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We’re used to seeing live action fan films about Street Fighter The Last of Us , and Batman , but we’re happy to see that the fan community is finally splintering off (see what we did there? Oh, you did? Yeah, I guess it wasn’t that hard to pick up on.) Check out the teaser for Atomic Production’s The Splinter Cell below.
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Some of the advantages are that the splash pad requires no lifeguard or staff other than standard maintenance work, Howard said. The biggest bulk of the cost comes from water treatment and attractions like splash pads or buckets, which typically incorporate some type of recycling system for the water. Commission chairman Cleo Tarver emphasized there are a number of elements with the park that are more important to residents, particularly walking trails and parking, but the city should consider changes to the pool area at the park. The pool could use some timely upgrades, particularly as younger people move into the area, Tarver said. Tarver said some sort of overhaul could be examined, but Burditt Consulting probably would have to examine other cities approaches to developing similar projects. Howard agreed with the commission in focusing on what residents believe to be higher priorities for the parks at the moment and said one of the biggest complaints at Teddy Bear Park and Marilyn Edgar Park has been inadequate parking. The firm is looking at not only expanding parking at Marilyn Edgar Park and a potential dog park, but also providing better access from surrounding roads like Spring Pines Drive.
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I hope they don’t underestimate themselves or undervalue their art.” But album sales are just one piece of the music industry’s jumbled puzzle. Artists are also challenged with sustaining interest, a challenge made difficult by younger generations that are “raised being able to flip channels if we got bored, and … read the last page of the book when we got impatient,” Swift acknowledges. From the star’s perspective, the trick will be in the element of surprise. “I believe couples can stay in love for decades if they just continue to surprise each other, so why can’t this love affair exist between an artist and their fans?” she asks.
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