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Swift Premier Rifle Scopes. Designed to meet the high-performance requirements of the discerning hunter, the Swift Premier Riflescopes delivers superior optics, quick …

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rogue asked what is a Swift Microscope with camera for video display be worth?

I just received a Microscope that only has a 40x scope to it. it has camera built on to it to display images on a monitor.

And got the following answer:

The microscopes themselves can be found from $400 up to $1,500 and more depending on which model. The accessory camera mounts go for around $300-$400 depending on model.

clint asked How much is a Golden State Arms .270 worth?

i have a golden state arms santa fe model 1946 .270 rifle with a swift scope. says made in pasadena ca. i cant find any info on this gun. thanks in advance for your help
@bob i went through a lot of them and I never see a mention on .270 all .30-06. So if anyone has seen or heard a .270 model?

And got the following answer:

Take it to a gun shop. Cabelas will tell you in their gun library

Utah Python asked What are your takes on different varmint cartridges?

Alright, what do you prefer for varmint cartridges? I live in Utah, i have seen coyotes 50-400 yards. What do you think would make a suitable varmint cartridge. I’m interested in .22 hornet but i have been told it wouldn’t be the best choice. Suggestions?

And got the following answer:

A .22mag or .22 Hornet can be made to work for coyotes, but it’s a very close range proposition. 100-150yrds at best. You’ll want to be in the ballpark of pushing a 55grn bullet to 3100fps, and the Hornet falls just too short. The lighter bullets just can’t shed the wind as well, and the slower velocities with heavier bullets leave it dropping pretty steeply down range.

The .223 Rem is probably the ideal varmint cartridge. No, it’s not as fast as the .22-250 or .220 swift, but it’s still plenty fast, and it’s much more kind to your barrel. Varmint rifles generally see a lot more shooting than heavier purpose rifles (i.e. deer rifles), so barrel life is an important aspect in choosing a varmint cartridge.

You also might want to consider what ELSE you might do with the rifle. If you’re on a tight budget and can only have one rifle, then a “varmint” rifle is probably a poor investment. A smallbore rifle like a .243win or .25-06 would be a better choice. That’d allow you to shoot coyotes out to 600yrds (or further), as well as deer.

Personally, the .223rem is my ideal coyote rifle, whether it’s in a bolt action or a semiauto. You’ll get better accuracy (in general) with a bolt action rifle than a semiauto, and you’ll spend less on the rifle to start with.

In my opinion, the IDEAL coyote rifle would be a Savage 12 VLP-DM (Varminter Low Profile – Detachable Magazine) heavy barrel stainless bolt action repeater, laminate stock, chambered in .223 Remington, topped with a 4.5-30x50mm Bushnell Elite scope. This is the exact rig that my wife dumps coyotes with all year long.

Ryan asked When sighting a scope at 100 yards, why do you want it an inch above the target?

PLEASE BE SPECIFIC. I dont know much about scopes so im trying to learn. If you set the scope to hit 1 inch above a 100 yards target, where will it hit at 50 yards? 200 yards? 300 yards? Do people say to make it above the target at 100 yards so that when you are taking a longer shot, say 300 yards, it will be dead on?

And got the following answer:

the ideal sight setting at 100 yards is dependent upon the caliber of the rifle and individual features of the specific load used. For example sighting a 220 swift with 40 grain bullet one inch high at 100 yards will center the bullet at 200 yards and print it about 3.5″ low at 300 yards. Some western hunters would sight their 30-06 rifles to shoot as much as 2.5 inches high at 100 yards to keep a 180 grain bullet point blank for a large deer or elk out to 300 yards.( Point Blank refers to the distances you can expect to hit your target without having to allow for bullet trajectory. It is often expressed as plus or minus 4 inchs- eight inch range total.)

Trajectory describes the path of a bullet after it leaves the muzzle. A bullet begins to drop as soon as it leaves the rifle barrel. If yu hold the barrel perfectly level,the bullet will hit lower than the center line of the barrel – and progressively lower as the distance increases. To sight the rifle in at a certain distance, the barrel is angled upward so, if you sight the rifle to hit on at 100 yards, it might hit a bit higher at a greater distance and then as gravity works on the bullet, lower farther down range. The bullet path in relation to the sights is curved with the downward angle sharpening at extreme range.

T_hunter234 asked what is the best rifle I can get to shoot small game at long distances?

I want a rifle to shoot small game like rabbit and squirrel, but I want to be able to hit on consistently from between 100yards and a quarter of a mile. I thought about a 220 swift, but they are really expensive, and I thought maybe a 22-250 but they are expensive too and maybe a little big, I thought about a .223 too, what do you think?
I was saying a quarter of a mile max, and I know what will take down what I’m shooting at, I just wondered what other people thought was best

And got the following answer:

small game at a quarter mile? You are going to need a high end scope for that, most don’t have adjustment capabilities to take in that kind of adjustment.

So let’s park the fantasy and deal with reality,

Savage bolt action in 17 HMR (I suggest a Model: 93R17 FSS) top it with a good 3-9X if not 4-12X scope and you are good to go