cooler Than a Diaper Genie


“They’ll tear through a hundred acres in a few days if you let them. And they breed like rabbits.” And for farmers, this is not good. According to the Texas Department of Agriculture, the “statewide annual economic damage caused by feral hogs is $500 million. And, unless aggressive control measures are undertaken, the feral hog problem is expected to worsen in the years ahead.” Since feral hogs are nocturnal animals, using thermal imaging scopes and night vision technology gives the farmers a technological edge over the destructive invaders.
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Lockheed Is Finally Getting The F-35′s Amazing New Helmet – Yahoo News

You want to really wow your friend at their baby shower with a thoughtful, unexpected gift. So, just your run of the mill baby clothes or worse, a gag gift just isn’t going to cut it. Luckily for you, and for the mom- and dad-to-be, there’s a treasure trove of gift ideas out there to help usher them forth on the adventure of parenthood.
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Lockheed, which is the manufacturing three different versions of the F-35 for the Air Force, Marines and Navy under the Joint Strike Fighter program, took delivery of 160 helmets earlier this week the most advanced and expensive ever built at $600,000 a piece, not including the cost linking the helmet to a cockpits software system. The helmet draws video feeds from the planes Distributed Aperture System six HD and infrared cameras located around the jets exterior that, when combined, give the pilot a full 360-degree view around and through the aircraft from right inside the cockpit. Navigation and targeting traditionally visible on a conventional fighters cockpit heads-up display are also integrated into the helmet view, making it an essential component to the most-advanced (and expensive) multi-purpose weapons system ever built. (RELATED:Pentagon Approves Limited Flight For F-35 Ahead Of Potential Air Show Debut) As a result of the information displayed by the helmet, the remainder of the F-35 features an incredibly stripped-down design compared to other conventional fighter aircraft, relying on a large touchscreen display and voice-activation for control of the cockpits systems. The Gen III helmet was nearly scrapped in favor of a model with similar capabilities from defense contractor BAE Systems after the Gen II prototype gave pilots motion sickness from VR camera lag.
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